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    This bloke has been posting some of his guitar tutorials on Youtube.

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    @vandalhandle. What drugs were given to that director?


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    Osama bin Laden’s Death Proves Creationism
    In his latest stunner, David Klinghoffer manages to skillfully tie together the recent death of Osama bin Laden and the Discovery Institute‘s bizarre claim that There’s No Such Thing as Junk DNA. We’ll get to bin Laden in a minute, but first, dear reader, it’s vital for you to understand that there can’t be any junk DNA, because the existence of debris in the genome offends the Discoveroids’ concept of an all-wise Designer — blessed be he!
    The Discoveroids have leaped upon recent research (not conducted by them, of course) showing that some tiny segments of previously unexplored DNA have some function. From there they’ve leaped to the wild conclusion that there isn’t any junk DNA, which “proves” that the handiwork of the Designer is perfect and free of flaws. Not only are they no kin to no monkey, but they ain’t got no junk DNA either.
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    @greasemonkey I see your paganini and raise you one Michael Angelo Batio.

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    @Greasemonkey, lampcommander

    It's not shredding, but I present for your consideration Mr. Adam Fulara

    Warning: Serious case of Guitar Face ahead

    In a slightly different vein, Justin King

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    @Nil: I just thought it was a funny response. Shredding, for me, can get old real fast, so diversity is welcomed. Second guy reminds me of Kaki King.

    EPIC guitar face.
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    @Nil, the guy is really good, but why didn't he just learn to play piano?
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    @val thinking exact same thing.
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    @Greasemonkey: Thank you for bringing back those foul images of the wiggles puppets that I had to endure repeatedly when my son was a toddler. 5 years of therapy down the drain....
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    @Nil: Looking at this guy's wrists makes mine hurt.

    Meanwhile, a friend has thrown THIS at me and umm...

    Farm Fresh Girl

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    That wall art upthread, was that in Newtown?
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    Here's a guy who will own dog skin gloves in a very near future :D

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    @Lazerus - Camperdown.

    @Cardo - yer welcome ;-)

    @Lampcommander, Nil - those guys are all fantastic.
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    Inspired by a recent Ubergrid post - Never Say No to Panda.

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    I was gonna chime in about the guitar face (a condition I also suffer from) in that Bach piece but then Farm Fresh Girl blindsided me.
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    GOP targets Legacy funds for MPR, arts
    House Republicans are reexamining state funding for some key arts and cultural heritage groups -- a move that may take political aim at Minnesota Public Radio, the Minnesota Zoo and other entities that have gotten special appropriations.
    Dean also singled out a $45,000 payment of Legacy money that was made last year to science fiction writer Neil Gaiman for a four-hour speaking appearance. Dean said that Gaiman, "who I hate," was a "pencil-necked little weasel who stole $45,000 from the state of Minnesota."
    Oh, this guy is going to mess with the wrong fanbase...
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    Mr. Gaiman just crashed Matt Dean's blog by offhandedly linking it on twitter.
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    I have to get on this guitar (player's YouTube videos) battle, and raise you this:
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    Never has a video delivered exactly what it is called, as satisfyingly as this one does.....
    Rapper passes out