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    Together with artist EC Steiner, I am producing a handcrafted, hardbound, sculpted comic book called THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Part of our inspiration to create this artifact was a 2009 thread on Whitechapel called "Comic design as graphic movement." We're currently raising funds to produce the book on Kickstarter, with 24 days left in our campaign.

    THINK OF THE CHILDREN is a satirical horror comic about the events leading to the original Comics Code Authority. The members of the Senate Subcommittee are secret monster hunters, seeking to destroy evil children, who they believe are corrupted by the stories of EC Comics. So that the story can reach as wide an audience as possible, we released it as a free webcomic in February of 2011.

    Funding from Kickstarter will pay for the print production of THINK OF THE CHILDREN, including:

    • Hardbound 1/4" davey board covers set on cloth bound hinges.

    • A sculpted resin seal embedded in the front cover.

    • Interior printing on toothy Dur-O Tone, 70# Newsprint.

    • Laser etched line art on the back cover.

    • A color overlay in the middle of the book.

    • An inside front cover book plate.

    • An inside back cover library card and envelope, listing donors and those who assisted in production.

    I'm not just posting this to plug the book and our campaign. I'm curious if a project like this interests "Printheads" like those on Whitechapel. EC and I tried to combine our skill sets in sculpting and book production to make something unique. But is it too niche? How might you have done it differently? Should we have released it free online?

    I'm looking for feedback because we're only at 21% of our goal and I wonder what we could do better. Thanks!

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    Consider me pledged.
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    Thank you so much!
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    Sounds like a lovely idea.