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    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    It's been a while since we last discussed what we've been playing, and there's a lot of really good shit out there. What have you been up to? Mark your spoilers, or may the sword of God's righteousness strike ye down.

    I played the single-player campaign of Portal 2, and found it to be exactly what I wanted. It was challenging, but never ball-busting, funny but never jokey. It was one of the most balanced games I've played in years.

    I'm on LA Noire right now, and again, it's an astonishing achievement. The technology they came up with to render performances is amazing, and the stories are tight, satisfying, and in some cases, shocking.

    I also had a taste of D&D: Daggerfall and Halo: Reach. Daggerfall is buggy as hell; I got stuck behind a dwarf at one point. Be warned if you download the full game.

    On the RPG front, my Skype group is still kicking Githyanki ass every Wednesday night. I play a Level 14 Fighter/Warlord.

    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011 edited
    Guild was supposed to start Black Wing Descent last night, but we'd agreed not to pug, and couldn't fill the missing slots.
    (That's what she said!)

    That, and going through 30 Rock on Netflix streaming are my nerd outings, at the moment.
    • CommentAuthorKelind
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    Been progressing in SC2 with my Terrans, but hitting a wall at the top of my ladder. That wall being cheese and the need to defend against it.

    Started an EVE trial last night and am enjoying it so far. Chose to randomize my surname and ended up with the first name being the same as the starting star system. The game is starkly beautiful when run on a decent graphics card.

    I'm interested in seeing the new dungeon crawler, Hunted. Touted to be for the "gear age". Steampunk dragons anyone?
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    I recently messed around with Resonance of Fate on 360. It was challenging, but it's nice to see something so fresh in the famously stagnating JRPG genre.

    I started playing Zombie Lane of Facebook "for work." It's not going to change the world or anything, but it's solid enough for a facebook game.

    I've got Russian FPS Metro 2033 coming in the mail, and I imagine I'll be grabbing Trenched when it comes out on Xbox Live on the 22nd.

    Oh, and fuck yeah Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure, which took over the game developer twittersphere earlier this week.
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    Yeah, I'm behind the times so...

    I'm playing Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass for the first time. I downloaded it ages ago, never played it and finally decided to break out the DS and give it a whirl. Discovered the two different stages I reach in this game and what would most likely be all other Zelda games. 1) Haha YES! Awesome! Getting shit done! 2) FUCK THE PRINCESS AND FUCK THIS GAME.

    Also playing D&D. Not the videogame, but the actual pen & paper one. My character is a warlord named High Swingin' Heidi. I like her!
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    I've given up on WoW due to too much time taken up by 2 small children.
    I've also started playing Zombie Lane on Facebook, but I'm thinking about quitting already as it's a bit too time intensive. I might give it one more burst of play at the weekend to see if I can beat the latest zombie horde mission and get the achievement for using 500 energy in a day.
    I just got an Android phone but haven't had the time to hunt out any games to play on it, which makes me think I won't have the time to play any games on it.
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    @oldhat Warlord powers are the best. I RP my healing button (I forget what it's called) to be my character yelling "YOU AREN'T DEAD YET--GET THE FUCK UP AND KEEP FIGHTING." My character is me, if I were an orphan, had a drinking problem, and trained MMA.

    And, you know, lived in a vast Tolkien ripoff magic world.
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    @Fauxhammer - Thanks for starting this back up.

    @oldhat - I'm always playing hand-me-donw or older games. I can never rationalize paying full price with the budget I have to work with.

    My D&D group went on hiatus for the summer, so I'll be pen & paper RPG-less for a few months. I'll probably break out the Gamma World game and run that for some folks for my fix.

    I just played through the Bulletstorm campaign (I'm not a big multiplayer fan) on the Xbox and it was decent. Best thing about it was the dialog. Delightfully foul mouthed characters. I borrowed it and Too Human from a friend, so that's next.

    I am still playing Minecraft, just not nearly as much as I used to. I started playing Lord of the Rings Online with a few friends but haven't logged on in weeks.

    Drop7 and Archmage are my go-to games on my phone.
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    @Fauxhammer Oooooh is that Inspiring Word? Damn, that's something my character would say...I think I may steal that...

    @sleestak I actually bought something that will allow me to *cough* download the games for free and store and play them on my DS. I got tired of having a DS with only three games and an inability to buy more. Nowadays I play my DS much more.

    Did anyone ever play Star Trek Online? The hype over that kind of came and went and now there's no mention of it anymore.
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    Played waaaaaaaay too much 'Borderlands' in the last couple of months.

    Got jittery when PSN went down.

    Went through the 'Portal 2' single player campaign the last couple of days. I only completed the original a few months ago, so all the mechanics were still fresh to me. Spent a good deal of time laughing while still being absorbed in the game play.

