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    Henchmen for Hire

    Henchmen for Hire - 2011 - 04 -22 page

    I've been trying to make a comic that I would enjoy reading. Interestingly, I'm finding that as I develop the story and characters, the tale is going in directions that I hadn't anticipated when I first started. I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next....
    • CommentAuthorEMagee
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2011
    Hi, I do a comic called Diamond Cutter at It's half sports/half giant robots thing, check it out!
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    I write a comic called So Buttons. In Pekar fashion, they are auto-bio strips interpreted by different paid artists.

    This one's drawn by the great T.J. Kirsch ("She Died in Terrebonne").

    So... She Moved in with Me Anyway

    Jonathan Baylis
    Creator-Writer, So Buttons Comics
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    I do a three times a week webcomic called Capes & Babes about a strip mall, a comic book shop and one crazy werewolf. On occasion, the owner of the comic book shop, Marc, likes to interview super heroes, super villains and other pop-culture characters for his video blog cast he has set up like The Tonight Show...

    Capes & Babes comic strip -

    Capes & Babes comic strip

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    I'm the co-writer for ESCAPE FROM TERRA, along with Sandy Sandfort, and Illustrated alternatively by LEE OAKS! and Leila Del Duca (we're running a sort of experiment with A/B arcs). It's set a century in the future and concerns the doings of people in the interplanetary frontiers. From time to time the "United World" Earth government comes around and tries to spoil the party.
    This scene isn't really typical of the strip but it's good eye-candy:
    EFT strip 692
    I also write and draw another webcomic, QUANTUM VIBE, which started this January. Set 500 years in the future, it's about a girl and her mad scientist, their android friend and an invention that will change everything.
    QV strip

    Both of these are 5-day-weekly strips, by the way. We take our funnies seriously.
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    Hi there,

    I'm still working on Reservoir Docs, a sci-fi story based on the Tarantino Film, that is, where I've kept the structure, but with a completely different story, mine dealing with Scientists and an alien invasion.

    Here's page 58
    Reservoir Docs 58

    I think I'll definitely have a lot of reading to do with this thread
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    I do a webcomic called Stealth, one of the few superhero webcomics out there that isn't afraid to be just that. Stealth follows the trials and tribulations of a teen hero-not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything, just having fun taking a ride around the block!

    Stealth sample

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    Happy May Day, Whitechapel!

    I'm Dan Goldman and I do
    RED LIGHT PROPERTIES, a ghost-story/real-estate series that about a small realty office on Miami Beach that exorcises and sells "previously-haunted houses" to victims of foreclosure. The RLP office is run by the Tobins, a couple in the process of divorcing: Jude Tobin (above in striped shirt) is the schlubby drug-addled Jewish shaman and Cecilia is his control-freak Cuban wife who runs the business affairs, leaving him free to enter haunted houses and smoke hallucinogenic plants that let him enter the spirit world to converse with the spirits in the hopes of getting rid of them. There's also their young son Turi, stuck in the middle of the divorce, and Zoya, their perky zaftig Russian receptionist-slash-ghost-photographer whose enthusiasm for working with our shaman feeds his own ego while exacerbating an already-bad situation.

    Here's a recent page with Jude and Zoya entering a haunted swimming pool from "Underwater", the current 26-page story wrapping this week:

    I've already got the whole 200pg first OGN in the can; you can start reading the series at THE BEGINNING here:

    There are also a bunch of new short stories you can access via the RED LIGHT PROPERTIES Case Files.

    I'm updating the series furiously, usually 4-5 pages a week and I do hope to see you there. You can keep track of my updates via RSS or even hit up the RLP Facebook group, if you're into that sort of thing. So onward... to COMIX!

    And thank you Warren, for the always-open door for all of us.

    ---love---> d!
    Dan Goldman (@dan_goldman)
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    Hey peeps from all over! Hub here and me and my friend Teddy are co-creators of this weekly webcomic we've been doing since January 2010. It's called Work In Progress (WIP) or WIPCOMICS.

