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    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2011
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    Tom Waits:


    The Plastic Constellations:

    and... Mexicans With Guns:
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2011
    @Sonny, not two weeks ago I bought that very album from Blueprint himself. He opened for Atmosphere at what, in my opinion, is one of the worst New York venues (Terminal 5). The show itself was awesome, but the people in the crowd were miserable (AND it was sold out so it was fucking PACKED).
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    Yeah it's amazing how much independent Hip-Hop has taken off (specifically Atmos). It's almost like they, amongst others, need to start playing auditoriums because clubs are starting to be so damn packed, like you say. Hell, I remember when a friend of mine told me about them in middle-school and we went and saw them play at a Twin Cities block party/outdoor festival. Like a... city sponsored thing. This was when there was three rappers in it, and Eyedea was there too. Anyways there was probably 18-23 people scattered about, and maybe some passer-by's stopping to watch for 30 seconds or so at a time.

    That's cool you saw them though, and that they put on a good show. But I feel your pain about it being really packed. They'll play the penultimate music venue here (it's called First Avenue) and you can't even move in there. It's gotten to the point now where they schedule their Spring tour to coincide with this.

    Do you like "Adventures In Counter-Culture"? It's got to grow on you; it's one of those albums you need to listen to straight through rather than picking and choosing songs for a playlist and whatnot.

    I'm all over the place.
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2011
    Seeing these guys live tonight.
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2011
    I've been listening to Hazmat Modine's new album : "Cicada" :

    Hazmat Modine - The Tide

    And a bit of their first, "Bahamut" :

    Hazmat Modine - Bahamut
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2011
    Been listening to the new albums by Mamiffer and Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

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    Jon Brooks - Music for Dieter Rams

    every sound on the ep is sourced from his alarm clock and it's awesome - a massive radiophonic vibe going on.
    • CommentAuthorcdthomas
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2011
    I've been listening to this for the past week -- someone stop me:

    It's the dramatic soundtrack of my teen years, all thermined-up and plaintive. And, yes, aren't those the tracks from Lubin's ONE STEP BEYOND and OUTER LIMITS work, except they're not -- they're his production music versions, anonymized for your cue satisfaction.... they're the cues for a play I haven't written yet, starring pre-I SPY Culp, pre-MI Landau and a legion of gaunt California starlet angels....
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    CONFINES-s/t 7"
    EXTORTION-loose screws 10"
    GRAF ORLOCK destination time tomorrow 10"
    NERVE AGENTS-days of the white owl

    and i heard some of the new FUCKED UP. nope, still dont care. LITANY and BAITING THE PUBLIC 7"s are about the beginning and end of my concern with them (not counting live shows- they are a great, fun live band and should be viewed whenever possible)
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2011

    • CommentAuthorTC-Cork
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2011
    Tyler, The Creator - Goblin
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    It's like Boards of Canada went back in time and composed a soundtrack for a low-budget '80s film.

    Part of me wants to dislike it, but it really is quite excellent.
    • CommentAuthorhedmeat
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2011
    Listening the hell out of Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks."

    Catchiest, most upbeat damn song about an abused kid going on a shooting spree I've ever heard.
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    New *shels album, which is INCREDIBLE.

    if you like your music epic and beautiful and heavy and moving and incredible...
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    • CommentAuthorEvJ
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2011
    I don't have a link for this, but I was at a Nonclassical concert at LSO St Luke's (that's a Hawksmoor church, for architecture fans, or From Hell fans) on Tuesday night. Joby Burgess, the incomparable percussionist, played a solo piece and a piece as part of Powerplant, his multimedia ensemble. The Powerplant work was called Import/Export, and was for "international junk", an oil drum, shipping pallette, plastic bags and two Fanta bottles. Really fantastic performances. But when I went along, I hadn't realised that also on the bill was DJ Switch, current three time DMC World Supremacy Champion, performing a concerto for turntables and orchestra, previously recorded by DJ Yoda and set to be presented by Switch at the Proms this year. It was as inpressive a new music bill as I;ve seen in a very long time.

    It was such an awesome gig, but doubly great because I was in London for one night and at a loss for what to do with myself, and this came up. £8 on the door, and worth more than most gigs three times the price.

    Actually, here's a Spotify URL for the turntables Concerto: spotify:track:5iaPVMNKBnxmUhRw081iHN

    I'm pretty lucky to have found such a great gig by chance. I'd previously seen Burgess performing Songs For An Airless Room, a cinema opera by Martin Parker, and been totally blown away. To see him cut loose for himself was extra special. Most of the music on the night was by Gabriel Prokofiev, composer, DJ, producer, Nonclassical label boss and so on, and grandson of the famous Prokofiev, if you care about that.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2011 edited
    i can't for the life of me figure out whyyyyy it would be time for this one ;)

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    EMA(really just this)
    Burzum's first album
    • CommentAuthorstvn.wlsn
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2011
    @mercurialblonde I was just going to post EMA but couldn't get it to embed. EMA - California

    also some Deerhunter and Sonic Youth.