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    Hey everyone.
    We just got the first page of our webcomic Jessica Parasol, Daytime Ghost Hunter up. Its written by me with art by the awesome Jessica White. Would love to hear what you think about the page design, and the comic page. I wrote the first arc of this story about a year ago and am super excited to finally see it live. Thanks for looking
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2011
    Added to RSS. The concept seems interesting and I am looking forward to more. Image wise it looks like it will be fun.
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    This story could go anywhere but it is already genius because it is called DAYTIME GHOST HUNTER

    Hats off.
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    Thanks Beamish. Feel free to add your voice as we go along.

    I know, the whole time we were planning it I was afraid someone else would think of it. :>

    Thanks for looking guys!
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    PAGE 2 IS UP.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2011
    I have never read a web comic from day 1, so this may be a silly question, but will the pace pick up? Or should I expect a mellow tale. Nothing wrong with that, just curiosity. I am excited for you though, you have illustrated comic pages, a feat I have yet to achieve, although I have a six pager being roughed now (or he's playing Mass Effect (fist shaking)).
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    Who couldn't love a comic with a character called Mr. Piddlebottom?
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    Beamish. It's a slow burn for the first ten to 15 pages as we introduce the world., then things move a little bit more, but I tend to write on the mellow side, so it will be a while till guns start blazing. I've written about 64 pages so far, and there are some things I can't wait to see illustrated.

    Thank you. :>
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    Page 3 is finally up. Sorry its been a long time between pages. Since our last post we have both been to Taiwain, put on a letterpress printing conference and Jessica got a book deal. But now here is page 3. Thanks for reading.
    Daytime Ghost Hunter page 3
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    Been a while guys. We just posted 7 pages from our giveaway zine Daytime Ghosthunter in Tea for Two. Fun little self contained piece starts here Tea for Two Would love it if you guys could check it out. Thanks!