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    Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Tell me you don't see modern rock guitar here, born back in the late 40s because of Rosetta...

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    good call on Sister Rosetta Tharpe.Truly forgotten pioneer.

    Im also glad that someone mentioned Annie Lennox and it didn't
    become a totally American thread.

    Mica Paris [1988-1999]

    So here's some more Brits...lets start with South London's
    Mica Paris. The Queen of what was called Street Soul in
    London in the 80s.

    She has a unique "lazy confidence" in her voice
    that makes her sound like no one else.....

    Mica Paris -"One Temptation" [1988]

    Mica Paris - "Carefree" [1998]

    And this track, in one summer heard in practically every late , late coffee
    house and wine bar in central London with that opening bassline...

    Mica Paris - "Should've Known Better"[1991]

    Heri Mkocha
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2011
    @Val - LOVE Sister Rosetta!

    I'm not very good with soul and I feel ashamed that most of the great "soulful" singers (female) that I know were/are in male-dominated bands. E.g. Martina Topley-bird and Beth Gibbons from Tricky & Portisehead and other triphop associations.

    Now if you don't mind excursions into rock or blues: There have been precious few people who rock harder than PJ Harvey, and you should look up Ma Rainey for the very definition of face-melting, ass-kicking attitude.
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    UK Honrable mentions:-
    She's too retro quirky in her image, she should be much much bigger.
    Her image doesn't detract from her doing great great songs like this...

    Paloma Faith -"New York"[2009]

    rare record below was a proper underground hit record that seemed to be
    played everywhere around North London when it was released.
    Made by a woman called irini from the island of cyprus. She released
    the record , went back to cyprus and didn't know what was happening
    as it shot up the charts.A one hit wonder that is still played...

    Irini -"24/7 Love"[1993]

    Heri Mkocha
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    Really enjoying this lately:
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    She's more recent, but I would have to add Jill Scott:

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    It's hard to pull off a song with multiple thunder crashes in it, but having David Axelrod on production helps, and nailing those belts around 2 minutes in seals it.

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    Forgotten Girl Woman group ..En Vogue

    En Vogue [1989-1998]

    Famously made up of four lead singers, four Diana Rosses. No back up singers
    in this group.Older than their rnb peers, normal woman like physiques, no bean poles.
    Each one capable. No weak links. Sang mainly in the New Jack Swing
    genre of RnB and the videos had a habit of having future
    acting stars in them.Frequently voted the best all round mainstream
    female RnB group of the 90s.

    [EDIT!:- Rearranged the songs, replaced one!]


    The song below made them famous...and yes
    the guy with the trumpet is from Gladiator the movie,
    djimon hounsou.......

    En Vogue -" Hold on"[1990]

    No fear, no shame.....

    En Vogue -"You Dont Have To Worry" [1990]

    Doing their very best "Road Movie Supremes" impression....

    En Vogue - "Runaway Love"[1993]

    Very, very rare original mix of the song "Whatever", not the one that
    was officially released....

    En Vogue -"Whatever" [1997]

    in the above video, the bald surgeon dude in the red smocks at 1:30
    became "The Haitian" in Heroes.

    Heri Mkocha
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    Tweet [2002-2005]

    Lost soul singer Tweet.Blink and you'll miss her.Very short 2 album wonder.
    A songwriter, background singer and producer who came out of the shadows
    to create 2 much loved albums.Her first uptempo single "oops my"
    was misleading. Instead most of her albums
    contained heartbreakers like these songs....

    From the album "its me again" from 2005...

    Tweet - "Small Change"[2005]

    From the 2002 Album "Southern Hummingbird"......

    Tweet - "Complain..." [2002]

    Tweet - "Beautiful"[2002]

    Heri Mkocha
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    arklight: How'd you miss this En Vogue song?! That breakdown never ceased to send chills up my spine.

    I haven't heard an awful lot of Annette Peacock's work, and most of what I've heard didn't catch my interest, but I do like this one. Starts out with a 200 Motels before edging into that Boz Skaggs-type jazz-rock sound... and then at 3:30, it just gets good.
    I'm The One

    And it sounds like this will fit in nicely...
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    @yaboo chingoa

    Problem with En vogue is they had so many good tunes.And if you search on the net
    you'll see they haven't aged a bit to this day.

    I also asked Whitechaplians for some hidden gems from well known artists,
    not just the forgotten ones.....

    So lets kick it off with THE QUEEN OF SOUL, never to be forgotten
    Aretha Franklin. This version of this song about pining for a distant
    love sends chills up my spine.SHE OWNS THIS SONG...

    Aretha Franklin -"Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing..."[1974]

    She threatened to take Aretha's crown but instead became
    an RnB Celine Dion. But in truth she couldn't completely
    "make-over" her urban roots when she remade Mobb Deeps
    "Shook ones Part II"one of the grimiest songs ever as a love song
    to 80s Hip Hop B-Boy nostalgia.Roof top parties and first loves...

    Maria Carey - "The Roof"[1997]

    Alicia Keys.With a beautiful song about commitment.The better
    version of the song.which seems to be flying under the radar.
    With that 80's reverb...

    Alicia Keys ft Drake "Im Ready"REMIX[2010]

    Was my anthem in 2003, back when i was luvved up..

    Alicia Keys -"If I Aint Got You"[2003]

    Heri Mkocha
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    @ Val A Lindsay II:


    Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Tell me you don't see modern rock guitar here,
    born back in the late 40s because of Rosetta...

    Well Val, you're not the only one who thinks so too. The BBC has
    done a documentary on her pushing that SAME point....

    BBC Documentary: The God Mother of Rock n Roll: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

    I'd of course like to think they nicked your idea, but it'd probably great
    minds thinking alike.

