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    Because we can. I'm sure there's a nice little collection of us hovering around the forums, and since Melbourne has a bar/cafe to resident ratio of about 1:1 it's a bit silly not to meet up once in a while.
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011
    There are indeed a few of us around, and a couple of us were just talking about this recently. Great plan. I'm on holidays right now, so I should have a lot of free time. Let's see who else we can round up...
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    If I wasn't on the other side of the continent you could count me in. Guess I'll be there in spirit.
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011
    Calendar permitting, I'm down.
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    hmm...I'm over at qld. but I could use a weekend away...
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    @Purple Wyrm There will be either a fine ale or equally fine coffee downed in your honour. Gotta appease those spirits.
    @mojokingbee Come on down. The comic shops are plentiful, and you get an excuse to wear your long forgotten cold weather clothes.
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    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    I'm a tentative yes.
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    I'm in :-)
    Has anybody got any suggestions for when/where?
    I live/work over an hour outside of town so a weekend meet-up would be easiest for me to get to.
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    I'm in favour of the CBD somewhere, or the inner suburbs- easier to get to if we use public transport (as parking in any part of town is still is a bastard). Fitzroy, perhaps? Somewhere casual, comfy and with cheap food- that way if we all suck at conversing, our chewing can fill the awkward silences.
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    Yep, cbd or at least in the city as most of the hostels are located there as well for me.
    @sketchbrooke..dunno with you, but I live in the gold coast and I'm already wearing the same level of cold weather clothes as I did when I was in London...I'm really crap with the cold. You melbournian's and your plentiful comic shops..
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2011
    Hmmm... In an attempt to narrow it down a bit, I'm supposed to be out of town next weekend at my friend's beach house, but not sure how badly I really want to freeze my balls off. If I stay next weekend, Sunday (26th) should be Dr Sketchy's, so post-sketchy's drinks might be one idea...
    The weekend after that I'm busy on the Saturday (2nd), but Friday or Sunday should be cool.
    City/Fitzroy's always good for me.
    We have plentiful comic shops? I only know of 2.
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2011
    Give me enough notice and I'll make the jaunt over from Hobart. :)
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    likewise over here. Some advance notice for me to plan a trip. Weekends works for me.
    @Seb...that's one more than where I am.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    As long as I can hold on to some small modicum of cash, or at least exchange sexual favours with the rest of you to provide for my bar tab, then I suppose I could be amenable to such a meet-up. I'm a St Kilda lad, so I'd also prefer a CBD/Inner suburbs locale. If the tide of favour is for the Fitzroy/Brunswick sorta area then I'm willing and able.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    I'm up for it. Anywhere in the CBD is easy for me. Can't do Friday nights though.
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    Any ideas for venue possibilities yet? I've been quite unadventurous with my forays into our city's nightlife, I'm afraid - tending mostly to stick with my comfortable favourite, La La Land. Sadly, that option's been quite removed off the table (I didn't do it).

    Is Robot still around, or is that place too cramped & pricey?
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    Robot is still around, and the sake is quite lovely. A good choice, I was also thinking Rue Bebebelons (little cafe/bar beside Melbourne Central, Little Londsdale, I think). What's everyone's schedule looking like in a couple of weeks? If we're all big kids who can stay up late, it'd be fun to do it on a Friday- that way we can all check out the new issue of Freakangels together as soon as it's up. Either the coffees or beers would've kicked in by then and we can have a manic discussion.
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    @sebfowler Comic shops- well, there's the new All Star Comics, Classic Comics, Comics 'R Us and then there's Minotaur. They're in the CBD. Then on Chapel St there's one (there was two until a week or two ago). Don't know about other areas, but I've found that a few libraries around town are very nicely stocked. The city one even has copies of Concrete!
    Cripes, I didn't even know we had a local Dr. Sketchy's.
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2011
    I went to our Dr Sketchy's once. A very interesting premise, but lacking anything more than the most rudimentary pencil-handling skills I felt somewhat dirty sitting there passively watching the burlesque performer posing for everyone else's artistic benefit...
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2011
    Hmmm, I have not been to this Robot place, but sounds good. I like Rue Bebelons too.
    Next week's not great for me and the week after I'll be out of town, so would the weekend of the 15th/16th/17th work for others?

    @Sketchbrooke - I had no idea there were so many! The library I did know about. Melbourne city library rules. Dr Sketchy's is usually last Sunday of the month, but this month looks like a special event that I might not make it to.