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    Hi -

    I do thinky autobiographical stuff. Most of it is non-serial, although I've been doing a daily self-portrait project for the last 6-7 months.


    I have a fairly lengthly archive at Blush and Mumble.
    For folks who want an rss, I have a tumblr feed.

    Updates are whenever I get to it, but usually once a week or more.

    ~Norma Krautmeyer
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    Wow, there is some incredible work in here!

    My name is Sean Cumiskey and I am the artist and co-writer of The Civil Defender. My friend Mitch Jones and I have just finished our first short story entitled 'Space is the Place for Love'. Originally, the Civil Defender appeared in the Atlanta zine Rice on the Other in two and three page parts, with each part ending in a mini-cliffhanger. As far as I know Rice on the Other is no longer updated, so we decided to make the Civil Defender a web comic. We have an idea for an overall story arch involving North Koreans, space-zeppelins, government conspiracies, robot concubines and more, but we decided to dip our toes in with some short stories first! This is hard work, after all!

    You can read the whole thing online at: or download the PDF or CBZ. Any comments or criticisms are appreciated. Please feel free to email me at

    Here are the first 2 pages of 'Space is the Place for Love':

    The Civil Defender: Space is the Place for Love - Page 1

    The Civil Defender: Space is the Place for Love - Page 2

    As a side note, the birth of the Civil Defender can be traced back to this article about the beautiful, classic Civil Defense logo being redesigned into something that looks like it belongs on a Mall Cop uniform. It's a protest comic, of sorts. ;)
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    Yay! Another Webcomics Week! Last time, I got enough comics out of it to read up on almost until now!

    I'm the creator of Conny Van Ehlsing, Monster Hunter, a series of short stories about a girl growing up to be a monster hunter. Or just generally growing up. Eventually.

    There's a whole new story starting this Friday, so feel free to check it out then. Here's a page from a recent adventure (click on it for the whole story):

    The Haunting of Conny van Ehlsing

    GATE CRASH is an ongoing collection of miscellaneuous stuff I never came around to publishing Internationally, including THE MAX FILES (featuring me), the spy adventure CODENAME: OLGA, and (soon) my old superhero parody/homage (I never could decide) RECEPTION MAN.

    The Right Thing

    The Max Files: Autobiographical comic

    It was two images per comic, right? Not per post?
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    I've been busy getting ready for TCAF but as always, my two sites are Revolver & Dream Life!

    Currently on Revolver i just posted a story i did a little while ago as part of the ‘THIS IS A SOUVENIR: THE SONGS OF SPEARMINT & SHIRLEY LEE’ anthology. Wanted to use it to help promote voting in our recent election [it has big life/politics themes to it] - didn't get the outcome i was hoping for but you can still read it here.

    And i'll be trying to get back on top of my weekly, maybe even more than weekly posts of Dream Life once TCAF is done. When last we left off, PJ had found a place to rest...

    As always, thanks to Warren for the venue to promote our work! We owe you a few.
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    My new webcomic R+M (Robot + Monster) just went live today. It is written by Josh Hechinger, also the writer of the wrestling epic Bear Beater Bunyan (available thru and Itunes and Android Market)

    We are doing one page every wednesday in full color.

    Please check it out
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    Just launched Jessica Parasol Daytime Ghost Hunter a week or two ago. Two pages up so far.

    Thanks for looking
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    Some great looking stuff here. Thanks for such a great thread!

    Our mature web comic is called Chronicles of Akasha, after the cosmic record of all human history. The story follows Art Waters, a veteran of the psychic wars, and his Native American medicine man friend, Charlie Many Colors, as they unravel the secrets of dimensional travel and alternate timelines in a race to save the world from evolutionary lockdown by the forces of Shadow.

    Chronicles of Akasha is open for all to read with free registration at the Project Restoration -- A Revolution in Consciousness website.

    Here are a couple teaser pages from Issue 3. I hope you all enjoy!

    Charlie Many Colors coming home to Hopi Rez

    Art Waters takes Timothy Leary and Neal Cassady into the Veil
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    I just posted issue #2 of Foreign Matter. If you like it, recommend a friend.

    Foreign Matter #2
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    Not a webcomic in the traditional sense, but I recently made this little digital popup book for iPhones (and the like) using the Picklet platform, which was developed by Stewart Haines. The app should be launching soon. Use the little slider arrow down the bottom to animate & move through it.
    Frisbee Furor digital popup book
    Frisbee Furor
    Read more about the process over at my blog if you're interested.
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    I write a comic called Spy6teen--

    It's a fairly mainstream/pop/super-science comic about a high school girl named Cally Calhoon, who moonlights as a super-spy. Tonally, it's a bit of a love letter to the early 2000's comics that got me back into reading: Ultimate Spider-man, Invincible, and Warren's work on Planetary/Authority-- (although, I consider us an "all-ages" book, so not quite as violent as The Authority...) We were called Joss Whedon-y in a review-- Personally, I take that as a compliment. (I leik Joss stuf)

    We update once a week on Tuesday, and I also do a pretty lengthy process writeup with each page. We also supplement the comic with a blog on Thursdays, where I pundit Digital/Web/Distribution news.

    We've wrapped up our first issue and recently started waving our Digital Comic flag. We're currently available on Graphic.Ly for 99 cents, and we've got a few other platforms in the works. Why would you pay 99 cents for a webcomic that you can get for free? Good question. I try to answer it here.

    I think we're one of the few "full team" webcomics around-- with (in my opinion) a really solid creative team. Our artist is a fellow from Hawaii named DJ Keawekane, who has done some indie work for a comic called Pono Loa. We're colored by Lisa Moore, who colors Boom's Darkwing Duck book, and lettered by Brant Fowler from Comic Related. Rounding out our cast is DJ Kirkbride, who was one of the editors for Image's Popgun anthology. (and won a friggin' Eisner!)

    Oh, and I'm the guy that runs the Comic Book Script Archive...which Warren was kind enough to link once, and nearly broke my server.

    Thanks very much for reading-- Hope you check out Spy6teen and let us know what you think!
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    My comic is Hainted Holler,and it's about geeks living in a redneck southern town.In honor of the Thor movie I'll give the link to our first strip featuring the God of Thunder In addition to the regular characters once a month I hand out The BoonHead Award where a public figure that annoys me is raped in the ear by a baboon named Randy I also have superhero character named Biscuit Pete and sometimes go off on random tangents with the characters Anyway stop on by to check us out and remember "We always give you your money's worth,because we're free."
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    Been meaning to do this for a while and am I ever glad I stopped in for my Freak Angels/ Whitechapel fix and got the reminder.
    So my book SOJOURN isn’t technically a web comic as it started it’s life back in the late 90’s as a independent print comic. I’m now posting the original series, 3 pages a week, as a lead up to new stories.
    This image is from todays post (Week 16 already?!?)
    Eventually you’ll be able to pick up new prints of the original series as well as the new stuff and the planned graphic. But for now I’m giving it away for free at
    I’m not much of a web-head/ tec guy so any support and or help is always welcome. So thanks to Warren and the Whitechapel followers for spending a little time.
    C.T. Gerow
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    Hello again, folks!

    I bring, once again, a dastardly tale of grand larceny, trading blows and wit with superheroes, and paying the bills at the end of the day! I illustrate Villainy, which follows the adventures of the Brain Trust as they take on all manners of society and crime while trying to not disappoint their superiors.

    We update (generally) Mondays, and hope y'all join us now!