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    @harris-ejaz -- nice piece!
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    @harris-ejaz: Amazing colours :D
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    @ harris ejaz - wow!

    more trees from me.

    They look pretty all framed up and matted = very marketable for an upcoming exhibition. I'll end up making about 10 -15 of these this month
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2011
    Did this for the deviant art Rift design a colossus contest , also add me if you have deviant art !

    The Pyre
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    @Hey Apathy - nice trees dude. Looking forward to seeing your exhibition.
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    @ Greasemonkey -If the sunny out I'll be live painting on the Saturday (9th) and I'll be vomiting in you're bath tub/urinating in the planters the following weekend regardless of the weather(kidding I'm more of a raid the liquor/medicine cabinet then disappear & reappear at the discothèque sort)
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    @richard…lovely art…I love the way you draw faces.
    @harris-ejaz…Awesome design and colour scheme.
    @hey apathy…those tree concepts are looking good. What size are they?

    Daily shots…
    fan art..

    more comic WIPs...posting them up to keep me moving and motivated...because money isn't strong enough....damn you procrastination!!!

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    Wow, ten days of art and comments to go through:

    @Rooth: thanks for the comment :D
    @mojokingbee: thanks! Also, your dailies keep on rocking and that comic page you posted looks great.

    @kyle-latino: That's an awesomely looking Magnus. Looks absolutely authentic! Same goes for Hex.
    Also, Magnus spends so much time fighting robots, he has no time to pick up his pants from the cleaners, haha.
    @harris-ejaz: I just love that bird-giant-monster-thing.

    @EVERYONE ELSE: I can't comment on each of your pieces separately but they're all great! It's always quite inspiring to visit this thread and see all the different styles and approaches.

    And now I shall blind you with some more of my awful pencils, haha

    This is from yesterday, the idea was a mask where gas canisters form sort of a jolly roger/skull n bones.

    And this is from the day before, basically me practicing poses and wrinkles picked from hongkong/wuxia comics
    wuxia study

    Also, from couple of days ago, a sketch for one of the Amen City Chronicles characters
    Sara Fade

    The first and the third of these are pretty much how I envision the artstyle of this thing once I get to do it.

    And also, this is again somewhat older but...

    consequences of sowing fire page 1
    consequences of sowing fire page 2
    consequences of sowing fire page 3
    consequences of sowing fire page 4
    consequences of sowing fire page 5
    consequences of sowing fire page 6
    consequences of sowing fire page 7
    consequences of sowing fire page 8
    consequences of sowing fire page 9
    consequences of sowing fire page 10
    ....aaand that's all I'll post for now :D

    This above story is from Coilstar Illustrated #2 and if anyone would be so kind to pick up a copy from Indyplanet it'd help me greatly because right now I'm totally broke and the job market sucks so badly I can't even get a job in a supermarket (the monitor factory I worked at fired about 2/3rd of their people and that took care of all the job openings that were available).
    There's also #1 with my older short comics and some other older things, all of which you can find listed here

    And big thanks to anyone who does so (so that I don't have to sell my Moebius comics to pay my bills as I know I won't be able to buy them back).
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    @mojo: Damn fine page. Love the colossus too
    @aurora: Love that. And Moebius comics these days seem like they'll soon be able to pay for your retirement. Jeez they are getting pricey.
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    @aurora Awesome, love the use of "Icons" as language.
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    Practice run at Mangastudio, I intend to reuse the "pencils for this image" creating variants, and trying to get some kind of technique pinned down, and to see how wildy the end image can change when it's base remains the same.
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011
    batman vs marsupilami
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011
    @ Aurora Borealis - I love your creative panel placement and integration for each page. Well done!
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    Amazing amazing amazing. So much goodness from everyone.
    I can't even pick any favorites I'm enjoying this thread so much.

    This is an idea that's been eating my brain since Sunday and I finally got it out of my head today.
    The Ice Cream Man Cometh.
    Ultra Cone
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    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2011
    city of the mind fashion moodboard

    Fashion moodboard doodle.

    @auroraboralis Have you received a deviant art note? I sent you something but it may have been gobbled by the gremlins.
  14.  (9906.218) your use of colours and also the texture-y look of you strips. her square afro.

    today's panel WIP...
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2011

    Violent Caveman (self portrait) 2011, 72" x 72" Acrylic on canvas
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    Thanks mojokingbee, I love the style and energy that your pages have :3