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      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2011
    so lets see. my little and my father have been super saiyan fighting all the time about everything under the sun. My little brother left the other day, think he's been staying at friends houses. Not sure when he'll be back, but he responded to my text earlier, so he's alright. Finding a job needs to happen fast for me, though I havent had much luck lately. At least it's looking like I'll go back to getting cash grants for next semester, so that'll be a great help (And maybe that means I can actually buy the text books I need for my classes instead of taking up a second residence at the library). Driving has been going SUPER WELL. I'm surprised. At some point I'll be able to just get in my car and drive anywhere. LIKE A NORMAL, NON PANIC AND ANXIETY ATTACK-Y PERSON.

    Saw my friend from the desert last weekend. I was down there visiting my mother for a couple days. My stepsister is sorta doing crazy stuff, ever since her BF/father of her daughter was put in prison a few months back. Apparently she's already found a new guy who is the same sorta scum as the last one. And she's sticking her super cute kid with my mother and her father when she needs to be in a day care around kids her own age, now more than ever. She's very confused. But I got to see my desert buddy again and it was great. Things have been super bizarre and awkward forever between me and her, because we're both emotionally immature and I now live a few hours away etc etc blahblah. But she's gonna at some point drive up and visit me and it appears that things will be super awesome between us now :) and it's kinda really nice feeling.

    Tonight Im gonna make me some dinner and turn the lights off and watch AMERICAN GOTHIC. I asked what scary/horror tv shows people liked and it was recommended. Its from 1995 and the first few eps have been good.

    Oh. And someone wanted a Scrambled Circuits poster I did and offered to barter for it. So I got this from a very awesome girl in New York:


    Here I are.

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    @odaelisabeth: Awww hun. I wish I could quick visit you and give you hugs. Because I so know the feeling all too well. So long distance hugs I guess.
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2011 edited
    @oda Just keep being yourself. When I finally get the chance to meet you we will use so much red paint on the town. :)

    This week has been a bit of a mix. Gained money, but gave it all to bills, but also gained a little bit more since I added a tip jar to the beer blog. Order 1 of 3 of the photo gear I bought (very) cheaply on ebay arrived. Now I can't wait to get the remaining pieces and experiment more with lighting. And self portraits where I'm not holding the camera.

    Other than that...been starting to get bummed about being single and in the way that oda was talking about. While the past two years have been great and I'm actually starting to like myself and my personality...not meeting many guys or girls who dig my ways to the point where they want to date me.

    Also went to a party where someone brought their baby and I got depressed for a while. Whee...

    Gah, money. Gah, men. Gah, women. Gah, babies.

    But today I went for a long walk to and from Bluffer's Park with my friend and got horribly sunburned in the process. I now have a bath of aloe vera waiting for me. I've had a few beers and...I'm starting to relax. And I like that.

    Here's me a week ago falling asleep. I't's a pear farm somewhere up north.
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2011
    Hey, Whitechapel. It's been a while. I had to step away from the internet for a few weeks at the end of school, and I'm still catching up.

    This week was nice. I've been staying with my sister in Salt Lake City off and on since I graduated from my college, and all this week was spent there until today. The idea was to be job hunting, but the hunt has been slow and not very promising. I'll probably end up working at my hometown military base laminating propaganda again. This is less depressing to me than it was a few weeks ago. I had a job interview this week at a comic book store I love, but I don't think it went as well as it could have.

    At this point, I think best case scenario would be working on the base one last time and getting a job for the school I'll be attending in the fall for when classes start. I'm going to be roommates with my sister, who has offered to pay the majority of the rent, which is lovely of her. With that and the full tuition scholarship thing, and the other littler scholarship, I'm really doing okay money-wise. I'm poor, but I'm not in debt after 3 years in American college, and continuing that for years 4-5 (possibly 6) is looking likely, which is pretty nice.

    I'm looking to make things more of a hassle money-wise and less of one life-wise by getting a car soon. We'll see how that works out.

    Next week shall include my little brother, the only one of my six siblings who is younger than me, graduating from High School. Also, both my parent's birthdays, and saying farewell to a friend as he goes off to preach at people for the next couple of years, as kids his age in this area tend to do.

