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    @hey apathy…love the dense lines/details as always.
    @initiatezao….ok, I'm now intrigued about "game of thrones". hoping it comes out in oz.
    @seb…lovely flyer design. I like the look of the tree. Custom brushes?
    @kevin..sweet mandarin and finally saw your Shield stuff..aces.
    @no cuddle time…nice expression on his face.
    @valente…digging the doctor who stuff.
    @edwin…nice line quality.
    @mercurial…nice colour scheme on Moonstar.
    @adam_geen….gerat looking style you've got going.
    @kyle….hourman's expression is hilarious/cheeky. your take on frankie.
    @marioboon…tasty sequencial.
    @rooth….your spidey 2099 rocks. Bg wash brings it all together.
    @JP….nice costume design and hatching.
    @imaginary…nice stylised ghosty.
    ipad sketches on the train home before dozing off…

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    I really should be sleeping but just one more what with this week's R/R and just saw Tsotsi on the tele...

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    @jp stargazer - Thanks! Lovely sketch, has a Vess/Kaluta vibe to the line that I like a lot.

    @mojo - thank you!
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    @stargazer: That's crazy
    @Kyle: I would buy that book
    @mojo: The Cthulu is awesome sauce

    Here's a Rogue drawing I made this morning as a warm down. She's my fave X-men character, and probably my favorite Marvel character--easy:

    And the Hood costume is my favorite. All hail mopey goth Rogue!
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    @mercurial...nice. I do like Rogue's current duds. Is she mopey nowadays?
    B&W Wire-y....Playing L.A. Noire, watching bits of season 4 and Tsotsi all adds up.
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    @mojo that blood stain rorshach blotted into Deadpool. I'm reading too many superhero books I think. Rogue is mopey I think still. Though not as mopey as her Bachalo/Carey hayday, which I loved. Definitely a turn from the rural pastiche she was in my childhood. Though I like that version too, with the bomber jacket deal and the head band. I like when she's written as kind of an anti-establishment black sheep of X-men who runs little bastard x-groups against cyke's wishes. More punk adolescent than Wolverine's crochety rebellions.
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    @kevinmellon, you just made me the happiest guy in the multiverse!!!!
    @mojokingbee, you blow my brains out with the quickness that you have for making those beautiful pieces.
    @merucrialblond, thanks! I LOVE that Rogue!!AND the textures.
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    @everyone: June 2011, the BEST art threat yet, and the mont's barely starting!

    Here's a little practice sketch. My tablet's still on the bork but someone has promised to send me some spare Wacom nibs (I just hope they get around to it soon) so I started various character sketches and practice for the big comics project I'll be doing :D

    Din Krakatau
    black Biro/ballpoint on squared/graph paper (blue lines though so I mostly edited it in photoshop when scanning)

    In case it is unclear, the hair is white and the hammer's powers are fire based :)
    Basically I'm reviving my 2008 webcomic in new form and that' what I'm practicing for (and drawing characters from)
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    heres the lastest page for my comic
    weird mysteries pg9
    to see it all click here
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2011
    Woo! I'm featured in my first anthology ever. you can read it at issuu
    Namely 'Atwomic, The first mass-participation or 'crowd sourced' comic book devised by S K Moore & created on Twitter by artists across the globe'

    ps Due to nudity it's nsfw so issuu 'll ask you to sign up or log-in with fb, just a heads up, being ambushed by sudden login screens is a pet peeve of mine.
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    Did a Buff Monster-style "ripoff" for a 2x3 foot painting for my roommate's birthday:
    Aped his standard stuff, but original composition by me. Took me forever!
    In progress:
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    @mojokingbee - Thanks! I always dig your work. No custom brushes. It was a combination of scrawl shapes and speed shapes in Alchemy for the tree. The rest was Illustrator and a brush wash I'd scanned.
    @Yskaya - That is a really cool concept. Loved seeing all the different takes and yours is gorgeous. Looking forward to the next sequence, whenever that happens.
    @frequentcontributor - You have one very lucky roommate there.
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2011
    All this figure work is going somewhere, I promise. Here is a detail from one of the latest:

    work in progress detail
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2011
    @oddbill - very nice pastels! Can't wait to see it finished.
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    @frequent…lovely painting. How long did it take you to do?
    @oddbill…lovely dovey…waiting in anticipation.
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    Goddammit, I feel bad coming back here and so much work being up that I can't comment on all of them. I'll stick to this page and get to the rest of ye at some point! :)
    @mojokingbee, your output is staggering. Great job. Are all these characters for comics you'd like to make or is it all exercises or what?

    @mercurialblonde, The rogue drawing is beautiful. Sometimes the best work comes from the warm down, I've found. There's a definite air of anti-establishment in it.

    @Aurora Borealis, The motion is mighty in that picture. I look forward to reading your comics, your writing is mighty from what I've seen, you'll have to let us know when they're on the go again!

    @imaginarypeople, I love it! I'm going to read it all later! Nice work, I love all "Igor" characters.

    @frequentcontributor That's very pretty work. What paints are you working in?

    @oddbill, That's fantastic, great colours and her expression is really seductive. What are you working towards?

    Here's one of the fairy (Sidh - [phonetically] Shee) characters from my Irish Mythology stuff. He has a short life in the tale, unfortunately, but is pivotal to the development of the character from my post at the end of the May Artist's thread. He plays lulling music then burns men's towns and villages to the ground, but is well-liked in the Fair folk realms.

    Concept of Áillen the Burner by Mike O'Dwyer

    Concept of Áillen the Burner by Mike O'Dwyer

    Concept of Áillen the Burner by Mike O'Dwyer

    Working on the Wire R-R now! Nice work mojo!
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2011 edited
    @Lordofthejungle Now why did you have to go and make Aillen become all un-humanoid? Couldn't you have just left it at hot and dangerous fantasy guy playing beautiful music? *pout*
    *edited because I figured pouting was in order
    • CommentAuthorinitiatezao
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2011 edited
    So much win in this thread. I love them all.

    @oddbill well done pastels scare the hell outta me.
    @Lordofthejungle I want to see that as an animated gif, I was scrolling up and down real fast but didnt quite work.

    Duke Leto
    Duke Leto from Dune

    A friend of mine really liked the Dune sketches I did a few weeks back and so wanted Duke Leto for her birthday, drew this during Sac Con over the weekend. I did a few others but do not have access to a scanner right now so will post soon. Thanks, struggling with my Wire redo, never watched the show but I am inspired by all of your work in particular Paul's and Mojokingbee's. GREAT STUFF!
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    @ampersand - Oh he just becomes a monster to burn cities, the rest of the time he's humanoid. Mostly being humanoid is kind of his demise unfortunately. :(

    @initiatezao - Great idea! Comic form'll have to do for the foreseeable future I'm afraid, but definitely something I'll do at some point.
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    Loving the thread as usual. I Really like the recent ones from Frequentcontributer, Initiatezao and Lordofthejungle.

    A couple of sketchbook drawings, one I inked by hand and coloured in photoshop:
    The other with a bit of watercolour: