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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2008

    Well, outside of the covers, don't expect the Ashley Wood you currently know and love. As I recall, and it has been sometime since I pulled them out of the archives, early Wood pencils kind of had a John McCrea vibe. But I am a sucker for finding rare, early work from artists I like.

    Along those lines is my recent discovery of a mini-series Wood did with Paul Jenkins, also from the Acclaim/Valliant Comics, called Deadside. A four issue series, of which only 3 issues made it out before Acclaim's lights went out. I had no idea this series existed until just a few weeks ago, and I can't wait to track down the issues. I believe he did these right before Automatic Kafka, so the style might be closer to what it is now.
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    Pride and Joy reminds me of History of Violence, only with more focus on the whole Father-and-Son relationship. Pretty good work.
    • CommentAuthorjamassie
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2008
    I found this in a bargin bin, and once I got over the shock of finding an Ennis trade in a bargin bin, I bought it and really liked it. Its better than either version of A History of Violence.