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    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011

    No no, no problem here. Like I said, the thing that really makes this so powerful (for me) is the way they don't comment in any way on these statements. They just release them. These are the knowing last words of people, and that alone has power.

    It's not about the shock, or the innocence. It's about the authenticity, if you will.
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    You're absolutely right.
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    government spy:

    Yeah, of course, there are only innocent men in prison :) A couple of days back I just happened to run into the statistics of how many convicted people have been released with the DNA evidence, and reading this after that resonated pretty strongly. At least the guys who had been declared innocent 30 years too late got out eventually. Chilling to imagine one of those letters being from someone who didn't.

    Interestingly enough, turned out on the Facebook that a friend of a friend had been corresponding with one of the guys in that blog for a few years, up to his execution. He wrote an article about role-playing in the death row which got published in a Finnish RPG magazine.
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      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    @Greasemonkey: I can't believe I paused Led Zeppelin to watch that. What a nauseous person, and a nauseous mindset.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    thanks Greasemonkey for unlocking my Weekend well of RAGE. This man is a dick!
    • CommentAuthorKelind
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    @government spy - Pity party? Not sure what you're referring to, and also not interested in having one either. I do think it'd be an interesting thread topic, but would most likely lead to eels as well.

    @Greasemonkey - That guy needs to be drawn and quartered
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    Psycho-Woman at the end was really something, too.
    • CommentAuthorKelind
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    And... I can't edit my last post after government spy edited his

    Retracted, but still think a stand alone thread would get the eels eventually
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    @Greasemonkey: I didn't even make it that far. "Nope," I decided, "I'm NOT going to be this angry this late in the day. NO."
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    DIY Gambit:

    DIY Gambit
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    The homosexual devil...I'm a Christian who goes to church and if this nonsense ever came out of someone's mouth I would walk the fuck out never to return. I don't think there's anything wrong with loving another human being, or having buttsechs if one chooses to do so. There's far worse things in the world than a little buggerin'
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
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    That reminds me, did Belgium ever gets its government back?
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    That was the government.

    Wakka wakka
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    That guy needs to be subjected to Jed Bartlet...

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    If you haven't heard ornamental turtles in a rap song you have not lived

    Happy D-Day
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    In a landmark new documentary produced for YouTube, Adam Curtis has not examined his career and laid bare his style in the light of some confused academic papers he stumbled across on the internet. Instead, I have plundered various video archives and ripped him off, up, down, left, right and back again.
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