    I keep thinking about last year, saying a similar goodbye to a boy who was not just a friend. A year is a long time. In a year, I'll be saying the same sort of goodbye to my little brother.

    In the middle of writing this, I had a conversation with my boyfriend about the word goodbye, among other things. I see goodbye as meaning anything from "see you later" to "sayonara." Maybe that's why I'm seeing so many goodbyes and making so many connections between them.

    Here's me doing what appears to be a turtle face with my little brother all blurry beside me. Better than a duck face at least.

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    Tired. Groggy. My case for my ipad came today, after watching the tracking thing say it's been 'in transit' in my small town for a few days. I guess it wanted to see the sights, or what of that there is. Didn't get raptured; I think I slept through the End of the World. Again.
    My birthday was the 19th. World didn't end then, either. Got some awesome presents from my friends, a decently steady amount of work (oddly satisfying), and money to get a new camera, because holding up the iPad is tiring....

    Stupid Class ended. Finally. I've never been so glad for a course to end, nor have I wondered quite so much about just how the trog got the teaching position when he can't write a sentence. And English is his first, and only language. And the course is text based. It boggles the mind. Or rather, I suppose I should never doubt the abilities of stupid people to appear...anywhere.

    Meds aren't working as well as I think they should. I'd be more worried if I didn't have to make a doctor's appointment next week sometime to discuss this kinda crud. In short, wacky weather just doesn't do me good, and screws up everything from sinuses to brain chemicals. I should buy stocks in claratin....

    Next week? my brain can't fathom next week. I've got the post-work mind-numbness going on.Oh look, cheez-its!

    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2011 edited
    Whattup, Cosmic Rasputin of the Webbernets. Hope you are doing fine and your nurses keeping your Red Bull i.v. drip topped off.

    I turned 26 this week. I tested out my brand new 26 year old body by trying to jump over a nightstand box. I landed on it then jumped off and landed on the floor and felt my whole body break, hahaha. I am not built for cat like moves anymore :[ I am going to have to get my conditioning up to speed if I am to survive a few physically taxing events happening in teh very near futurez though!

    anyway i was hungover and bored as fuck today.
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2011 edited
    Tell me what's going on. Right this second? Listening to the new Gaga album (totally buying it), watching the tail end of the Twins/Diamondbacks game on ESPN Gamecast. Twins are up 5-3, so that makes me happy. Nice to see the boys winning for a change. And then they blew it. Fucking Twins. The week has continued to be pretty much like any other week. I did get my studio gear set up, for the most part. I still have to install some keyboard drivers and some plugin/instrument software, but I got all the physical connections down. Found out my guitar preamp still works, so that made me happy.

    Make some noise. Prefer to not rock the boat tonight. Nothing to rant about, nothing to show off. Just generally chill.

    Show me your face if you like. Not this week. Liking it less and less lately. No idea what to do with myself.

    Tell me what you're planning. Since I got rejected from the school I applied to, I'm working on getting another application together to one of the schools in town. If they reject me I think I just have to resign myself to the fact that I irrevocably fucked my academic life up, and should just flip burgers or something. I'm also getting into revision mode on some stuff I wrote. Not sure where that's going to go, exactly, but I need to work on stuff, or I'll go mad.

    Oh, and we're planning on going to the Museum of Art tomorrow, on the last day of the "Bright Lights/Big City: Interpretations of the Constructed World" exhibition. (They're also doing "Natural Selection: Interpretations of the Natural World" at the same time. Should be an interesting contrast.)

    From there, I dunno.
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    Finished a screenplay for short film that's going to start filming within just a couple of weeks. Got my edits back for Anomaly, a graphic novel/illustrated book mixed media concept. We're going to print a few ARCs for the Calgary con in a few weeks. Putting the finishing touches on two columns for Septagon Studios and the second Anomaly story. Waiting to hear word on the status of my comic this week.

    On an experimental status, making a cologne using Rosemary, Cypress and White Pine. Fun stuff. Going to try and make a formula for increased respiratory efficiency using Honey, Cayenne, Magnesium and Iodine.

    My dad came up for a visit and got to spend today hanging out with him, and my sister. Saw Thor. Amazing movie. Always fun. Caught up on my comics and randomly wonder why people were up in a fuss about the rapture this week.

