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    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2011 edited
    The name is more there for the alliteration than as part of a campaign to actually bring Bunty back.

    Jo Bevan's young daughter was interested in a comics anthology for girls that no longer seems to exist, despite them being a big part of the British comics market a few decades back. She had a bit of a chat on Mumsnet and has been blogging about it since:

    There is now a Facebook page:

    And a discussion over on Down The Tubes:

    There are female comics creators on here, as well as potential readers and parents of potential readers, so I thought it worth throwing it out here (especially as you just had the Misty redesign project) - would a comics anthology by female creators for a female audience with an emphasis on adventure (and lacking in adult themes, so it'd be suitable for a younger audience)?