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    From a few weeks ago. Not wonderful in terms of image quality, but having caught what I did in very dark circumstances, and with a portrait lens about 5 feet away, and without them noticing, I think this might be my greatest photographic achievement ever.

    Tony Clifton and Gary Busey.



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    @Rachael, how is ANYONE going to follow that?

    My favorite bit about Gary Busey.
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    Aaahh, ha ha ha ha. Poor Gary Busey.

    Here is a less famousy person I ran into in a parkinglot. Robin, I imagine you'd dig these.




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    That is the best guy.
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2011
    Ahahahahaha that's wonderful. I almost want a print of that third image. It's perfectly framed and hilarious.

    And I ADORE his facial hair!
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    Unfortunately, I didn't capture the AMAZINGly long and lush false eyelashes he was wearing. One of the few times I wish I'd caught someone mid-blink!
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    Not Gary Busey nor codpieces, but...

    Quiet time at my friend's home before their children wake up and turn it into a rectangle of chaos. Shot with an Olympus Pen EE-2. A fun little half frame camera you should buy if you find one with the selenium meter still working.
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    @Rachael - That is truly amazing. One person who just shouldn't be real, and one person who just isn't.

    Also: "Mary is a composite of 12 different women and a small independent film company, all of whom couldn't deal with me because I'm too real."

    @william - Brilliant. Lovely to see your work again, and that someone is still getting results from a classic like that.
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    Aishah portraits (1)
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    @256: Thanks!
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    Some photos from ART IN THE STREETS.




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    So I had a moment of inspiration and called a bunch of friends together for a series of noir-themed shoots in the warehouse. It's not a style I want to focus on exclusively, but as an excuse to hang out and play with shadows and laugh an awful lot, it was a huge success.

    Ginger Julep

    Dahlia Ste. Cyr

    Violet Tendencies
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    Mystic Tunnel

    Shadow broaches the pathway
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    Diving in Estonia - some underwater life and a flooded prison.

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    Not to the caliber of some of the incredible shots on this thread but I'll post anyhow. There was a festival of sorts in my home town and they always bring out the old Detroit metal.

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    editing old shoots...
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    @Vornaskotti - That's absolutely mental. A dishevelled prison that's run aground in a lake? Amazing.
    @Photomagex - Love the second picture. Think that's a photo that not everyone would have thought to take.
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    Thanks 256 I love the science fiction look that the cars of the 50's had.
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    I've been playing around with a red/near-infrared filter lately. The only way to get rid of the red entirely is to go b/w, so I've been leaving in varying amounts. Only certain lenses, none of which I have, don't have the IR hotspot.

    Back balcony:
    2375 View from back balcony

    Metro stop:
    2391 Cropped and with ghosts