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    You haven't had a truly awful beer until you've tasted Bombay Pilsner. It has a weird oily rainbow sheen on top like gasoline in a puddle, and it tastes like unfiltered Ganges water.
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    Just a small update...

    So the recipe on my beer told me to ferment for 7-10 days and then bottle. As it's been five days now and I've always been taught to take hydrometer readings for two days before thinking of bottling, I took one.

    And's not perfect, but so far it's pretty tasty. The best aroma ever and a taste that makes me feel that it lives up to its name of Audacious Bitch. This baby will be AMAZING consumed cold on a really warm day.

    As for the hydrometer reading...I'm convinced it's broken, as it's the same gravity it was at when I started. That original reading would have meant that the starches in the grains didn't turn in to sugars, but by the fizziness of the sample I took that is FAR from the case. That yeast farted a lot.

    On a NON-HOMEBREWING note, for the Toronto Whitechapel meet I'm thinking of bringing two cases or so of my favorite Quebec beers. La Fin Du Monde and La Trois Pistoles.

    Now to look in to trading/commissioning one of the talented artists here to whip up a label for Audacious Bitch Ale...
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2011
    Oh man, any chance you might have some samplers of AuBitch ready for the Toronto meet? You're making me EXTREMELY curious.

    You know, I can't believe I haven't mentioned O'Fallon Brewery's Pumpkin Beer yet.

    This is the EASIEST beer to drink in the world. I know, I know, it's very fashionable to go for INTENSE, INTIMIDATING, and SCARY beers with insane hop counts and a color so dark not even thought can escape it, and I like those beers too. But - this stuff just hits the spot sometimes. It's not a treat in the same way a sweet stout is - it's not all that classy, and it's not all that complex. This is the Reese's peanut butter cups of beer - in a good way.

    As the name implies, it's got a good pumpkin taste, but it's not overwhelming. It's comparable to a well-made (i.e. not store-bought) pumpkin pie filling, including the nutmeg and cinnamon flavors that go with it. It's incredibly light without being watery, and it's so easy (too easy, some might say [but not me]) to down half a six-pack before you even realize what you're doing. It is a fantastic party beer, and in my opinion this stuff was made specifically to be a Hallowe'en bash beer.

    Unfortunately, it isn't brewed anywhere NEAR where I live now (one rare, RARE reason to miss living in the People's Republic of Cornistan), and it's only available from September 1st until, I think, December or so. If you're in the Midwest, look, nay, SCOUR your proprietors of beer and spirits for this brew. It's sweet, its not watery, it's easy-drinking, it's pretty darn cheap, and come on, give me one beer that would go better while you're listening to the Monster Mash in a pair of skeleton footie pajamas. I dare you.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2011

    GDI, why do you have to live in Canada (or, alternatively, why don't I)? I'd really love to try some of your beer.
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    Summer beers:

    Living in Chicago we're spoiled by local breweries this year. Due to it being a 15min bike ride away we've been drinking a lot of Half Acre. So summer beers.

    Half Acre Daisycutter - American Pale Ale
    Hops! Dirt! Dandelions! Citrus! Half Acre sells these in 4x16oz tallboy packs and they are a perfect lounging on the beach, mowing the lawn, bbq summer beer.

    Half Acre - Dripping Saisson
    Growler pour only beer at Half Acre and on tap in a few bars around town. It's what you expect from Half Acre doing a Saisson. Very refreshing, a slight touch of citrus and a fleeting sour note. One of our regulars as well. I'll be bummed when HA runs out of this. Half Acre and Shorts have a superbrew team-up on a Saisson later this summer that I'm like whoaaaaaa excited for.

    Half Acre, Pipeworks, & De Suiss - Small Animal Big Machine
    One of the things I love about the Chicago beer scene is how frequently we see collab brews. This is Half Acre trying their hand at their first sour beer w/ the bromance of Pipeworks and De S in full effect. It came out as an amazingly fantastic small batch beer that I wish we could get more. It starts with currents and cherries and finishes with a sour note as the flavors blend. Refreshing as all get up. We have 1 bomber left of this that we're waiting on a special occasion to break out. (Does anyone in Chi want to hire a PR/branding agent or Lawyer and elevate Tacohause up a tax bracket?)

    2 Brothers Hop Juice - Double IPA
    100.1 IBU super hoppy beer. It's so hoppy it becomes bittersweet. Really, really, satisfying as the sun is going down. Be careful! This is a 10% beer only in bombers and drinking a bomber of this on your way to see YOB is a recipe for showing up a bit tipsy.

