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    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2011
    @Fauxhammer, Biscuit and HEY - cheers guys! It was a fun strip to draw, and it meant getting my old Bowie records out and giving them a spin which was a lovely added bonus..

    Man, a whole lot of awesome in those pages @Stargazer! Beautifully rendered!
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    Hello, I'm new here and I had a question about the rules. I saw this rule in the stickied thread:

    "* Don't Post Your Fiction Here."

    Does this refer to fan-fic (stories about existing heroes) or any of your own fiction? I have recently finished a free, digital comic and would love to get some feedback here, but i don't want to break the rules. Thanks!

    @JP Stargazer: I LOVE those pages! What is your process there?
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    I actually just found the webcomics thread after looking around a bit. That looks like the right place to post it.
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    WOW!!! this thread has started with great powers & is growing up : )

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    @aurora I like the second one

    Here's some stuff I did today on Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, which I just started that series because of Game of Thrones getting me into the swords and sorcery genre, and twitter told me to start here...anyways:

    Oh and here's my Aquaman redesign from the other thread:
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    DAMN @Pupato that's freaky, It's bloody alive!
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    @Rooth…Gaga vs Ziggy Stardust!!! Very awesome strip!!
    @VertigoJones……eh, a little over an hour. Wasn't rushing and had no idea where I was going.
    @Jackcrowder…interesting poses. Strangely effeminate?
    @Amalgamated Biscuit….the "wheeee" guy's got a nice energy to his pose.
    @Valente..nice horse anatomy..
    @JP Stargazer…nice line textures.
    @Pupato….spooky stare.
    @mercurialblonde….dig your loose lines.

    gah...wha a shitty day. busy day+ hunger+thunderstorm+flat bike tire=resulting migraine hell...Thankfully, a little nap fixed that.
    possible poster design WIP....
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    @mercurialblonde: Love it!! Fantastic work.
    @teh new new: Thanks, man!! It's actually nothing mysterious, just pencils, inking, white inks for the lights, somecharcoal pencil and retouching the contrast with photoshop or any other image edition tool. The real sheet actually looks terrible,full of spots and stains and shit. It's terrible.
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    @Rooth - Awesome comic man, loved it, the action is really well choreographed. Expert stuff.
    @mojokingbee - there's such life in your work! I actually tend to pull your pictures and add them to my inspiration folder because you are loose, organic and incredibly coherent, and there's so much to explore in your work.
    @mercurialblonde - I've shown your work to some artist friends of mine and they are so jealous. I really admire your style, so evocative.
    @HerrHussein - Shame you didn't get the Aquaman R-R in, would have really topped off the thread. Your work emotes incredibly well, it's a lot to do with your colours, but your figures are also really expressive while maintaining a degree of subtlety. What did you work in for this?

    Everyone, everyone, great stuff, Pupato, initiatezao, Neil Ford, JP Stargazer, Valente, Aurora Borealis, Amalgamated Biscuit, jack crowder, Paul Sizer, Seantaclaus I could go on and on, and pick your brains too, but this is already getting long.

    Here's a piece I did quickly for some fun on the bank holiday. It's a steampunky spiderman. All these R-Rs are taking their toll. Gonna start putting up my own project soon though, concepting a lot lately.
    Steampunk Spiderman by Mike O'Dwyer
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    @Lordofthejungle, Spiderman 1899 gave me a smile after a long hard day at work. Thanks!
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2011
    thanks mojokingbee
    & thanks HEY, that´s a very nice compliment! : )
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    Some old sketch I messed around with.
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
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    @ Lordofthejungle - awesome, you're last couple peices look different from the Godzilla in a business suit, are you using a different technique? I like em all

    @ Pupato - the glowing yellow is amazing , it's like watching film or something it's messing with my brain, I never seen anything like that before
    • CommentAuthorValente
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2011
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    @mercurialblonde: All right, thanks for the only comment on the thing.

    I've asked elsewhere too and so far comments are split between both. Seems people prefer the upper one for stronger/darker lines while others prefer the bottom one becauseof the pencil textures so I guess I'll try to achieve both (maybe actually ink the more delicate lines or at least double them).

    Anyway, end of rant.

    every one: keep posting cool art so I can come back here and go "oh shit, gotta practice more".
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    @Greg Sullivan - Glad you liked it, twas a bit of fun. Thanks yourself for the comment. More top-hatted superheroes!

    @HEY APATHY! - Thanks a million. I've been experimenting a lot on whitechapel. The Godzilla one was specifically an attempt to use more black, white and unbridled colour. The more recent two are using less outline (none for Aquaman) and I filtered my colours with Color layers over different parts of both. I'm also trying to use as little white as possible. All done with Wacom+Photoshop (damn wavy lines!), pencil sketched for practice but drawn from scratch on the wacom.

    @Aurora Borealis - I JUST saw your question in your second post. I agree with mercurialblonde, the second one has lovely texture and a bit more something.

    @Valente - It's a samsquanch! I really like the hands and feet and the hatching, yum yum.
    • CommentAuthorlazzyfair
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2011
    Frank Castle

    Been mainly sketching lately, trying to take what I've learned with the brush over the past year, and really nail down just how exactly I'd ink a comic book character. This is the furthest I've taken a drawing in this looser style. Oh, and I cut his skull off a little, but this is ole Frank Castle. Kind of imagining him as a Tier 1 Operator here. Just playing around with him, you know *cough* as if I'd been asked to do so by the publisher *cough* *cough* Not exactly sure that the House of Ideas would respond well to this, but they asked me.

    Hypothetically that is.
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    @JP Stargazer - Thanks! I got an art blog here:

    @Aurora Borealis - I find Adjustment>levels in photoshop is best to mess about with black & white line work. I prefer the lighter one too.

    @mojokingbee - Nice Booga!

    @Petie - Great, I love the light contrast.
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    @ VALENTE - OK I"M FREAKIN SCARED NOW , won't sleep tonight not that I ever do anyways

    @ LordoftheJungle- thanks damn technology is crazy these days. The no outline for Aquaman was really interesting I couldn't figure it out almost a 3D type rendering. I only work with ink so everythings an outline but in reality nothing actually has black linework around it. Nice experiments
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    Buffalo Girl

    Sketch of the D... No, the Mo... Um, moment, yes, that was it. Scanned secretly at work. Hopefully. Would like to see this through, needs lots of trinkets, and the right arm needs an amend, damn ringbinder.