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    • CommentAuthoracacian
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2011
    I recently added this macro to my toolbar and thought Warren and other OpenOffice users might appreciate it, if previously unaware:

    It displays a live word count, and if you type in a target number of words, it will show your progress as a green meter.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2011
    It works in LibreOffice also, but it's kinda buggy. (ie. not updating word count for some reason: closing it, and reopening worked. Progress meter not showing, all the time.)
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    That would DEFINITELY drive me insane. I'm fine with just checking word count from the menu command whenever I'm ready.
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    I didn't know anybody else had watched Studio 60...
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2011
    I just have to trust that the good people at Mulholland Books will catch me when I get confused and give my New York City police detective rocket pants and a ray gun.

    It is on Netflix streaming.

    I think I could get on board with the progress meter part of this.
    • CommentAuthoracacian
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2011 edited

    The person who wrote it is apparently going to implement a realtime character count/progress meter. ^_^ Now if only we can get a numeric percentage display that can be fine-tuned by the decimal point...

    + You could always combine it with a timer to limit your sessions to minute/hourly blocks through timeboxing. (Not that everyone hasn't heard of timeboxing by now, but it's still quite useful with the right balance of flow and calculation.)
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2011 edited
    At the risk of driving myself insane within a week, I've downloaded this and have started using it for my novel, with the tentative goal of 200,000 words. Several times, I've looked up at it and, I swear, I saw it laughing at me.
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    Timeboxing is madness. The job, and the flow, last as long as they last.
    • CommentAuthoracacian
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2012
    Update: Flaws of the realtime death bar: I have experienced the occasional crash with a document once it climbed past the 20,000 word mark, when using it in a non-realtime way, i.e. just clicking the button in the toolbar periodically to bring up the count. Might just be me, or something more general. Something to keep in mind.