    Alpha King Three Floyds - IPA
    Rich IPA from Three Floyds who are a constant delight.

    Evil Power / Lair of the Minotaur Three Floyds - Double Imperial IPA
    Surprisingly light with a touch of citrus and earth tones. A really excellent warm weather IPA. Was brewed for Lair of the Minotaur playing at the 3F brewery.

    @e're having a streak of heat waves and no one wants to drink dark beers when it's within pissing distance of 100 degrees outside and you live in a vintage building w/o a/c. But we stare lovingly at our collection of cellered beers and dream of cool days. Right now we have an Deschutes Brewery Abyss 2010, 3x Three Floyds Dark Lord's 2011, 2x Goose Island Big John's 2011 all waiting to explode in me. Hopefully by the next update we'll get into those.
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2011
    I WANT AN AUDACIOUS BITCH!!! wait..... no... never mind, still stands
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2011
    Drove by the Full Sail brewery Monday and decided to try their mini dark beer and found a easy way of deciding who get the next round. Mild, simple good tasting lager. Worth the price.

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    I was actually going to post about Session here because it's been a favorite for a while now. Their Session lager (regular) is easily one of the most drinkable beers I've had--crisp, grainy, and light, without being piss. Good stuff.
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2011 edited
    @igenius that is a simple and brilliant idea with the caps.

    Because we talked about it earlier, here's a Thirsty Wench post on beer glasses.
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    @oldhat - How's the bitch coming? In my experience, audacious bitches are temperamental and if you don't keep 'em happy things go horribly wrong.
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    @sellmeyoursoul It's still bubbling along. Took a sample last night and the aroma is getting more subtle and the taste still seems interesting. I think tonight I'll take a sample and put it in the fridge for a bit to see what it's like cold. Already I'm thinking of changes to make. I'm pretty sure I added a bit too much water to my fermenter and I'd like to see what adding liquid malt extract would do to it as opposed to a strictly all grain malt. But hey, it'll still be awesome and that's the joy of homebrewing. Taking down notes and improving. SCIENCE!

    But yeah, I'm thinking of bottling next weekend and then let it age for another ten days before cracking it open.

    Also I have commissioned Whitechapel's own @mojokingbee for the label! And boy, is he coming up with some good brainstorming drawings...

    And on a side note, I'm kind of surprised that I don't see this a lot with craft breweries. I mean, yeah, they tend to commission a single artist for their entire line of beers, but how awesome would it be if they commissioned local and international artists for each individual beer? This is certainly a plan I have for my homebrews. Hell, this fall I'm planning on making a Pumpkin Ale and I'm hoping that one of my favorite webcomic artists says yes to doing the label because she'd be perfect for it.

    Just a thought.
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    I'm up for doing a label if you ever want something loudly psychedelic.
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2011
    @oldhat I once heard that all ideas exist in a radiating circular dimension and can be accessed by multiple people and that it is the first to act or publicly state that is considered the genius.(Like the light bulb somebody on the other side of the wold applied for the same patten like four months after Edison have never worked with the man or anyone associated with him.) My brother and I like to think classy people has classy thought and sometime multiple people have the same classy thought. We are going to be giving out two home brew Root beers for Christmas and we have selected two of our favorite artist to do different labels for each style.
    Mojokingbee was a good choice.

    I think that most craft breweries want to be these any fun cool places that make beer, but have a mini corporate structure in sandals mentality and BRANDING is one thing they always want.
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2011
    @greasemonkey Definitely. I'm thinking up ideas for a wheat beer that might be right up your alley art-wise...

    @Igenius Best of luck with the root beer! I hear making that is fun!
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    I'll give you the tour tomorrow night, now that almost all my stuff is framed and hanging. I might already have something you can use.
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    So a thought I had on using Google+ hangouts...

    Here’s what we do. We choose an agreed upon style for this particular meet. We try our best to get one bottle of the same brand and one completely different (since we’d all be in different areas). We start a Hangout, sit down, I’ll talk a bit about the style, we’ll try the agreed upon brand first and discuss the finer and lesser point of it. Then we crack open our different bottles and go around the circle (as it were) and each talk about the beer we picked and its finer and lesser points.

    Does that sounds good? Would anyone be interested in that?
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    that sounds... interesting
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    There's all sorts of things that can go wrong with it, but what the hell. I'm down for at least trying one of them out and seeing how it goes.
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    I'm going to be making some Mead soon, and I was wondering if anyone has any info on brewing honey wheat beer? Just an idle thought I've been tossing around.
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    if someone was to invite me to google+ it'd be handy

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