    Finally, got a new computer this week. Can't complain.

    Now I got to find locations and cast for said short film/movie. Should be a fun few days.

    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2011
    Crazy week preparing a big pitch and a presentation for my animation course. Right now I should be working on the thing that I pitched. I got through it all ok, then on Friday things turned weird.
    To cut a long and annoying story short, I've spent the last two days fixing various broken things (bike, hot water service) and not working stuff I should have been working on.

    The animation course I'm doing is something I've been meaning to do for years, but jobs and other opportunities kept popping up. While it's intense and a hell of a lot of work, it's a fantastic course and I feel like I'm moving in the right direction. Prior to this I seemed to be drifting into web design/production/content work, which I was hating.

    Here I am in the studio, dicking around with a false moustache made from offcut shoe parts.

    And now I'll disappear for a few weeks to work on my final animation for this semester, which I'll post in the Artists thread when I'm done.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2011
    Short, intense work week. I was on service escalation duty, which means carrying around a Blackberry which could ring at any time, dragging me into fixing a technical glitch.

    Thursday, I dropped the dog off at the kennel and started driving south to the Bay Area. It's Maker Faire weekend!

    My aunt took a snap of me showing off my newly built stereoscopic camera. I look awful because I feel awful. I'd just gotten my first taste of traffic on Route 101 after six hours of leisurely interstate driving:

    Today, I put on my black duds and spent nine hours at Maker Faire, snapping 3D photos and looking at cool stuff. Then off to a dinner with college friends.

    I'm exhausted but happy. A total break from the grind is a good thing.
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2011
    Ho there, WC. Long time no see.

    Not much to report beyond increasing frustration with life in the middle of nowhere. Getting a job in a small town is a pain in the ass. Christ knows why I always choose them.

    Soon I will begin my life of commuting by bus every morning to the big city for work. I'm actually pretty excited about the extra time I get to spend on the bus. My life, so interesting.

    Anynoodle, here is a picture.
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    First, I'll catch you up quick: within the last five days, I was able to find Elliot's mom, Michelle, via Facebook (via her oldest son, as her name was a horrible butchering of her actual name). Through this, I was finally able to find Elliot, my son who I haven't any idea where he's been for years. Turns out, his mom was arrested ~5 years ago, on a kidnapping charge. The story is that she had witnessed harsh physical abuse of a Pennsylvania 17 year-old (plates being smashed over his head by his step-mom, via webcam) and she states that she tried to guide him to use local resources to address it (i.e. the authorities, counselors, etc.) and when none of that materialized/he was too fearful to do so, she loaded up all three of her kids into her mini-van and went to Pennsylvania and ... left with him. She stated that it hadn't even entered her mind that she could be doing anything illegal. ... She got a phone-call from her neighbor who was letting her dog out that cops were outside her house waiting for her. She called them when she was a mile away from her house to ask what the deal was, they asked if they could talk to her, she said yes, and they promptly arrested her upon arrival. His parents only wanted their son back, not to press any charges, and she was put into a MN prison, as Pennsylvania had 30 days to extradite her. They did so on day 28. She went to Pennsylvania where she was held for six months before her sentencing date. At her sentencing, the judge had implied that Michelle had driven across six states for prurient purposes. She apparently sassed back to him. She got a sentence of 1.5-2 years.

    My son, and Michelle's other children, were in the care of her alcoholic/life-long addict (no longer the hard stuff as far as I know) grandmother (Michelle's mom) for over TWO YEARS! Why the FUCK is there nothing set up so that when shit like this happens, the other parent gets called (I am, after all, on the god-damn birth certificate)? Because he would have been better off with me! This system is busted. Horribly, horribly, busted.

    That's Elliot. Not that I needed the emphasis, but can you see why I'm pissed?
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2011 edited
    @Lion - Damn. just. Damn. And I really wonder about the kid she took out of the state. I hope he's safe(r) now. Damn.

