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    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    i don't know how often it occurs to me that i have dreamed something i am seeing before, but it is at least once a week. lately, if it doesn't happen every day, then something is off. perhaps i am the one who is off. i do not know. my grandmother was sort of psychic, but only when it came to my mother making fudge.

    so, here's the setup: leaving a comment on the Freakangels thread and talking to my boss on the phone (i know, morally questionable combination of activities) and suddenly i saw the whole thing, i saw me here, but on a different thread, and with some other picture, and actually responding to a question or statement that was directed specifically to me, and the phone call, and my desk and computer - i remember being very confused by the relative white-ness and the cleanliness of the scene. the pretty boxes and something in purple.

    all fine and good.

    except that i had this dream at least 9 years ago.

    had another moment last night while working on a letter that i'm writing to a friend. about a boy i'm crushing on, mostly about where he works. feeling that sense of something coming, something happening, something i can't avoid, and don't want to - been on its way for a while.

    one massive goose pimple right now.
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    You sound like a friend of mine. He's constantly getting flashes of deja vu and it freaks the fuck out of him.

    As I tell him: don't worry about it.

    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2008
    Will - if it was debilitating, i would be more inclined to worry.

    mostly it's a sense of checking in with things only it's coming from inside and knows things that i don't know yet.

    usually i don't share the depth of it - tends to annoy my friends.

    nice to know that I'm not the only one, tho!