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    I love the idea and am tempted to chip into the kickstarter just for the download. The flip side of this, of course, is if you're one of the 18 people in an area that want to see a musician, you had a (remote) chance they'd stop in. Now you have to travel or settle for downloads of shows other people are experiencing. I suppose that's the price one pays for living in a cultural wasteland (where that is defined as location lacking in people who like artist X).
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    Oh, but my idea is to tour this way precisely so that I can come to places that most musicians pass by. If 18 will come, they can get a few friends each to commit to a show they are really excited about. I want to be able to play music in all kinds of places - wherever there is interest, instead of just hitting the major cities. I'm really hoping this will work in places like Tulsa, OK or whatever other small city feels left out of a cultural loop. The best shows are often the small indie musician in a little intimate venue, not whoever is famous enough to fill the nearest stadium. I know that and I think it's a shame that more musicians just can't afford to bring their stories to out of the way places.
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    I think it's a fantastic idea and one that could really spread among the struggling mid-level musicians of the world. Those good enough and loved enough to have a following but not big enough to be able to risk their own precious money on potentially money-losing shows...

    hell, this idea may even work for promoters too. There's enough risks putting on shows as it is, a guaranteed audience would be a godsend.

    I'm going to have to spread this one around a bit!
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011
    I'm actually putting together a piece in my paper about the rather perilous state of making a living from live music in Iceland. I was thinking about how a band with a small but loyal following could ensure a properly packed set of gigs. this seems just as good a solution as any i've heard so far. I really hope it's a success.

    I too may put this idea to some local musician friends of mine about its feasibility...
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2011
    Fascinating idea. I will be watching with interest.
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    Sound like a good idea and I wonder why it hasn't been done before. From my experience, It always depressed me going to a gig and realising I'm the only one who showed. Not fair for the muso's involved and kinda made me feel a little guilty that they're still playing their hearts out for a diminished crowd. Not much of a gig without the community aspect. I'd go for something like this as I'm a little more choosey and this would give me time to plan and schedule since I have to go the my neighbouring city just to see a gig these days. Commitment is the word.
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2011
    Jonathan Coulton has been doing something similar through a service called eventful for a couple of years.

    Eventful doesn't actually pre-sell, though, so it is not exactly the same. It's more a way of gauging interest in different localities. It's core is a similar idea.

    This also is reflected in Kevin Smith's recent Red State Tour, in which he took his new film, Red State, himself to a series of cities to play directly to his fans, and added cities as fans requested them. The film itself will get a regular release in October, but his intention was to make back as much of the initial investors money on the film in this pre-release tour, without spending any money on advertising. Essentially doing the same thing Kim is doing, playing directly to his fans. His thinking is, he has his fan base. Those people come out for everything he does. Why not just do things directly for them? Why spend a lot of money in a futile effort to woo people who don't really like his stuff to come see it (the traditional movie marketing strategy). Why not make the film on a budget matched to the level of expected interest, and then direct it at the interested?

    So, between Kim's kickstarter effort, Coulton's Eventful and Kevin Smith's Red State Tour - there are 3 riffs on the same idea - sell directly to your fans. Let your fans grow your career.

    This is probably the beginning of the new normal.
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    Fantastic idea!
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    No doubt you are all familiar with the fine American stand-up comedian Paul F Tompkins, who schedules a good number of shows this way. His success with his started-accidentally-on-a-dare "Tompkins 300" show booking system has become quite popular in the touring "alternative" comic scene. Marc Maron, in particular, has talked about how playing to this sort of audience has changed the way he does comedy (the room is there to see you, specifically, so you spend less time winning the room, and more time going deep).

    Anyway, you can read PFT's original blog post from 2009 about pre-booking shows this way, and if you google pretty much any interview with him since then, he'll end up talking about it at some point.
    • CommentAuthorBankara
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2011
    I like this idea a lot, it is an innovative answer to a broken system. I am inspired to try something similar with my photography work, I have a small but dedicated group of followers and I am thinking of polling them to see which of my photos they might be interested in buying in a print run. Pre-sell a limited run of prints, numbered and signed and absolutely the only the only time I will ever offer those particular images for sale in print, therefore increasing their potential value down the line when I am recognized for my great talents and the accolades I so richly deserve begin to pour in. I would like to use the proceeds generated by this sale to self-publish a book or two of photographs and I would offer those same books at a deep discount to the people who bought my prints and likewise sign them with a personalized message to these people who have directly supported me in this early stage of my career. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this, I am certain that the model proposed by Kim can have far reaching applications across a variety of fields.
    Also, shameless plug for my tumblr where you can see some of the work I am considering printing and tell if I am nuts for thinking this stuff a sale-able.