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    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011 edited
    Howdy whitechapel.

    I am wondering if anybody would care to assist a friend of mine's research, as well as maybe learning a little something more about each other.

    He is appealing for people to tell him about any weird, odd, strange, bizarre, or even mundane beahvioural habits we might have.

    Well, here he is in his own words (copypasta from his FB note):

    hey, need help with a research project.

    We all have weird things we do like running your fingernails across brick walls as you walk passed, or running your fingers along railings or chain link fences or just having to pop bubble wrap when you see it.

    What crazy habits do you have like that?

    Do you have any weird compulsions? anything from OCD tendencies to weird and wonderful habits and thoughtless acts. Please let me know.

    To those of you that have already commented on my previous post, thank you and please post more if you think of them. As i said before this is a serious and ongoing study and i will probably be asking this question a lot.

    Thank you

    Most of mine relate to keeping things ordered - like open browser tabs being arranged into thematic groups, making sure there are an even number of the different coloured smarties are left in the pack when I'm eating them etc

    I've also got a bit of thing about wearing matching coloured t-shirts and trainers.

    So, anyone got any they care to share?
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    I have a few:
    --I always have to put on my right shoe on before my left
    --I refuse to walk with one shoe on
    --I always open the door with my right hand, NEVER with my left.
    --If some object is too close to an edge of a table i have to push it further towards the center
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011
    Those are just the sort of thing he's looking for, thanks!
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011
    -I've been known to alphabetize cds... at shops. Even since I was a kid, left in the Entertainment dept. of Wal-Mart while Mom got groceries.
    -I rearrange the sugar and sweetener packets at restaurants so that they're all straight and not mixed up.
    -I may still have a habit of drumming my fingers on the back of my neck w/out realizing it.
    -I definitely still play w/ my hair if it isn't put back in a ponytail. Of course, I have bangs. So I run my fingers through them all the time.
    -Plucking my eyebrows is a totally compulsive act. Like, I HAVE to do it. Not even at a set time of the week or anything, just whenever I see one of the pairs of tweezers in the house.

    Would me having difficulty, mentally and somewhat physically, writing the word "with" out count? I don't even know how I picked it up, but now I get uncomfortable if I can't just use "w/".
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2011
    -I can't sleep with the closet door open. It needs to be COMPLETELY shut.
    -I also have to check the sheets for spiders. Every time.
    -I cannot sleep with wet or damp hair.

    Odd that most of these are related to sleep, but there you are.
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    i always face the labels on bottles so that they are facing the people who drink them