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    but man, just those five minutes here and there of standing with proper posture, some light stretching, and breathing deep and slowly can change so much.

    It is truly amazing, anyone who hasn't tried it will be shocked at what an effect it has! Also I sat on my porch today while my house mates smoked weed & cigarettes, I actually prefered to just breath, after 18 years minimum 1 pack a day who'd of thunk it! go-yoga!
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2011
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2011
    @Fookwit - I wish that I had that in my wallet when I was quitting smoking which was about 17 years ago.

    I had been smoking for about 4 years when I quit. Every time I wanted a cigarette, I'd down a huge plastic cup of water. I almost drowned the first week, and got really sick of peeing all of the time. Eventually, it flushed everything out of my system and it got easier. I got really lucky though because sometimes I'd have very vivid dreams that I was smoking. When I'd wake up, it felt almost like I'd slipped up. Those dreams held off the urges, and I've never gone back.

    Last September, I quit eating meat, chicken, fish & seafood. If I find myself wanting to eat animals, it's more out of convience than actual taste. I remember what all of that tastes like, and that's enough for me.
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    Still smoking like a chimney but it's 25 years since I gave up the meaty bits (fuck, I'm old); I have no idea what any them taste like thesedays and not even the veggie's perennial enemy, the smell of frying bacon, gets my juices going any more.
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    @ Fookwit- that is a world's greatest comic strip if I ever seen one. I gave up mammal meat 22 years ago and I'm not that old ( 33 ) because I knew what it was and it always horrified me. I had a lot of experience fishing at that young age though and having caught/communicated with directly/ and killed my aquatic friends with my own hands I feel o.k. with a little sushi once in a while. In fact I have a much harder time with pineapples, they get fucking telepathic & pissed off sitting there half decapitated on my cutting board. I am not kidding and compared to most I'm not that crazy either.
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    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2011
    "now I can have just one" is dead

    I found nothing to stop it coming back though, later; after which there's the whole process of being addicted again, and of having to quit again.

    I like what 'Leo' said on _The West Wing_, about his being an alcoholic: "I don't understand people who can have just one. How can you want that feeling to stop? For me, one drink is too many, and a thousand isn't enough."

    As I said, for me part of it was realising that although I *wanted* a cigarette, actually *having* one would not make me *stop* wanting one, and would instead only reignite a (harmful) desire/habit/cycle.
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    After several years of smoking weed ranging from 13/14 up until 22 (the final two/three years spent smoking heavily through a bubble bong) I started to get anxiety attacks and depression. While I was going through some troubles at the time (which I won't waste your time with) which surely contributed, I decided to knock it on the head. I was in a great new relationship, saving up for a deposit on a house and felt that the future was too bright to keep on smoking myself into misery.

    After my life was sorted and I was happy again, I had a smoke two-and-a-half years later and none of the old baggage appeared. Nowadays I'll have the occasional smoke with my friends, but it goes without saying that I can never return to the days where I smoked a bowl the second I woke up, before breakfast or bathing. If I returned to my old ways my girlfriend would undoubtedly leave me, and I can't say I'd blame her for that. I wouldn't want to go back to being constantly stoned anyway, as it really does not enhance life like most people believe it does. I'm nearly 25 now and I have a fucking mortgage to deal with, so a huge step back from it was needed in order to grow up and enter reality. I love getting stoned, but I'd sooner live a productive life and learn new skills.
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    I quit WoW! Which, yes, is completely trivial and ridiculous when compared to other people's more serious things but I still kindof want a scout-badge for it.

    Also I quit biting my nails! Which I was so pleased about I decided to reward myself with the luxury of biting my nails

    what I really need to quit is sitting in the same chair all day in front of the computer working - then for relax time sitting in the chair in front of the computer browsing...
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    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2011
    ^^ Dude, quitting WoW can be a huge, huge thing. When I quit it wasn't a big deal to me cos I wasnt' playing enough to justify the $15/mo (I was logging in for like 3 hours/mo total at that point). But for others, yes, that certainly deserves a grats :) I'm not sure what your case was but I know that for some it is far from a trivial thing
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    ^^ Ha yeah cheers Argos that's true - it never really got that far with me - I was a few years in and actually for a while really valued the easy social contact with a few of my mates who played too - getting on the headset and that for an hour. Buuut it wasn't really built for one hour sessions and I found myself on it all the time and it was way too much of an easy escape from responsibility. Gave me "the no feeling" so I ditched it!

    Some of the stuff I've read about folk getting addicted and stuck in it and that is crazy and terrifying but completely understandable - I think anything that offers repeatable, socially inclusive escapism could be a worryingly convenient rabbit hole to fall down be it chemical or a game or anything

    On the plus side my drawing's got a lot better since I spent the time on that instead!
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    i quit smoking about a year ago, but not really since i still have a shitty cigar when i drink. i will say that i feel like ive quit since when i go without, i dont crave them at all anymore. its weird.

    i used to drink WAAAAAY too much, like blackout drunk 3-5 nights a week. now i have 3-4 drinks 2 times a week, and get pretty boozy about once a month. its a nice feeling to not be sluggish and feel crappy all the time.

    my biggest tools have been a wonderful lady and working out. these things encourage healthy behavior and fill you full of good feelings, which makes both things easier to manage.
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    @inkonmyfingernails- I am guessing WOW is a video game? if so you've quit something far worse than smoking

    It's been a few days now I have no desire to smoke and haven't heard "the voice" either but a couple of funny little things have happened. I left my house without my keys, when I used to go the porch every hour or so to smoke I always had my keys and never closed the door without checking so this was an odd thing to have happen (luckily the lock don't work to well anyway) and the other weird thing was I bought a pack of gum ( which I only used to do before business meetings) and instantly threw it out by mistake, I didn't even notice for a few minutes until I looked down and saw I was carrying the plastic wrapper and not actual gum. probably for the best though I don't need to trade one oral fixation for another.

    On the plus side my drawing's got a lot better since I spent the time on that instead!

    in the past week I've written about 10 000 words ( copy for my website) and built something like 20 portfolio webpages. That project has been sitting there for almost 2 years relatively unattended, maybe there's a connection here i don't know
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    @HEY APATHY - man don't question it, just ride the wave of productivity - it sounds like it's working for you

    Yeah WoW is World of Warcraft, a big fantasy online multiplayer game - it's ace like and can be very social, but you literally can't finish it and therein lies potential ruin (for me at least). I dunno about tougher to quit than smoking tho - all credit to you!
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2011 edited
    @inkinmyfingernails- so far so good, this has been the most important/existence altering experience of my life, will ride this wave fer sure!

    WoW - a video game that never ends? that is really scary


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