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    a couple weeks ago my hand me down 360 just stopped reading any discs that werent FALLOUT. i couldnt really afford to replace it, so i went on an ebay frenzy and sold a box of 50 minimates, 2 dreamcast games, one GL comic, and DMZ 1-35, which oddly, was pretty much EXACTLY as much as i needed to buy a 360 slim 250g!

    so im playing all the games that used to error out on me. PORTAL 2, FORZA 3, 'finished' FALLOUT 3 (90+hours) and SUPER MEAT BOY!
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    L.A.Noire is an outstanding piece of work. The more I play it the more the flaws it does have tend to stand out, but it's so refreshing to have proper adult writing in a game (albiet a little cliché in places) that I don't mind that it's a little bit too trial and error and has action scenes that feel a bit tacked on. It's a very important game for the industry really, not just from a technical point of view but because it shows that this kind of title can sell, and sell well. It did take them something like 7 years to do it though.

    Workwise it's E3 coming up in just over a week, which means all sorts of pain for those who make games for a living followed by lots of shiny new things being unveiled. Best and worst part of the year for me really.

    Duke Nukem Forever is out in a fortnight. That's been in development for longer than I've been a games coder, and I start my 13th year as one this July...
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    @ oldhat
    "Did anyone ever play Star Trek Online? The hype over that kind of came and went and now there's no mention of it anymore."

    A huge Treknerd friend of mine did in the beta, liked the ship creation system and not much else.
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011 edited
    @oldhat Inspiring Word, that's it. I inspire the SHIT out of them.

    Also: it's hilarious whenever the Watch of whatever city we're in shows up. I tell my DM, "I'm rolling Initiative. Fuck these guys."
    • CommentAuthorbadbear
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    I recently finished playing the entire assassins creed trilogy (I was pretty late to that party) and I have *almost* got out of the habit of talking in a bad italian accent now. It's been tough. I don't really have anything to take it's immersive place though. Suggestions? I do really want to play LA Noire...

    Portal 2 was amazing of course. Finished the co-op campaign in a weekend (has anyone heard of any DLC coming out for this?) and the single player campaign not long after that. Gods it's good. So unlike anything else. I'm not sure how much replay value it has but it beats another bloody FPS any day of the week.

    I forgot about E3! I'm hoping for Mass Effect 3 announcements. I'm caught in a neverending loop between being so excited about that game that I need to calm myself with information about it and not wanting to hear too much so that my experience will be relatively spoiler free. It's a difficult balance to strike.
    • CommentAuthorZJVavrek
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    Let's see... Portal 2, I played when it came out. Haven't coordinated with any of my friends yet to get a co-op game going. Wonderful game, in all respects. Still need to finish my commentary playthrough.

    The recurring favorite of mine: Dwarf Fortress. I'm taking a bit of a break just because I want a handful of modifications to the game to play my ideal fort and it's a somewhat tedious task to implement all those modifications. (For fellow players: My idea is to remove the maximum age from dwarfs, as well as skill/attribute rust, so that any dwarf who doesn't starve, die of disease, or get struck down in combat, can eventually become perfect in all things. I'm also wondering how to modify prickle berries into being sun berries, since good/evil plants don't show up in this version.)

    I've started playing Left 4 Dead 2 on single player, to learn all the maps. I bought the game last autumn, but didn't have the time or interest to really get into the game. A few friends play, though, and I'd like to play with them without being That Jackass Who Has Never Seen The Map Before (And Doesn't Know What A Witch Is.)

    My enthusiasm for Fate of the World is moderate at best. I loved the beta, thought it only needed a few touches to be a good game. The retail product ... it has quite a lot more of everything, except for two areas the beta excelled in: simplicity of use and empty promises.

    And, as I have thought for the past year or two, I say again: Need to get back to playing Morrowind. Wonderful game; great fun.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    The only game I've been playing is a Kongregate flash game, "Gemcraft Labyrinth."

    I'm writing a introductory adventure for Villains & Vigilantes, the olde timey superhero RPG. It has never technically been out of print, but the authors have taken it back from the moribund publisher.
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2011
    @Fauxhammer mine works more as a freelance bodyguard, so I have to be a little more restrained. So far I've had a moment where a messenger was killed via arrow-in-the-head right in front of me and all my character did was look up to see the dude with the crossbow run away, pick up the message and close the door. When asked later about the blood on our doorway I just said someone fell.
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    @ StefanJ: I got stuck on one of the levels. Need to go back to it.

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    Finally got around to playing Portal...Fun stuff.
    Enjoying myself in LA noir..maybe the only rockstar game I may actually try to finish.
    Also replaying Planscape Torment and my computer can handle it since it's a little old but still just as fun as I remembered when glitch-free and running on a capable comp. of these days I'll get around through my pile of shame if I wasn't busy drawing.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.