    WIP cover

    Life after college can go something like this: college reunions, birthday dinners, first jobs, overtimes, frustrations at work, new jobs, summer vacations. Repeat all these as necessary. Work in Progress (WIP) has these and some geekiness in between as we go through all the craziness and unpredictability of post-academic life.

    Hope you guys and gals drop by!

    Here's a page from our previous weeks! :D
    sample WIP page
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    Thanks as usual to Warren for this. The Profane Comedy of Audley Strange is still ongoing, the current Storyline "The Wrongest Day" is slowly coming to a conclusion. Here's a couple of pages...

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    Written by myself and illustrated by the Amazing David Brame, Punch-Up is the ongoing story of man who gets beaten up for a living.

    After Patrick loses his job and his girlfriend – both, for the most part, due to the fact that he has been picked on and beaten up his entire life – his roommate, Andy, takes him out for a night of bar-hopping where he meets two girls: one who could easily be the girl of his dreams and another who attempts to burn down his home. Now, with his best friend and pseudo-stalker, Patrick is determined to start up his own business using the only skill he has ever known: getting beaten up. Taking the hits so you don't have to. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


    (Read from the beginning.)
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2011 edited
    Many of you know me, I've invaded these threads before with my posse from Hadron Colliderscope. Here are some first pages from different projects I've worked on personally...

    Futube Page One
    Click here to read the whole thing
    Poker Face Oddity
    Click here to read the whole thing
    Sherbet - Finger
    Click here to read the whole thing

    Until next time, my little loves!
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    I draw a sci-fi mystery/thriller called Void Comm.
    • CommentAuthorJDKrach
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2011
    Hi, I'm Josh Krach. I write and Sheli Hay draws Troop Infinity. It's meant for kids, but we hope adults can enjoy it as well. It's about monsters. Robots. Alien invasions. You know: Kid Stuff.

    Troop Infinity, Page 4

    Troop Infinity Cast Page
    • CommentAuthorautsanaut
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2011
    Guten tag, I am Filial Piety and here's my comic, Stefan Autsa. I mean, the comic is called Filial Piety and I'm...ah you know what I meant to say. Updates with a bunch of pages each Monday and involves the progeny of the leaders of the world's countries sent to look after a barren moon until they arrive to claim the land in person.

    Read it here, also hosted on Planet Land - there's a few other comics on there from an assortment of folks. Please peruse at your leisure/day job.

    Filial Piety, page 200

    I apologise if the image breaks your screen.
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2011 edited
    Thank you, Warren.

    I'm working on a graphic novel that I publish a page at a time each week called Nathan Sorry. These most recent two pages have seemingly veered off into romantic comedy territory but it's actually a dark, moody thriller about a guy who should have been in the World Trade Center on 9/11 but instead has changed his identity and gone on the run.
    Nathan Sorry pg. 79
    Nathan Syorry pg 80
    • CommentAuthorbenzilla
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2011 edited
    Wow, there's some beautiful stuff so far in this thread. Thanks for the opportunity to post!

    I'm working on a webcomic called Oyster War. I'll post the two most recent pages below.

    New pages posted to
    Start here to read the whole thing.

    Thanks again,

    -Ben Towle

    Oyster War pg 30


    Oyster War pg. 31
    • CommentAuthorMatt Fox
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2011 edited
    Hi all,

    Adam Smith and I (Matt Fox) have started a comic that we are updating every Monday that started April 1st, 2011. It's called "Long Walk to Valhalla" and is a southern story about a man who meets a twelve year old girl after his car breaks down in rural Arkansas, who tells him that she's a Valkyrie who intends to take him to Valhalla when he dies that day. The story is scripted to be about 60-80 pages and we're currently on page 5. You can read it and our first comic at Wet Black Ghost.

    Here are a couple samples:

    Sample Page 1

    Sample Page 2
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    A first glance of the third story for The Sorrowful Putto of Prague, written by James Stafford and drawn by yours truly.
    The Faithful Witness 1
    The Faithful Witness 2
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    Aside: Great art, Burn Hard Dough.

    Webcomics? Yessir!


    If this looks like something you'd enjoy looking at twice (Soon to be once) a week, then click on that art and make me famous, rich, and powerful with your eyes.