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    I've just got my tickets for this and I am stoked.

    the actual website is here

    but the two appearances of Mr Moore are...


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    this is today at 4:30 and 6:30.

    looking forward to it very much indeed.

    (if anyone else here is going come and say hi - I'm easy to spot i'm a tall fat bloke with a pointy beard and a brown fedora)
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    Damn, sorry I missed you Ian.

    Knackered, but here's the short form:
    Alan Moore & Iain Sinclair on Psychogeography - wonderful, though the guy who was MC between Alan & Iain took up a lot of time talking when we really weren't there to hear him...

    Alan & Robin Ince on Science Meets Fiction - much more relaxed, mostly Alan riffing as Ince occasionally interjected a quick nudge. Especially great for me, as Alan talked in detail about his actual magical practice & gave quite detailed examples (specifically, on an Enochian working) which covered the whole "it's just your imagination" bit and how that sometimes/somehow drifts into something far more evidential.

    Alan was very funny in both, and, when the inevitable "why don't you do more comics" question came up, a lot less shouty than in the past.
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    i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    i didn't think the first compere was too intrusive i really liked his - 'that'll make things clearer' (or words to that effect) aside.

    but both talks were funny and informative and I was gutted not to be able to get tickets for the Infinite Monkey Cage the next day.

    i did however manage to record (audio) both talks. interested parties could perhaps message me.
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    I would love to hear those talks! I loved his discussion on Infinite Monkey Cage; very self deprecating while also fascinating!
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    it'll take me a week or so to check them through and maybe clean them up a little.
    interested parties can email me via the contact page at