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    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2011
    I know this is just supposed to be our quick, no-thinking list - but the link @Andre Navarro put up reminded me of something about Glenn Fabry: it's the hands. Yeah, it's all good, but the hands on his characters are incredible. They speak volumes.
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    1. Jock
    2. Brian Wood
    3. Glen Fabry
    4. James Jean
    5. JH Williams III
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    João Ruas
    Tony Harris
    Adam Hughes
    Dave mckean
    Glenn Fabry
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    In no particular order of importance.

    1. J.H. Williams III
    2. Dave McKean
    3. Adam Hughes
    4. Brian Wood
    5. James Jean
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2011
    • CommentAuthorNorbert
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2011
    I see I forgot my no. 1 pick: Travis Charest
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    Michael Komarck
    Barry Windsor Smith
    Cary Nord
    JH Williams
    John Cassaday
    • CommentAuthorGordon
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2011
    Glenn Fabry
    Frank Quietly
    Ben Templesmith
    Kevin O'Neill
    Ashley Wood
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    Ashley Wood
    Paul Pope
    James Jean
    Michael Deforge
    Phil Noto
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    My quick top 5 cover artists:
    1 Alex Ross
    2 JH Williams III
    3 Paul Smith (from the 1980s x-men)
    4 Jock
    5 John Cassaday
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    Bill Sienkiewicz
    John Cassaday
    Alex Ross
    Brian Bolland
    Gene Ha
    • CommentTimeMay 6th 2011 edited
    Only 5, that's hard!

    Alot of artists I have to be in the mood for.
    10 would have been easier to make a list.

    in no order of preference:

    .1 Alex Ross (obviously!)

    .2 Dave Mckean - how come this guy isn't dominating the list?

    .3 Jh Williams

    .4 Brian Bolland

    .5 Bill Sienckwickz (also one of my favourite Music album cover designers!)

    i may need to amend this list.....

    Heri MKocha
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    No order but that in which they pop into my head

    Paul Pope
    Ben Templesmith
    Brian Wood
    Jo Chen
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    Philippe Druillet
    Richard Corben
    Mike Mignola
    Simon Bisley
    Charles Burns
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2011
    Skottie Young
    Dustin Nguyen
    JH Williams
    Jae Lee
      CommentAuthorLee Edward
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2011
    John Cassaday
    JH Williams III
    Travis Charest
    Michael W. Kaluta
    Barry Windsor Smith
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    In terms of actual artists: Marko Djurdjevic, Frank Quitely, Dave Johnson, Esad Ribic and Kaare Andrews (Astonishing X-Men was as.

    But: I really want better graphic design in my comics. There are so many instances of great art being plagued by horrible logos and barcodes (seriously, they can't throw them in the corner of the back page ad?) and it's makes me kinda sad.

    I've been looking into Chip Kidd's work (Dark Knight Returns/Year One collection covers, Final Crisis) has really left me wanting more. Even if he can be a bit repetitive at times, at least it looks professional. Am I right in saying that lettering studios are usually responsible for this end of things in mainstream comics? I'm a big graphic design enthusiast/hobbyist and the vast majority of comics design (including recap/credits pages) are diabolical. Hickman seems to be having a positive input on his series' design work, Morning Glories has a nice, polished look, who else is doing good work in this regard?
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2011
    @Brad McLoughlin Brian Wood
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    Yeah, his cover work on DMX has been amazing, I'm assuming he's responsible for the Northlanders covers too, which are even better again.
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    *DMZ - Sorry, editor not available on limited work internet (Bizarre).