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    The Outer Church: May 2011

    Following the immensely successful Belbury Poly At The Outer Church, the May edition of Brighton's most unheimlich monthly event will feature live sets from Deep Medi recording artists Old Apparatus, temporal traveller Embla Quickbeam and slurtronic magus Kemper Norton.

    We are also proud to present two films by photographer Thomas James with soundtracks by Black Mountain Transmitter.

    Komedia, Gardner St, Brighton

    Doors 7:30pm

    Tickets £5 available in advance from Komedia Box Office
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2011

    Old apparatus are an excellent act. Here is part of their Promo Mix (which you can download here)

    Oh yeah and Mr Norton is also a class act....
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    And me. At least you're in bloody Iceland. I'm, in theory, just over an hour up the damn road and I still can't make the logistics of this work because it's on a school night.

    I might try extra specially hard to get to this though, could just mean stupid amounts of caffeine and a write-off Friday...
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    Ah, it's a Wednesday night this time. Perhaps pull a sickie the next day? After the toxic emissions of Old Apparatus you may need to in any case...

    Kemper is indeed a class act and a longtime friend and associate of The Outer Church. Embla Quickbeam is no slouch either. Her s/t album is one of the most enchanting agglomerations of sonic matter I've heard recently.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2011
    @the Outer Church.....

    Well i have a cunning plan that might just work. I have a couple of good friends who are working as organisers for Iceland Airwaves, and they were foolish enough to say to me last week, "Why don't you e-mail us a list of suggestions of what you'd like to see for this years festival?"

    If it works then i may have either one, some or all of Demdike Stare, Raime, Moon Wiring Club, Ekoplekz and Old Apparatus at the festival. BWAHAHAHA!!!
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    I have promised to keep all my clothes on for the event. There may be some harmonium action.
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    If that works out then I'll happily take credit for all 'your' ideas (and a plane ticket) BWAHAHAHA!!!


    Hmm. You may be required to wear more clothes than usual, just in case :-)
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    Fucking love that poster.
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    It's quite an aesthetic, isn't it? More examples on the website.
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    Have been advised that interesetd parties should get tickets ASAP. Apparently this has nothing to do with my threats of nudity. Hope to see people there !
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    Ooo this looks very shiny, just wondering what times these events go till? Going to be doing a rail round trip it looks like and I do like to have a poorly formed half plan when I go out and this info would help me get to my half plan quota with time to spare. Thanks.
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    Should be from 7:30 till 11pm.
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    @Kernowdrunk - Shiny, thank you.
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    Nice preview not forget my pagan soundboard then !
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    Old Apparatus should be excellent's a lovely video . Really looking forward to it.
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    An album by Embla Quickbeam. Lovely.