    Seems most people had incredibly trying weeks. There was a lot of hard work in mine and damn near a nervous breakdown at the end. I haven't been able to take it easy for some three months, getting through voice classes, trying to be proactive about a voice career, studying Japanese with a really tough sensei, and stage managing... I've had to be on point and working all the time. and this is something I fell into. I didn't plan on it and even when I was mightily disciplined and/or used to working 40 hours/week this would have been a lot. I made up my mind that once this week was over I was going on vacation. I can't quite travel (despite all that I remain poor as dirt), but I can sleep in and take long walks and drink and watch TV.

    But first remained actually getting through this week. Tough as i was facing down the final with my motivation crashing, knowing I couldn't possibly cram everything we had studied over the semester into a few days. And right when I was driving to class for my final, stomach roiling with nerves and brain whirling with verb conjugations an actor with Company of Angels called me to offer me a gig stage managing their next show. He said they needed someone ASAP so how soon could i get back to them? I told them I couldn't really think about it right then, asked him to email me and resolved to answer later at night, once I was free of the test. Even though I wasn't thinking very carefully about the gig I did keep it simmering, thinking they had better be offering good pay because no way could I handle the expense of driving in and out of LA everyday again for a fee that didn't quite cover gas.

    At class I forgot about the conversation and concentrated on Japanese. I still don't know how I did on the final. Some parts felt pretty solid but a lot of "turn these nouns and verbs into a sentence" felt not so great. *shrug* I know I didn't bomb it...I think. But still. Anyway. I got home and realized my stomach was still clenched as hell and I had nothing to drink. I spent a couple of hours trying to think of a way to unwind and not coming up with much. I checked my email and found the message from the CoA guy. The pay wasn't that great but not insulting, either. And I realized working for CoA could be a really, really good idea for me. Solid company, seriously talented people, excellent connections... Thinking it over I nearly had a panic attack.

    That's how I know trying to work another gig would be a horrible idea right now. If they had called a week later I might have been able to pull it off, but right now I need a few days to just lounge around and take care of very personal chores that I've put off. My bedroom and bathroom are a disaster. Seriously.

    So anyway, I sent my regrets and appreciation for the attention, please keep me in mind, yadda yadda... Curled up in a ball and rocked myself to sleep. Even though I still had my voice class today I treated Friday as a vacation day and lounged like a motherfucker. Then when the family went out to dinner I stayed in, ate left overs with a really nice zinfandel and got really, really drunk while watching cartoons. Damn that was nice.

    Voice class today was brilliant and I'm terribly sad this class is over, but a new one begins Tuesday. (I thought I wouldn't be taking another class until mid-June but it's a funny story...) Tomorrow I'm planning on going to a seminar on anime mythology, performed by Crispin Freeman. It'll be at a maid cafe in Culver City and half the reason I'm going is just to see what a maid cafe (in LA) looks like. The other half is that I'm a nerd and this is what nerds like to do while on vacation...when single and too poor to travel. }:>
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    @shining_lion: I'd be mighty pissed too.
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    A girl called me her boyfriend today.

    In a loose, "I'm calling him my boyfriend because it's easier than trying to explain what's actually going on between us" kind of way. Still. Last time someone called me that? 2007. So long ago, the last girl who did it is married now. A little momentous for me. Made me smile.

    So, yeah. I'm seeing someone, kind of abruptly. I don't know if she's going to stick around, or what it's going to turn into. But for now, it's nice. Quite nice.

    Life continues, as it is wont to do, in a thoroughly confusing manner. Even since I started typing this, things have shifted.

    Wednesday is going to be my national comics debut. (i guess my international debut, too? Huh. Weird to think about.) Witch Doctor #0 comes out, in color, as a flipbook with WALKING DEAD #85. This week I got the final, colored pages for WD #1 and started slapping the lettering into them. They look damn good. I mean, look at this:

    I don't really know what to make of any of this, to be honest. Is this real life?
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2011

    right now it's 8am. I have imbibed the best part of several quarts of alcohol. I have also taken illegal stimulants over the course of the evening. Because i can, and i have. And now i'M listening to "There is a light that never goes out" by the Smiths. I think i should be completely depressed with life, but for some reason the idea of drinking alcohol in the morning somehow appeals to me....

    oh yeah, Sigga is in the north of the country visiting her best friend. So right now i'm considering the value of my existence. Booze and amphetamines does that to a person. right as there's a massive volcanic eruption happening in the area. Dammit!

