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    @ Root. I had a hard time picking the book back up that afternoon for the ride home.
    But I'm knee deep in now... and I've got to see how it all turns out... very happy I did 100 pages later.

    I thought they were going to do more episodes for next season... too bad.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2011

    I very much hope so as well. That would be an epic, epic scene.
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    In Feast of Crows now,

    Kind of disappointed there is no Jon Snow POV and very little Arya in the chapter titles - and that Cersei gets such a huge chunk. I hope I don't start liking her like I did Jaime, because, I really don't want to.
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    Feast is becoming like work to me. ALMOST as bad as Tolkein, but I'm powering through because I KNOW it will pay off from my friend's reaction to Dance. The part where
    Arya meets Samwise and they don't know!!!! OMG I WAS DYING!
    But for most of the book I've just been like "meeeeeeeeh" I'm assuming this is kind of like his cycle, one awesome book, one book of political build-up, AWESOME BOOK, political build-up, etc. I just hope book seven is just pure awesome.
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    Personally, I really enjoyed Feast. I guess I was just so absorbed in the world that I just didn't care that most of the developments were quite personal rather than being big game-changing set pieces. I am rereading them all now, and enjoying the references to things I didn't realise would become relevant first time around. Once I get to FfC I'll be able to reassess it.
    • CommentAuthorColby
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2011
    The key with feast is that you have to read it in tandum with Dragons. It works so much better that way.
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    Now I'm imagining a reintegrated crows/dragons director's cut. it would definitely come in handy if you got mugged while carrying it round in your handbag... xD

    @AgentArsenic from what I've heard, apparently getting cersei's point of view just makes most people hate her more xD
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    @Labyrinthine - Noone could mug you, you could just hit them with the books.

    I found that Cersei's chapters enabled me to empathise with her, but not to forgive her.
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    So I'm through feast of crows and 15 or so chapter's into Dance of Dragons. Feast of Crows was hard to get through, not only because Roy Doltrice wasn't reading it (that other guy, he pronounces white like "huwhite"). Aside from a few reveals and Brienne's portions, the book was drudgery.

    Dance of the Dragons isn't faring too much better, at least in the parts I've read. Hope it gets awesome.
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2011
    i'm into feast and its not as much fun as the others....
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    (DoD spoilers) So I'm confused. There seems to be some ambiguity over
    who killed Geoffrey. Littlefinger says it was the elder Highgarden woman by way of Sansa's hairnet, and Tyrion mentioned it to Jamie and later recollects on the event without giving a clear answer. Did I miss something, or is it revealed later in DoD?
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2011

    Yep, you missed it. It was in the third book and it was the elderly Tyrell matron. Basically, she gave Sansa a jewelled hairnet as a wedding present (she'd just been married to Tyrion). While they were all at dinner, the matron "adjusted" it for Sansa, taking one of the jewels which was crystallized poison and dropped it into Geoffrey's wine, thus bringing about one of the most well-deserved deaths in the series. This led to Sansa and Tyrion being blamed for Geoffrey's death.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011
    Balon Greyjoy cast and it's another good looking one. I could see that guy leading the Ironborn.
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011
    That's funny, I've seen that guy before, in my head, when imagining Balon Greyjoy.
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    So! Finished Dance with Dragons.
    It was better than A Feast for Crows, but now I'll be with the rest of you waiting X number of years to get pressing questions answered. Did the Bastard of Bolton really kill Stanis, or just capture Manse? Is Jon Snow dead/dying, and is he going to be zombified ala Kat Stark? Is Dany going to get her own Khalisar and save Meereen from the Ironborn and Yungkai(sp? audiobook)? What's the Crow's Eye about, the Others' work? What's up with that Black Candle and knowing Maester in Oldtown - what will Sam learn there? The return of Varys was awesome, but was he with some Children of the Forest (very pale with large eyes)? Are the Children the force behind the Others, maybe the Others some ancient creations to bring the fall of man? It doesn't seem that Bran is being prepared to save the realm....but I think his narrative through the Weyrwoods will be able to answer some long held secrets that would be unknown otherwise. And Jamie? He's fucked.
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    As I am too miserly to buy the hardback of DwD (and it'd look stupid dwarfing my paperback copies of the others) I decided to go the audiobook route. I have to say, whilst Roy Dotrice is probably a fine actor, I really can't stand his use of accents to differentiate between the characters. Especially the fact that he only has a limited amount of cliched regional accents to call upon. Tyrion's singsong faux-Welsh makes me long for his chapters to be over, but it's far superior to Dany's horrible Northern Irish whine. Dornishmen are now Scottish apparently, but so are the far northmen, yet Jon Snow is now a public school boy. Talk about jarring! If I wasn't such an addict, I'd seriously consider just waiting another year for the paperback, it's that bad. I can't suspend any kind of disbelief for more than about 5 minutes.

    I feel like, when I actually do read it, it won't be like I've heard the story before, but more like I just googled loads of spoilers first.
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2011
    @ magnusisasillyname: Finished DwD last night (after doing the preceding four consecutively) on audiobook and was only planning on cursing whoever I need to for having to wait GOD-KNOWS-HOW-MANY-BLOODY-YEARS till The Winds of Winter is released before I read your comments.

    Dotrice's accents don't have much rhyme or reason to them, yeah, but it's the inconsistency which got me; particularly between Books 3 and 5. Tywin Lannister, as played by Winston Churchill. Until he presumably had a stroke (not mentioned in the story), developed foreign accent syndrome and became Welsh. Brienne sounded way too dimwitted (as did the majority of his minor or incidental characters) and spot on re: Jon Snow. Who knows, maybe WInterfell was the Westerosi version of Oxbridge which, before DwD, Daenerys sounded like she'd attended, too. Perhaps prolonged exposure to dragons makes you squeaky and Irish? I can live with Tyrion's "boyo" accent all the live long day compared to Victarion Greyjoy's gruff, mock-Oz. That. Fucking. Kills. Me. Like nails down a blackboard with me quietly pleading for it to stop.

    Having said all that, though, my copy of A Feast for Crows is read by someone else (John Lee) and while it made a nice change to hear it done in more measured accents, after listening to Dotrice for 119 hours pretty much non-stop, I definitely missed some of his eccentricities. For all his faults, nobody can match his ravens or Hodor.

    Now I'm off to have a molar pulled while trying to listen to The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman.

    (Definitely not the thread for it but I can't be bothered/don't think this merits one of its own - Gun Machine: the audiobook. Can't see the big guy reading it himself (for so many reasons) so who'd you do you think would be good?)
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    Thinking about it, I can cope with the Lannisters being Welsh, the Targaryens being Irish, and the wildlings north of the wall being Scottish. That seems to make some kind of sense. What I didn't understand is why the characters in Slaver's Bay have such mixed accents. Surely it's an easy jump to see the Dornish as vaguely Hispanic, and the Free Cities folks as French/Italian/Europeans, and then the Mereenese as Turkish/Arabian in some way. I think what I disliked the most about the way the accents jumped about all over the place is that it showed that for Dotrice, it was just a reading job, it doesn't show any comprehension of the story itself. Granted, it's a big job, but I just feel it could have been done better. Maybe we should do an unofficial fan-friendly recording.
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    I don't think Doltrice takes ASOFAI as another reading job.

    He will be playing the grandmaster of the alchemists guild in Season 2.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2012
    Season 2 starts April 1st, 2012.

    Unless, of course, that's HBO's (not so funny) idea of an April Fool's prank.

    What are you most excited to see in the second season? I think I'm really looking forward to the battle for King's Landing as well as seeing the person they got to play Jaqqen.