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    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2011
    I received a reply today, attached were 4 .docx files regarding submissions for Fiction, Artwork and Non-Fiction and one regarding PR. I would be happy to forward them to anyone interested.
  1.  (9785.22), please. Thanks.
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    I'd like those too... Danke (which I'm told is French for thanks).
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    I got those too.

    I like the fact that there was a delay because a member of the editorial team got lost in Transylvania for most of a day!
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    Aye, the Transylvania thing made me smile.

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    Well at least it's taking it's cues from fiction that's forty years old and not sixty or eighty years old.

    Still not quite how sure that matches the values that I thought the original Moorcock incarnation of New Worlds had.

    I was hoping for something more progressive, even slightly avant-garde, than what they're asking for.
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    I just read the full PR document, which I think explains it all. It, and the holding company, are essentially legacy projects.
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    More specifically: the direct intent seems to be to produce objects (the magazine, the mooted reprint line) that harks back to the personal golden ages of the company founders and their late friend.
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2011
    @warrenellis Would you say it would be worth submitting?
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    That's not a judgement call I'd currently feel comfortable making for you.
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    That is fair.
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
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    @ Beamish - (been lurking here to see what's up, I've never submitted to a magazine before) I do gallery art and have found that it's a pretty good idea to have a standardized porfolio ready to submit at every opportunity as long as they don't ask for a fee. I don't know but I think this would apply to writers also. Sometimes it works but the best part is I built the castle I currently live in out of rejection letters.
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2011
    @hey apathy! Yeah, I need to spend a lot more time chasing the dream, as it were, I need to compose before I consider really. I have a idea that I am fleshing out and I may just fire it off when all is said and done, to see what happens.
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    This news just perked up my day from a mix of crap and okay (couldn't find any of my notes for the story I planned on starting today / finally got into Radiohead's new album) to rather great. I'm excited to start work on something for these guys and spend the next month or so before their site goes live to really sharpen it. I'm really, really glad that I saw this thread, so thanks to all the contributors for keeping it bumped for me to see. I am so stoked.
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    "Mission statement:"

    Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds magazine is a dual on-line and paper re-launch of the prestigious publication that defined a generation of a genre. Taking the cutting edge ethos of the magazine in its heyday as a starting point, Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds intends to push the boundaries of speculative and innovative fiction, non-fiction, art and multi-media into exciting new areas whilst keeping alive the voices and images that helped shape the face of the modern world.

    Choosing to present the re-launched magazine in both an online and print format will allow an unprecedented variety of forms and formats to be showcased, with an extensive archive section, free online content and a printed version of new works by the very best in their fields. The dual format also expresses a central vision of the magazine, that a synthesis of art and word, music and image should be cultivated as a fermenting ground for new expressions of the forms!

    Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds will be an exciting, exhilarating project to be involved in and will hopefully prove to be as an exciting and exhilarating publication to dip into, subscribe to and contribute to. Launching in late summer we hope to ruffle some feathers, spark some debate but above all entertain! Bring it on.
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    So did you all get the email about David Hodson leaving New Worlds before the first issue? All contributions to be sent to the new editorial team. Did anyone else notice that all the email addresses of individuals asking for information were shared?
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    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2011
    "Dear potential contributor

    David Hodson has now left the New Worlds project and all submissions should now be sent to the editorial committee:

    Dick Jude – dickjudeATgooglemailDOTcom or axsd28ATdslDOTpipexDOTcom

    David Tamlyn – davidtamlynATbtinternetDOTcom

    Roger Gray – roger_grayATbtopenworldDOTcom

    Felix Jude West – felixDOTjudewestATvirginDOTnet

    All previous submissions for consideration are being passed onto the editorial team and they will contact you all individually shortly."
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    Well, I most certainly did not expect that to happen, but I can confirm it. Same email, same list of everyone interested.

    I have absolutely no idea how to feel now.
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    Well, I don't know how crucial Mr Hodson was to the enterprise... and I'd assume that a misclick simply made that email CC instead of BCC...