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    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011
    I'm not sure about linking to my own posts. It feels somewhat arrogant and self-aggrandizing.
    That being said, I did a little write up regarding Marvel's de-Nazification of The Red Skull for their Captain America animated series in the 60's.
    Hitler vs. The Leader.
    Also interesting to see the difference in Kirby's art to the animated series.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011
    @emonster: I'll have to check out the videos when I get home.

    Could the bowlderization simply have been an attempt to "modernize" the cartoons? I vaguely recall that "Cap" was stuck in deep freeze or something so he could have present-day adventures.

    When Captain America throws his mighty sheeeeeeld!
    • CommentAuthorDC
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011

    I'm not sure if you can see the image. If not, say so.
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011
    The series covered Cap's adventures during WWII, including the "death" of Bucky. His revival in the 60's is also shown in an episode called The Return of Captain America. The Avengers happen to be cruising around in a sub when they come across Cap floating in the ocean.
    I guess The Red Skull and The Leader could have been representatives of another axis power, instead of Germany. What side was Latveria on? HA.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011
    Ahhhh . . . if the Red Skull was introduced in the "historic" adventures, then "The Leader" certainly smacks of bowlderization.

    I need to catch up on "Cap's" backstory. One of those comics I never read as a kid.
    • CommentAuthorDC
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011
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    Ghosts of your old life, Updating your abandoned blog:

    Monday May 23 2011 / STILL HERE

    Look at me

    A new Secret Knots

    Bonus question: where did I get led to this comic? might have been in the previous Webcomics Week here
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    Pop history #19

    Johnny Cash on The Muppet Show, 1980

      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011 edited
    I'll see your Johnny Cash, and raise you a David Lynch:

    Man. Sesame Street is cooler than I ever thought imaginable.
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2011
    This is making the rounds:
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    This will haunt you.
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    vi comingsoon
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2011
    A new Secret Knots

    Bonus question: where did I get led to this comic? might have been in the previous Webcomics Week here

    I've been posting updates sometimes in the Webcomics Week and Warren mentioned Secret Knots on his blog once.
    I'm glad you like the stories.
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    I love minecraft even more now.
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    @Juan Santapau

    Oh, cool... So I'm going to go ahead and say that I won that bonus question

    Setiously though, that comic you make there is real real good
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    "How should I know - I'm a log" - - hahahaha.
    • CommentAuthorKelind
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2011
    @ magnusisasillyname - I was just about to wonder why nothing's been here about LulSec's antics. I heard about the Bethesda hack yesterday. Such a knock in the head with a Gibsonion mallet that it just feels right in temporality. I know we're a bunch of artists, writers, anarchists, and lovers of most things "out there", but how could we have missed the start of this by days?