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    Kinda rediculous I've been following this comic for years and I sign up an hour before the last weekly is posted. Oh well, its 530 am and I'm not sleeping..

    I read a while back in what claimed to be the largest sleep study done, 10 years 1 million people (strange i can't find it now.. was it a dream?), 6 hours was supposed to be the best for most people. At least it left them the most alert. Of course it varies from person to person, and health matters.

    They do say 1:30 is a sleep cycle, and right after that 20 minute REM part at the end of the cycle is best time to wake up (leaving you the most alert).

    Supposedly Leonardo, Edison (an asshole, I know), and others have gotten on the "Uberman" sleep method. People still do it today, some for months at a time, but thats when you trick your body into only going to REM sleep. Basically you only allow yourself 20 minute naps, and after a week of hell or so, your body submits to the most important part of sleep - dreaming. Without dreams you go insane, and if you're in good health deep sleep isnt super important. So you take 20 minute naps 6 times a day and you're supposed to be more alert than a regular schedule. I never succeeded and I'm currently suffering from lack-of-sleep sluggishness so I'm going to end here.

    Nice forums though, great story, I should've probably joined sooner ^ ^
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    I sleep about 5 hours a night, every night. Even though I must leave for work at 7am I go to bed around 2am. It's hard for me to fall asleep before then, I don't nap, and I'm perfectly functional throughout the day (coffee is still good). I don't get tired during the day either.

    Due to circumstances, I tried the "Sleep of Genius" but it didn't work out. I work at a hotel from 11pm-7am and left there to go directly to my second job that lasted from 8am-6pm. So about four hours of sleep from 6pm-10pm and 5 or so short naps at the hotel of about 15mins. I did it for two and a half months and I was a wreck, I never got used to it. I would fall asleep in meetings at the second job and driving across town back home was a nightmare of blurred taillights and jerk-awakes.
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    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2011
    @shadwick - protip: no historical figure followed the "Uberman" sleep schedule. I know this, because it was first documented here by one of the guys who made it up in the late '90s. Historical dudes may have slept to funny patterns, but they rolled their own.

    Uberman, by the way, is a reference to the way that the schedule is supposed to make you feel, ie like Superman. (It's sort of funny to see people spelling it Ubermann, as if it were an actual person). I tend to think that the associated feeling of hallucinatory clarity is probably actually a bad sign, but that's just a guess.
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