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    @lordofthejungle…nah..they're just for fun, practice and sanity meter.
    daily sketches….

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    So much win here.

    As usual I'm booked full of work that's not fun enough to share here - -though these might be applicable:
    vampi sketch cards
    Some of the San Diego exclusive sketch cards for Breygent.

    vampi sketch
    Done just for me.
    Always had a soft spot for those 70s comics women - -Vampirella and Red Sonja

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    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2011
    Amazing stuff already, and we're only a week in. In fact, the perpetual refrain of The Artists Thread must be "[superlative] stuff, and we're only [tiny fraction] in!". AND IT'S ALWAYS TRUE.

    Sorry to break the Pretty Girls streak with Abstract Geography but... there you go.


    Western Australia.
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    More crackin' stuff!

    @initiatezao, I forgot to say how awesome that Dune image was. I was caught up in the gif idea. I love your shtyle with the hatching and his eyes are spot on. Great hair too.

    @amalgamatedbiscuit, Your mountain climber doesn't look too enthusiastic - i'd be the same -, great drawing. Your watercolour one is really rich, suits your style a lot. Nice characters.

    @mojokingbee, Sanity meter, I like it. I love the jacket on the first guy. Do you make your own (Photoshop?) brushes? The girl is mighty, great texture and contrast, was she inspired by something in particular?

    @Richard Pace, I'm a big fan of Vampirella. I think she is to illustration like an old standard in music and these are particularly delightful versions. I still have to work very hard to be as consistent in fleshing out characters the way those cards are, it always humbles me. Thanks for sharing.

    @256, Most interesting. Really geographic, could see it right away. Is this part of a series or is it for a special project?

    Caoilte Mac Ronan, Goll Mac Morna, Finn MacCumhal by Mike O'Dwyer

    Another pic from the concept work i'm putting together for my own stuff. This one is: [from left to right] Caoilte "The Grey" Mac Ronán, fastest (mythologically fast, so, super-powered) man in Ireland at the time and Fionn's right-hand man; Goll Mac Morna, leader of the Connacht clans (Half the army) and greatest warrior in the Fianna (army); young Fionn again from last month's thread - Leader of the army, amongst other things.
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    Nice work everyone! My favorite right now is @ Mojo's cleavage pic, also can't wait to see @ Lordofthejungle's new works progress...
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2011

    Been a while since I posted anything here, but progress shot of a t-shirt design for y'all.
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    @mojokingbee - i agree with apathy awesome cleavage pic
    @dorkmuffin - cant wait to see that when your done. looks really good so far

    heres a sketch
    and here it is in color
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2011
    Amazing work everyone! Here's the reason I haven't been around much:
    Those are all the piles of crap that are making up my animation so far. More piles to make. Keep up the awesome work.
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    @Richard: YAY! More Vampirella. I love that character.

    I did these last two as a brain down, after wrestling with various nicks and nacks on getting my obelisk comic finished(just lettering and pdf making left and I'll be ready to send it off):

    I'm really enjoying the backgrounds in these, and kinda want to make a comic with backgrounds like this. The Robot smashing one, I modeled those shapes on the Tower thoth card. And the other just sort of became the inside of a space ship.
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    @Lordofthejungle: Thanks! Of course I will post a link once it is up! Either here, the nearest webcomics thread or in a thread of its own, but I will do it :)

    Also, Irish mythology designs, that sounds quite intriguing!

    @imaginarypeople: I have no idea what that thing is but I wouldn't want to meet it in the forest...

    Few more sketches, these are not as dynamic and some are somewhat ugly but that's all they are, fast character sketches :D

    Height comparison between two characters:
    sara and red

    Archangel Hemah designs:
    hemah 1
    hemah old

    And a teaser for a character that won't show up until pretty far into the story.
    The Flying Daredevil
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    @mercurial - Those last 2 bend my mind. Good stuff.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2011
    God I love this place. Where a man like me can post crap like this and watch it go viral. Unbelievable.
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2011 edited
    This is the new background image for my podcast site, That's Al Green rocking the jetpack and fighting dinosaurs, in case you were wondering.

    HFA Background
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    @paul: Yeah I saw your Wire piece on yesterday at random, and was like "wow go Paul!"
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    @ mercurial- love the wolvy - heavy as always!

    random cut-ups from my aimless summer street wanderings ...

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    I agree with Mssr. Sizer. I love this place. If raw talent were conflict diamonds, everyone here would be standing trial in the Hague.
    Anyhoosers, first and foremost a mood piece from another project evil space wizard in meditation:
    Lord Glurm
    This is an idea I've had bouncing around for a bit and decided to try something other than my usual "Pencil/Ink/Scan/Color" It absolutely did not save any time.

    Creature design for hire. I call him Mr. Flipper. Someone paying me to design mutant shark men is like someone paying me to drink and make mistakes.
    Mr Flipper

    I'm torn about posting my Super Girl work, technically it was last month, but I slid right under the line, in so much as I consider it this month...what's the etiquette on that?
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2011
    @Dirtbag_Kingdom: Please post! :)
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2011
    Love those sketch cards, Richard Pace. Great stuff :)

    I took a wee break from my brushes and ink yesterday and did this digital cover piece for a soon to be released ebook written by Paul Wartenberg, called The Hero Cleanup Protocol. Drawn and Manga Studio Debut and coloured in Photoshop. My wife Erika did the text bits.
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    @richard pace…sweet vamparella poses.
    @256…do I need to look at the image kinda out-of focus to see the details? visual trickery is fun.
    @lordofthejungle…I use mostly painterX and recently SBP. Fancy brushes effects were made using image hose brush. The girl was just my attempt on doing something cheese-cake-y..kinda…I make stuff as I go along. Love the expression of Eyepatch Goll Mac Morna..badass, yes he is.
    @dorkmuffin…lovely Tee design..Is it going to screenprinted?
    @imaginary…beautiful hatching and lines.
    @seb..gah, takes me back to doing that at uni. You guys still paper at your course? I went and visited the animation dept at my uni a few years after I left and they all had wacom cintiqs…bastards! maybe a little jealous…
    @hey apathy…what's your output like for getting these strips of yours done? You're pretty constant and prolific.
    @dirtbag…Mr Flipper looks sick!!
    @Rooth…nice, how do you find manga studio?

    apologies for any spelling mistakes/ missing word, it's almost 1 in the morn. Cold and sleepy...
    eh, does this count as another cheesecake pic? meh, not curvy enough.
    • CommentAuthorlazzyfair
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2011
    Wow, I've been gone from the board for a number of weeks, can't believe what I missed. You guys have been kickin out the jams!

    @Mojokingbee That Mystique is superb!

    I have myself a sketch I did watching Casablanca the other night, and then a finished Mercury Era astronaut, because Mercury Era astronauts are the SHIT

    Play it sam
    The Right Stuff