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    @warren That idea works for me too.
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    Master, your generosity knows no bounds.
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    @warren- any special passing-of-the-torch plans for when/if the time comes?
    Will you still lurk about here after FA is over?
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    I'm moving on to new things, and have already told William @Avatar that I'll be turning Whitechapel over to him and the new crew once FREAKANGELS is done. They have big plans for webcomics.

    I'll be getting Spurrier in here in a few days, once he's over his Arizona hangover jetlag.
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    @Warrenellis - Congratulations on a job well done! We will miss you. (way more than you miss us,HAH HAH wonder if we'll drive the new guy nuts...)
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    - like 'Apathy said, we WILL miss you.
    You better stop around from time to time. This place started as your 'house', don't be a stranger and whatnot.
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    In the words of the great Mr Isaacs:

    Oh yeah,
    After you made my day
    Hurts to know you're going away
    Seems like my life begin to ruin
    Now that you're departing pretty soon
    But what more can I say, yeah

    Sad to know that you're leaving
    Even though it's kinda grieving
    Sad to know that you're leaving
    But I know that you'll return real soon

    Ok, ok, bit OTT I know ...
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    Welcome, Mr. Spurrier... I look forward to enjoying and participating in what you bring to Whitechapel.

    Warren, when the time comes, your regular presence here will be missed, but the need to focus on other things is understandable. Hopefully you'll at least continue to make commentary and engage in discussion where it interests you.