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    Hi, guys. Fuck Yeah Lady Writers is currently accepting submissions. FYLW is a blog created with the intent to engender greater interest in lady writers as well as to inform people about the surprising level and number of discrepancies presently existing in the treatment of lady writers as opposed to gentlemen writers. For more information, please read the About.

    If you're a lady writer (novelist, playwright, graphic novelist, screenwriter, comic, poet, essayist, journalist, etc et al) or a gentleman writer who has a piece pertinent to the mission of the blog, give me all your goods. As stated in the official submissions call:

    We still want your cigarettes and your morals, your petty kindnesses, the long of your short and everything in between. Insolong as it pertains to female writers in a positive/inspiring/supportive manner, we want it. We don’t care if you’re male (matter of fact, we seriously heart you guys) so long as whatever you’re submitting is relevant to the mission of the blog and, so you know, we define “ladies” as anyone who identifies as being female. Read the About. Get involved. Spread the good word. Like, love. Let it be sung. Remember, reblog. Submit.

    I'm sorry, this is not a contest and we do not have prizes to award. (We are considering hosting some in the future, however.) What we do have to offer (other than a warm fuzzy feeling for helping contribute to the betterment of lady writers) is the free pimping of your work or the work of your friend, dog, zombie lover, sister, etc. We have a fairly large number of followers which is continuing to grow every day and they like to do things like reblog our posts and tell us how awesome we are. Okay, well, how awesome what we're doing is. Nobody has told me I'm particularly awesome yet. Still holding out hope.

    So send me your stuff or just go take a look at the site. Let me know what you think. Feedback is both welcome and appreciated. If you'd rather do so privately, pew-pew me an email at katie dot lingle at gmail dot com.


    p.s. A lady has won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction this year! Heck yes.
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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2011
    I very much applaud your goals and will spread the word but am I the only one who is amused that the name of the blog drops the F-bomb yet the OP concludes with "Heck"?
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    And here I was worried no one would laugh at my joke.
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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2011
    There you go, being appreciated for your work already.
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    Truly amazing.

    For the record, that was also a Napoleon Dynamite reference. Yes, I am a giant geek.
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    > Let me know what you think.

    I wonder whether you might be interested in Ursula Le Guin: her Bryn Mawr Commencement Address; her other works. She has a blog, as well. I've read many of her books: and if you've enjoyed them as much as I have, then lucky you.

    I was wondering if she's my favourite author and was thinking, trying to remember, thinking that maybe I've read someone recently who gave me the same feeling of 'mind', of being a whole person, of insight into values, of real life: and I remembered, yes, it was Just Kids by Patti Smith.

    > A lady has won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction this year

    Ursula has won 5 Hugos and 6 Nebulas. Just Kids won the National Book Award for nonfiction in 2010.
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    @Fan That commencement address is utterly gorgeous and absolutely perfect for use in some fashion on FYLW. Thank you so much. I have heard of Le Guin, but haven't gotten around to reading her work yet. The same with Patti smith. I will be certain to check both out in the very near future. Jenny (another founder and good friend) is reading that commencement speech as we speak and is practically salivating. It's pretty funny. Even in gchat. ;)
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    Hi there!

    Not only do I have my own novel out right now, but I also run a small press that publishes largely lady writers. And I dig your mission!

    You can find my press here:
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    @Angela Just checked out the site and I'm kind of in love with what you wrote in the About Us page. You would fit right in with the topical, typically alcohol soaked conversations the other founders of FYLW and I tend to have. I just put your novel on my "to read" short list. If there is something of yours or of one your writers you can think of off the top of your head that would make for a great excerpt post on the blog, please let me know. Regardless, I'll be making good use of your press. Thanks for the interest!
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    Fuck yeah!

    My wife Tristan has just released her second Fantasy book - "Self-Made Scoundrel."

    She posts a new chapter on the site every Sunday and offers free downloads of it the following Wednesday (in pdf, epub, and mobi that I format by hand).

    I'll pass this thread along to her and I'm sure she'll want to submit something.
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    I'm not sure what we're meant to be submitting? Quotes, bios, reading lists, just enthusiastic reccommendations? (that is, assuming we're talking about other peoples' work, and not our own.)
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    After reading through this post and their site I kinda got the idea that the answer is YES. They post quotes from female authors, book reviews, bios, etc. So it would seem that any of the above is good. Although I could be wrong.
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    The answer is yes. We want everything. Quotations or excepts from lady writers you find inspiring or relevant. We do accept work from gentlemen writers as well, though for the obvious reasons we tend to be stricter with the subject matter being relevant to the mission of the blog. We take sound clips, videos, images, media articles that have to do with lady writers. We really do want anything and everything.

    On a larger scale, we’re presently working on trying to get some interviews with some well known lady writers. I think Casey is putting together an essay that’s comparing the various film adaptations of Jane Eyre since we found out the latest one’s primary screenwriter is also a lady. Jenny and I were just talking about putting the effort in to create more original content for the blog such as the aforementioned interviews and essay, it being both a matter of ideas and time. Christine was talking shop with Li Lin Wee (hot up and coming director in Singapore) the other day and now she’s checking some legalities about letting us put up an unreleased trailer from her latest film. A few friends have bounced ideas off of us for articles and essays they want to write for us and we would adore that.

    Those are some of our bigger goals, but our every day is pretty basic. The best judge of whether or not we’re going to want it is if you like it and it has to do with a lady writer. If the answers are yes and yes, then our answer is yes.

    @chrisanthropic Tell your lady to look us up!
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    Sweet, I'll try and find some time to submit my fanramblings then! In the meantime, I've just read this and I think it is relevant to yuor interests!
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    @Labyrinthine Good deal. I just did a quick skim of that link and it seems entirely relevant. I'll give it a deeper read tomorrow (read as: after I make this deadline and drink myself under someone's porch).

    On the sort of awesome news front for FYLW, it seems all the founders are hitting goals. Jenny's latest play hit the stage in NYC last weekend to general acclaim, Christine landed a job writing (and possibly producing) for World Productions and Casey is getting eyed for a return in the second season of Boardwalk Empire.