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    @Dirtbag Kingdom: Post away, I often posted stuff from last week of the previous month (hell, I even sometimes held off on posting something just so it could be in a fresh thread). Also, those are two great green evil guys.

    @Mojokingbee and @lazzyfair: both of you have such wonderful sketchy styles!

    Ok, does anyone remember me posting in the recent threads the two short comics, Canned and Some Life!... and perhaps few months before that bits of a comic that had a flying submarine about to fight a dragon?

    They're in print, finally!

    Coilstar Illustrated #2




    Link: available here at Indyplanet

    Also, so this post isn't a total "buy my stuff" post, here are some recent doodles :)

    This was for the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Samurai Pizza Cat" thread on Gingerbox (Corey Lewis' new forum). I kinda treated the topic loosely and well, no tablet = loose pencil/gelpen doodle.

    Also, from the project I'm working on... some more character designs
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    Man, this is by far the best thread in Whitechapel, each month's iteration is a creativity fest. This month's not an exception.
    @aurora, those covers are beautiful, I've always loved the way you work, the quality and the amount! I've seen you posting almost on each month's thread and I have to say it, you're ammirable, just as many, many others. Keep it up!

    Now, some steampunk for the people.

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    @JP Stargazer:
    First, thank you for the very nice words.
    Second, only the second image is a cover, the first one's a preview of the contents of the book (which I do hope I can sell more than 7 copies of cause it's my best art inside so far).
    Third, that's an awesome robot you got there, when are they going into production? I could use a robo butler :D
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2011
    @mojokingbee - Nice! The paper was just my choice; I like the natural old school feel, plus I'ma do some shit to it in AfterEffects. We ain't that fancy, we've just got intuos.
    @Aurora Borealis - Beautiful cover. Love it.
    @JP Stargazer - Absolutely stunning.

    Inspirational sons of bitches, the lot of you.
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    @ Rooth- killer cover!!!

    @JP Stargazer- incredible work! I really like the detailed hand in the bottom right corner. again incredible

    @ mojo- love the mystique, specially the hallucinogenic leg blurrs
    I can do 1-2 pages a day when I’m making the comics ( 9- 18 panels) I make them up directly with black ink so I don’t waste anytime with pencils or scripts (HAH) Thanks for the Prolific comment, coming from Mr. Prolific-Daily-King-Bee himself it’s a high compliment

    No comics today instead I made 24 hand painted t-shirts for a local clothing company …

    warren ellis

    warren ellis
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2011
    That's pretty rad.
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2011
    Thanks HEY and mojo :)
    Mojo - I dig manga Studio as a drawing program, but I prefer to work traditionally whenever possible. I find MS to be a pretty great little toy for doing breakdowns and tweaking sketches at the rough stage - correcting proportion and scale, move things around on a page etc without messing things up or having to erase anything. But I'll take my brushes and ink over computer art any day (even if i can't always get the same nifty effects).
    I love the life in all of your sketches, and it's great to see you post them up on twitter too.

    @HEY - straight up, you are an art MONSTER, sir. The size and scale and sheer volume of your work baffles me with every post. It's clear that you really enjoy what you do, and that you HAVE to do it. Pretty awesome and inspirational, I must say.

    JP Stargazer- fantastic drawing, really lovely.

    A news man for one of the local papers in my city did a small interview/article on me a while back, and since then we've become pretty good friends. He's a big Green Lantern fan (and a fan of my work) so it was a pleasure to do this portrait of him (commissioned by one of his mates from the newspaper).
    Ink/wash and transparent inks for colour.
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    Thank you, guys!! Really, much appreciated. Encouraging words, always are welcome.
    @HEyAPATHY!, that's amazing, man, that's incredible!!! Gods, I wish I could wear one of 'em.
    @Rooth, you're amazing. I love how you handled the colours in that piece.
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    @stargazer -cool robot butler. i need one of those
    @apathy -awsome t shirts looks like alot of work, also have been liking your comics

    in keeping with my recent "folklore creatures" (the last one was a jackalope if you didnt know what that was) heres the jersey devil
    jersey devil black and white
    and in color
    jersey devil color
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    @ imaginarypeople- f--king right! loved the jackalope too!! for some reason I thought I'd already complimented it ( must be one of the jackalopes mysterious abilities!)

    @ JP we're going to be giving away a couple of the shirts when they officially launch the sale later this month. It's going to be a contest of some kind so I'll keep you posted
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    Something I was working on tonight:

    wake up

    Oh man, those shirts are great!
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    I drew a Flash Gordon print for Summit City Comic Con next weekend.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2011
    Here's a panel from week six of A Wicked Little Town, the webcomic I'm doing on Weaponizer with kpatrickglover on words.


    See it here
    Start from the beginning
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    Ah @kyle--so freaking good
    @no cuddle time, I really dig the style on that

    I made this this morning for no real reason:
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    @Aurora..good one on getting your stuff printed!
    @JP…Awesome lines and hatching, not to mention the cool design.
    @hey apathy…epic stuff! I tried making tees with a brush a while ago. Any tips for keeping a nice consistent line on the fabric?
    @how long does it take you to do these portraits?
    @imaginary…even better than the last one.
    @kyle…nice how you got the old school look to it!!

    evening sketch wind-down…8.30-12.30-ish fun!

    sleep now....
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2011
    @mojokingbee: That last Batgirl rocks.
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2011
    Amazing stuff Mojokingbee! Love that Venom! I'm not sure if your question was aimed at me or not, but those portraits in ink and wash typically take anywhere from 2- 6 hours, depending on how complex (and my ability to achieve a likeness in the roughs stage).
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    @apathy -i know how weird is the jackalope. can mimic human voice and can only be caught with whiskey.
    @nocuddle - i like your style, been getting into horror comics lately
    @mojoking - thanks. like the action pose in the last batgirl pic. and joker with the doctors fashion sense

    working on a chupacabra now.
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2011 edited
    @ mojo- I like the VENOM! ( the brush on tees was tricky I just went with the messy edges but a really wet brush and a lot of patience will get you nice clean and consistent lines)

    @nocuddletime- I dig it, I even like the photographic presentation this time, reminds me of old skool Mckean

    @imaginary- looking forward to the chupa! and F--King Right again on the Jersey Devil!!!

    today's doodle, this one is also going to be a t-shirt but screenprinted not hand made...

    warren ellis artist thread

    This is Toronto's CN TOWER on a Monday Morning (or Friday Night)
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2011
    @Mojokingbee, I want to be that last Batgirl when I grow up.