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    I named the stray I'm taking care of Warren. After mr. Ellis. He's a good cat. Cranky old gray Tom with ink black stripes. He hates kids, but if you treat him well and don't crowd him, he's a sweet cat. Especially considering he was dumped 5 or so years ago.

    Warren- kitty is being fed until he's not so scrawny ( progress is being made on this. I can no longer so easily count his ribs (including the old busted ones) with a light touch), tamed down and used to contact (he's still a bit shy, but when he has bad days from being out fighting other kitties, he's a total cuddle baby).

    Supposedly a neighbor is going to take him in, and once they do, my work will be done. Right now it's just waiting for the local game of telephone to get to the neighbor, so she knows the tom's history and that he doesn't have an owner, and yes, nobody will care if she takes him in,gets him his shots & fixed.

    Not sure how the neighborhood kitty drama will go with him once he's fixed. But not having to deal with sad, bloody kitty after fights would definitely be a good thing IMHO.


    Warrenkitty hates mondays.