    This weekend has been good. Found out My mum has now managed to get a full diagnosis of her lung cancer and she is due to undergo a "shock and awe" style treatment of chemo and radio therapy on Monday. Now i love my mum, but as a northern lass she is also total FUCKING NAILS. When my voice quivered about her treatment she put me in my place saying "This is going to happen. Things happen. stop whinging". If you need an animal put to death, ill give you her number. My mum's the greatest...

    I have been asked to write a few columns about music in general for my newspaper. I think they were asking stuff along the lines of "That Lady Gaga. What's she all about?" but instead i've been writing about internet atemporality in music, crappy misogynism in rap music, stupid late times for gigs to open, and how cocaine destroyed all decent dance music in the last decade. Or ripping off other people's ideas in general as it's known. I really have no idea on what to talk about. Says he who is totally off his head. Also truly annoyed with myself as i had several VERY insightful conversations with many prominent artists and musicians this evening, and i never recorded any of it. Bollocks.

    I had a 2 hours conversation with my friend today about this and other things in general. We both agreed that "we3" made us both cry. Gave him my entire "planetary" collection or perusal. He aso said that Warrens recent blogs postings were "very interesting to my head..." then he asked me for a some rubber gloves, then there rapture startred....

    @ Oldhat and Oda - I may be a loved up married guy, but if i were a single man. Just sayin'.... Oda, Robin. Don't keep looking for "that Guy", because that sort of thinking won't get you anywhere. i was like that for a almost 2 years with trying to find a long term woman. And in the end i found my woman at the end of a 14 hour drinking binge in an Irish bar in London on New Years Eve. While punching my brother in the face,... for a laugh.

    Here is a picture of me in more happy time :i think i was on E at the time, but it may have been the booze. But who cares? HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

    • CommentAuthorErisah
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2011 edited
    Tell me what's going on: Well, my mother seems to be under the mistaken impression that I'm a younger clone of her (not so- for a start, I'm a reserved functionally straight linguistics student who enjoys writing as opposed to a gossipy lesbian music teacher who enjoys gardening), my sister is finding exciting new ways to not cope with being cut off by my father (been there, done that, burnt the t-shirt, and have spent the last six months trying really hard not to say variations of "this sounds awfully familiar for some reason" every five seconds to her), and I'm trying to just get through my honours year without strangling my family. Thankfully, I live with my most wonderful supportive boyfriend who is not causing me stress, so there are at least some points in time where I'm not working on my macrame back. Had to drive through murderous level traffic just now coming back from boyfriend's family reunion, with his parents in the car. His mother nervously reminded me that she couldn't drive in Sydney. Am hoping that her hasty exodus was not a comment on my driving :S

    Make some noise: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    Show me your face if you like:
    Me and sis
    This is me and mah sister. I'm the one with the non-chick drink.

    Tell me what you're planning.
    To finish the 15000 or so words I have due before mid-June (and have yet to properly start). To then get completely and utterly pissed out of my brain. Coincidentally, this will be around my 22nd birthday, so clearly this is a fortuitous time.
    • CommentAuthorMrMonk
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2011 edited
    Speaking of "burnt the T-shirt", I'm traveling outside of North America., on vacation, for the first time since the last Terrible Thing happened about, oh, so many years ago. This is big for me. Friends arranged a contact in each city (Helsinki and SPb) to spend time with, to take a little of the strain off. Helsinki: complete no-show. Didn't show up, didn't even pick up the phone. Had a decently good time anyway.

    Arrived this afternoon (local) in SPb, to find the worst-appointed hotel I've seen outside third-world industrial districts (I've been there. Years ago. I'm so old.) But it's already paid for, and I'm stuck. HOWEVER, it's got a great location near Nevsky and Fontanka.

    My contact here bugged out, too. She's a translator and guide, and she's "got tourists" all week. She says the words like they're the name of a disease. Still, she'll see me when she can, or send a friend if she's completely tied up. I've been here a few times before, so I should be able to keep myself busy, though I seem to have forgotten every word of Russian I ever knew. "Point and grunt" worked pretty well last time. Let's see whether it works again.

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