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    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2008

    At Christmas we took a vacation to an island called Dok-jeok-do. It's a summer haunt for people who want to get out of the city, so it was a bit strange being the only tourists around. I mean there was a hotel and everything, but it wasn't open. We didn't make any reservations or call ahead because A. We didn't speak Korean, B. Flying by the seat of my pants is just my style.

    We got to the island and were greeted by one taxi, no signs of anywhere to stay and one road ominously leading off into the distance. Exercise is the heart of any adventure, so we started plodding on down the road. After a little while it didn't seem like we were going to run into any sort of civilization. Then this blue and white jeep appeared out of nowhere and pulled right up next to us. The man driving rolled down his window and asked (in Korean) if we speak Korean. We shook our heads in confusion. He continued to ask questions and yammer at us. Eventually it hit us that he was a policeman. He motions for us to get in and we crammed our bodies and bags in his teeny little jeep.

    It really was a good thing he stopped, because it was a hell of a long way to the actual "town". Our wonderful benefactor took us to the police station where he happily made us cups of instant coffee to drink while he railed away on the telephone. A few more cups of the liquid sugar and he got us to get back in the jeep. Another long drive ensued, this time we stopped in front of a spa. Two older couples came out and looked us up and down. They argued with each other for a bit and eventually we got ushered into another vehicle and taken to their home, as they'd decided to take us in for the duration of our stay.

    More unedited ramblings and a photo tomorrow.