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    • CommentAuthorJay
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2011
    Good luck and happy birthday to Molly on this possibly insane idea yet brilliantly creative endeavour. And let's all hope she remembers to take with her a bucket before she locks the door.
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    So @warrenellis is writing the forward to my Week in Hell project. (fund here- )Mon Jun 06 13:08:05 via web

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    Molly's Digital Sketchbook was the first thing that Thwipster's offered that I've been interested in buying and I jumped at the opportunity to fund this project and score a tiny scrap of the moment for posterity. This should prove to be most mad indeed.
    • CommentAuthorTalesin
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2011
    This is so cool. Was glad to see the Kickstarter is already up over $6k. Nice work
    • CommentAuthormanglr
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2011
    Okay, I've chipped in my two bits for this as it does seem like a great way for Molly to push herself. I can't way to see what the final installation looks like prior to being sliced and diced for individual parts.
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