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    Hello folks,

    I'm bringing you news of an anthology I'm involved in, along with lots of cool creators. It's a great book with some excellent contributions and I hope you have a look at some of the work by artists included. Let me turn you over to New British Comics...

    NBC Press
    NBC3 Cover


    Cindy & Biscuit Save The World (again)
    by Dan White

    Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense
    by Lawrence Elwick & Paul O'Connell

    Ink vs Paper by John Miers

    Charlie Parker "Handyman": Animal Magnetism
    by Lawrence Elwick & Paul O'Connell

    Here Comes The Neighbourhood
    by Matthew Craig & Richard Johnson

    Better Living Through Distance
    by Dave Thomson

    The Quiet Burden
    by Craig Collins & Iain Lauire

    Luvvable Lex: Dirty 'N' Down
    by Rob Miller

    by Wilbur Dawbarn

    Charlie Parker "Handyman": Skyscraper Lunch
    by Lawrence Elwick & Paul O'Connell

    by Van Nim

    Von Trapp
    by WJC

    A Complex Machine
    by David Ziggy Greene

    For further information, please contact:

    PL Contact: Karol Wi?niewski -
    UK Contact: Rob Miller -

    Available from:

    Thanks all!