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      CommentAuthorJack Crowder
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2011 edited
    "DC plans to reboot the entire universe, beginning with JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, from the creative team of Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. The book will be one of only two titles to ship on August 31 (the other being FLASHPOINT #5), the effective end date of the DC Universe as it stands.

    Beginning in September, all DC titles will be renumbered beginning with #1 issues. Jim Lee also redesigned over 50 DC characters as part of the reboot."

    Citation: Newsarama

    50 redesigns. Imagine that, eh?

    What's your thoughts?
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    Jim Lee actually met a deadline!? SHOCKING! Okay, I'm done kidding around...

    Sounds cool. Unfortunately I won't be buying any of these books. I bought all the issues of Final Crisis and Blackest Night, thought both were brilliantly executed. But at the end I was just exhausted. I tried getting into Brightest Day, but I'm afraid I'm suffering a bit from "Comic Event Fatigue." I was thrilled when Marvel bucked the trend for a short time and announced "The Heroic Age" was not going to be some big, long narrative event. Unfortunately they came right back with Fear Itself. I'm actually buying that one and like it, but again, I can do without these "events." Just gimme a good story, not some grand epic that promises to change everything when we know it really won't.

    I feel like these big events are nice and all, but when one keeps following another in quick succession they just grow stale, even when it's a talented writer behind it. I can't help but think comics sales in general are suffering because most are structured in big, epic narratives that are well done, but not accessible. Hate to use an analogy like this, but TV shows like CSI and Law and Order have big viewerships because you can join in the action anytime and not have to worry about what happened in the previous episode. Or at least they did for a long get my point. Comics (other than Uncanny X-Men) used to be like that. I can't help but wonder if it's gone too far in the other direction and comics are only now aiming for fanboy audiences like me. Comic book properties (movies and the like) are bigger than ever and yet comic book sales are sinking. I think this is why...that and some pretty ridiculous prices for one stinking issue these days, but that's another debate for another day.

    Sorry I digressed so much from the main topic. It seems like an awesomely ambitious project, and anything Johns does is usually damn good (except for that whole New Krypton nonsense). But I'm not really interested...even with Jim Lee, I guy I idolized as a teenager, doing a lot of the work behind it.
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    "...Jim Lee also redesigned over 50 DC characters as part of the reboot."

    that's too bad. I don't think character design is one of Jim Lee's strengths.
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    @ William: Popped collars and bike shorts are EXTREEM!
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2011
    @HOT I agree, I was tuckered out after Blackest Night. I think it might be a bad idea to have Lee redesign the line with Johns love for history so prevalent. I said this on the other thread, it doesn't matter how many new titles you have if the talent cannot keep up. Also, they need to swoon Fraction or Hickman to defect, it would help if their bullpen was a bit stronger. (This won't happen)
    • CommentAuthor256
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2011 edited
    The renumbering thing doesn't matter to me - it's been done before, it'll be done again - and will probably only last until a major book is/would be coming up to a round-hundred issue # in the previous chronology (Detective Comics will turn #900 in less than two years - I'd make that the outside).

    I've only been following this 3rd hand, since I have a clinical sensitivity to reading drooling fanblogs, but is there any indication to what extent the content of these books will change?

    I also don't think events are inherently bad. Some really good stuff I've read recently has been the result of character-centric events (Batman: Streets Of Gotham, and Spiderman: The Gauntlet). But the bigger and more universe-spanning an event, the less interesting it is to me. I imagine it's the same way for a lot of people.

    Also: Why is Cyborg in the new JLA?

    Edit: And of fucking course Streets Of Gotham has been cancelled.
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2011
    That's a lot of Lord Nelson collars.
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    I had a feeling those collars would be brought up.

    I'm very curious the Lee hand on a lot of these characters.

    There are some designs of his that have been improvements but I'm not sure a lot of those have been in this era of his career.
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    Green Lantern appears to be... compensating...
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2011
    @seantaclaus I think they may just be trying to copy that scene from the movie. Which reminds me I used to wonder why Green Lantern didn't just make a gun or something, instead of a big green fist. Haven't read more than one Green Lantern comic though, so maybe he did?

    Also the collars are kinda repetitive, especially for characters that are all on the same team. Perhaps they shop at the same Super Tailor?

    Assuming I have money and am near a comic store when these come out I might pick up one or two.
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2011
    I don't really get DC's need to reboot everything every ten years or whatever, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. I've always been more of a Marvel guy, so this will be a nice fresh start for me personally.
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    So I decided to tweet some ideas for DC to use yesterday in their relaunch and thought I would share them here.

    Superboy title - hipster with huge mustache falls in love while dealing with psychic powers. #modern

    Firestorm. An undercover chinese agent in America meets an ancient mathematical problem and can rearrange time in 5 min chunks

    Super-Lantern. Mash-up title involving a hybrid of John Stewart and Kal-el fighting against Satanic magic-eating aliens.

    Flash can be a self-aware virus that causes the carrier to have super speed...until they die. #modern

    Outsiders can be a series of fringe political activists that gain powers and fight against the system...and each other. #modern

    Green Lantern can now be a woman named JaM, a slam poet with a mind that smashes out the craziest light constructs

    Teen Titans can be in a correctional program and get hit by lightning. #modern

    Robin can now be a robot ninja assassin with a heart made out of green tights and trapeze wire.

    Let's make Deadman Aliveman and dress him in purple and gold and make him have dancing powers.

    Let's relaunch Batman with a ponytail and a hole in his mask for it. That will be modern!

    Jet Ski Aquaman is the next gen Auquaman. Starring Jellly the jellyfish, and Fin, the tuna in a can!