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    Fraction just tipped me to this interview with Joss Whedon, so I thought I’d put it up here to forestall another two hundred people telling me about it:
    I talked at great length and planned at great length the idea of a portal and putting shows together, having an Internet identity and starting my own little micro-studio. Nobody in town was interested, and then by the time they were, “Avengers” came around. I was and will continue to work on a very, very different Internet mini-thing that I was writing with Warren Ellis, and I have a lot of ideas for things I want to put up there. I still believe it’s a viable financial model, and a creative playground and I miss it. But in the year that I was supposed to do that, I instead decided to make this little Sundance movie that I’m making.

    What he's talking about is WASTELANDERS.  The deal is that, basically, whenever he's ready, I'm ready.  We have a shitload of notes, and chunks of script.  Although I need to rewrite all of my bits because they’re terrible and I never showed them to him (not least because the poor bastard was busy enough at that point).
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    This is very exciting. Looking forward to what you guys have in store for us.
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    Very much seconded. And, of course, terribly entertaining read. Joss never fails to amuse.
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    Excuse the fanboy answer:

    Ellis + Whedon = orgasm that will swallow the world.

    I've been a big fan of Whedon, he can literally do no wrong. He has a unique voice that is incredibly entertaining as well as a sense of humor and timing that is unparallelled in popular culture.
    He loves what he does and only does what he's passionate for (and it shows). You have to respect that.