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    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2011
    So, this evening my brother was prowling the internet for weird news, as he does, when he suddenly froze, and said quietly "Oh, Sarah(Neila) isn't gonna like this...they stole her idea."

    To which I inquired "what?"

    Now, I know how weird things happen quite more frequently than most people realize. I've seen some pretty weird coincidences in my relatively short life, and I know that two people, thousands of miles away can have the VERY same idea at the SAME or similar time. It just happens, maybe it has to do with quantum entanglement or exposure to similar stimuli.

    ANYWAY to the point of this weird post. Back in 2009 I posted a sketch thing on my deviantArt page, for a comic concept I had. It was weird and angsty and involved a new fad of prosthetic mechanical animal parts kids would attach to themselves and could control with their minds.
    For those interested here's a link to the image:

    Flash forward to NOW and the NecoMimi.

    I must admit the concepts are creepily similar. I am finding myself mildly regretting not filing for a patent in 09 (of course I figured it was a stupid idea at the time). I am also considering investing in a tinfoil hat, to prevent people from stealing my thoughts. LOL

    Sorry if I cluttered up a bit of Whitechapel with this, needed to muse to someone, and figured y'all might find it as weird an interesting as I do.

    Also, for clarity, I'm not saying they stole the idea, lots of people have the same ideas or similar ideas as others at similar times. It just happens. It's weird it happens, but it does.
    • CommentAuthorZJVavrek
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2011
    I saw this on the other day. I'm rather curious how the headband's sensors determine when a person"concentrating" versus "relaxed". I'm not very familiar with neurology--don't know if it's a difference in the level or patterns or the brainwave outputs. Anyone more familiar here and able to speak up?

    Pity you hadn't patented the idea. Perhaps I should look into how to file a patent. I haven't seen one of my ideas suddenly for sale since the 1990s, but it might happen again. (It was a kind of universal screw driver back then.)
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2011
    @ZJVavrek yea, definitely look into patenting your ideas all I have is some bad art I posted in 09 to show I had a similar idea lol. I wish I knew more about neurology too, there's bound to be someone on Whitechapel that does. Now my idea wont seem as far fetched and weird when the characters with fake animal ears show up in my webcomic I'm working on (I had put some in the backgrounds of the old draft last year too, but they're tiny.
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    Someone posted a clip of this on the Around the Net thread already. I assume it works by registering increased electrical activity in one part of the brain versus another.