    THE GOOD GIRLS [1989-1992]

    Beyonce, that Rnb force of nature did some big festival
    over here in the UK ,some big outdoor,camping thing (cough!),
    Well ,she was part of Destinys child.

    But there was another lost RnB group who were the prototype for Beyonce's
    and Destinys Child's brand of fiercer, more uptempo, "I don't just look pretty
    I sing and can out dance any man too"
    .That group were the Good Girls
    who also sang in the New Jack Swing sub genre of RnB which is the fore runner of all
    modern RnB including Beyonce's.

    I love that James bond humming bassline that runs through this
    song, like most of those new jack swing songs had..

    The Good Girls - "Just Call Me"[1992]

    Lets compare!And since the original 4 girl line up , not the later 3 girl
    line up of Destinys Child with Beyonce will never be reformed that incarnation
    can also be considered a lost group...

    Destinys Child - "No No No [Part 2]"[1998]

    Heri Mkocha
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    Seems appropriate place to put it! If we were in any doubt of the female
    takeover of RnB with beyonce, Amy Winehouse,etc, comes the news that....

    ADELE officially outsells Michael Jackson's
    in the UK for her album 21 the story is here....

    Back to the great Female RnB acts of the past that have been lost to time....

    Very rare find. From the 1987 album "Broken Puzzle" by Theresa. I think this only exists on the internet.
    The sound is very mid 80s RnB just before the hand over to the new jack swing sub genre,
    so its all reverberated drums, reverberated vocals, and that weird "oriental" vibraphone instrument
    being played in the background that stayed in the 80s and never traveled. Also lots of yearning
    melachony and the last time RnB artists wore knitted Cardigans on album covers
    as a fashion statement.

    Theresa - "Sweet Memories" (1987)

    An uptempo song from Theresa, here the upcoming new jack swing influences could be felt in
    this song- "the last time". Very rare video, the only place I have ever seen this video
    is on the link below....

    Theresa - "Last time"(1987)

    Moving to the 90s, The Queen of Rock & Soul sub genre- Dionne Farris.
    She is so underrated it's a bloody crime.Great song.Seamless blend of soul and 90s
    rock production...

    Dionne Farris -"Passion"(1986)

    Heri Mkocha
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    The first and only time someone has used the word Heineken
    (yes the beer) in an RnB song chorus and got away with it.....

    Sweet Sable - "Old Times Sake"(1994-From The Above The Rim Film Soundtrack)

    Great Midtempo RnB dance song.Modern RnB production
    really doesn't do these mello bass lined
    almost jazzy head nodding songs anymore

    Koffee Brown - "After Party"(2000)

    UK stand up! I love the next song- twentyfourseven". When i first heard
    this and a few similar sounding songs swirling around London,
    I swore we would finally be having that RnB/UK garage fusion genre
    that had been threatening to appear. But no...:-(..this
    mellow summer song is still being played...

    Artful Dodger ft Melanie Blatt -"twentyfourseven" (2001)

    Heri Mkocha
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    How can anyone have not mentioned the bone-chillingly wonderful Grace Slick?

    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2012
    First, the Mynabirds, because they just fucking rock:

    Melody Gardot, who can sing the birds out of the trees:

    Kaki King, certified Goddess on guitar:

    And Garfunkel and Oates, who are . . . well, pretty much indescribable:

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    Ok here's South African- American Goapele with a stunning song.

    The SUBBASS on the track "Play" puts many dance songs to shame.
    So if you have an appropriate system that can play that low, you'll appreciate this song.

    GAOPELE- "Play"

    The enigmatic dark soul of the UK's Jackie Joyce aka Helicopter girl has a proper cult following.
    It's strange for such a voice that would be a perfect fit on a Trip Hop, or Dubstep
    song isn't hunted down by many dance producers. Why hasn't Kanye West used
    her on one of those dark ballads he's been putting out? You can't leave it to just
    Rod Stewart.No really...

    Helicopter Girl" Umbrellas in The Rain"

    Heri Mkocha
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2012

    UK artist Veba has such a stunning unique voice. It's the way she pronouces
    the words, she sounds to me like some old school 1930s London theater actor,
    who has learned to EN-NUn-CI-ATE every word properly, but then left the theater to
    sing Post Trip Hop songs. Check out "Spellbound" to see what I mean...

    Rae & Christian ft Veba - "Spellbound' [1998]

    The above song was from the cult 1990s album - Northern Sulphuric Soul
    by the group Rae & Christian

    The next song is sooo FUNKY...just to et the doubters know Veba can do
    uptempo! A lost dance floor gem for the funkateers out there.From the 2005 album
    Veba vs Grand Central.

    Rae & Christian ft Veba - "Fold or Flower"[2005]

    Heri Mkocha
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2013 edited
    The Sugababes were a strange UK RnB band, the original members left one by one and were replaced
    till there was nothing like the original band left. A bit like Dr Who,each of us belong to
    a specific version of the band, a particular Sugababes generation.

    Well the envitable happened, the original 3, Mutya Keisha Siohban,or MKS
    just leaked a song on the internet that is brilliant and will probably never be released.

    it's them singing over the instrumental of rapper
    Kendrick Lemar's "Swimming pool" (drank)

    MKS- "Lay Down in Swimming Pools"

    Heri Mkocha
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2013
    Vanessa Marquez

    This woman would have easily been a star.
    But no material was ever released.

    Most of the female singers here have at least had some kind of career.
    At least they've released some material.

    This woman made some of the best songs Pharrell and the Neptunes never released.
    Youtube is the only place you can hear them.Here's one....

    "Vanessa Marquez-Midnight Hour"

    The next song, Could have easily been a top 20 rnB hit....
    if they ever released it...

    "The Affair (Vanessa Marquez, Natasha Ramos)- If you keep on asking"

    Heri Mkocha