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    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2011
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    Why the best kids' books are written in blood--by Sherman Alexie
    But, even then, I could only laugh at their platitudes. In those days, the cultural conservatives thought that KISS and Black Sabbath were going to impede my moral development. They wanted to protect me from sex when I had already been raped. They wanted to protect me from evil though a future serial killer had already abused me. They wanted me to profess my love for God without considering that I was the child and grandchild of men and women who’d been sexually and physically abused by generations of clergy.

    What was my immature, childish response to those would-be saviors?

    “Wow, you are way, way too late.”
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    Ok, videos like "How to summon a Shoggoth" and "How to get rid of a Succubus" are pretty funny...

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    You don't love cats as much as she does. Face it.
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2011
    Leicester City Council 'not ready' for zombie attack
    Zombie letter in full

    Dear Leicester City Council,
    Can you please let us know what provisions you have in place in the event of a zombie invasion? Having watched several films it is clear that preparation for such an event is poor and one that councils throughout the kingdom must prepare for.
    Please provide any information you may have.
    Yours faithfully,
    Concerned Citizen
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2011
    You don't love cats as much as she does. Face it.

    It's a fake. The same girl does a siamese twins dating video.
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    @ Kradlum, I know. It's still hilarious.
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    @magnusisasillyname I love the "DEMONS? IN MY RECTUM?" link to the Colonic Demons thread HAHA!
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    How Link levels up.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
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    @oldhat - Oh sweet jesus.
      CommentAuthorPeter Kelly
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    Best of the Sept Relaunch?
    Shit, had no idea it was this big. apologies all
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    New Faking Hoaxer video.

    If you havent checked out his videos before, do it now.
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    Yaboo Chingoa- I'm sure there's some kind of message in that video, but I just kept on laughing once things kicked off. I bet those kids had a total blast filming, too.