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    So! We're going to be seeing a lot more of each other.

    (No – not in the Internet way. Children. The magnificence of the Spurrier gonadae is too great for conventional monitors to shield, and I won’t cause another spate of deaths related to cosmic man-lingum exposure, I won’t I tell you I just won’t.)

    So. Some things to keep the home fires burning:

    I’m up to my perky nipplets in work at the moment, so I don’t have the luxury of using this period – prior to The Takeover, I mean – getting to know you guys in the sort of sneaky strategic weaselfriend blackops kind of way you might expect. “I was here all along – ha!” None of that. I've chatted to a few of you via Twitter, I know (@sispurrier, by the way, come say hello), which makes it all look very promising. Nor would it be right for me to bombard the place too heavily while His Internet Jesusness is still in charge. So what I’m proposing is this:

    1. I’ll stick my head round the door with slowly increasing frequency, and keep you informed of the sorts of work keeping those aforementioned perky nipplets submerged. Mostly that’ll take the form of comics stuff – much of it relating to the Oh So Fucking Splendid projects you’re going to be enjoying very soon from Avatar Press, and much of that oh-so-very-very-free of charge. More as and when I’m allowed.

    Some of it, on the other hand, will be completely uncomicky – which is a Good Thing. I am polyglut, hear me whine. (Right now, for instance, I’m working all hours to promote the impending release of my new weirdo freakout odd-crime novel – this one here, in fact, which by the way started getting some vomit-inducingly lovely reviews as of today. Shill, klang, shill. I’ll keep you informed about all that.)

    2. In the mean time – for the sake of efficiency – why don’t you folks tell me a bit about yourselves, eh? Who you are, what you’re up to, where you go to Be Up To It, and so on.

    (But let’s avoid filling the thread with artworks and writing samples at this stage, yesyes? We’ll get to all that in due course. Right now I’m interested in what kinds of Good People I’ve come amongst – hur hur hur. Children. – and how I can exploit, cajole and sexually pester you all into maximising the forum’s Awesome.)

    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Hi Oh Great and Wonderful Si.
    Keith Perkins here. Been here just about since they opened the doors, and have made friends and co-conspirators here. One thing I'm doing right now is this webcomic with @kpatrickglover, who's around here somewhere.
    Other than that my website is where I blog, and show off my artwork. Also, I'm an old man (51), so don't mess up my fucking lawn.
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Hello Si! Steve/sneak046 here, I was the unwitting victim of your unfortunate decapod/cephalod mixup on twitter the other day.
    I'm sure the memory will fade, with time.

    I'm usually lurking around the listening and/or any comicky threads we have going, but as one of WC's dumber participants a lot of the high-faluting stuff flies over my head.

    I have one of them tumblr thingies that all the young kids are doing nowadays,

    And yeah, seriously you wanna keep off Keith's lawn, that man keeps a Mossberg 500 next to his front door at all times. I've got the rock-salt shot-load scars on my ass still from the last time..
    • CommentAuthorepalicki
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Howdy, Si.

    I'm Eric Palicki. I'm a professional technical writer and very unprofessional comics writer, blogger and essayist. All of the latter stuff gets posted at my website.
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    Howdy, Si.

    Aforementioned K. Patrick Glover here. Been around for as long as my memory stretches back these days, which isn't too long. I write stuff, mostly. The web comic mentioned above, short fiction (often for Weaponizer). Working on my first novel this summer. I published a collection of short fiction last year and most of my online work can be reached from this page.

    Looking forward to messing about in your playground.
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Evening! My name's Chris--I'm a Bostonian-in-exile (accent and all) living in North Carolina. I write fiction for Weaponizer (both web and print), and I've taken on way the fuck too many projects. That'll teach me to get serious about writing at my advanced age.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Hi Si =D
    When I was little I accidentally swallowed a bunch of dirty beach water. Anyway, I am new to this comics thing but I hope I can get really good at it one of these days. Here is some of my stuff, I call it Space Shark. I don't like to label but I guess you could say it's slice of life meets/Romance/all-ages comics. Also I love my kitty.
    Anyway, my profile is filled out if you wanna creep through it.
    God bless!
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Good afternoon,

    My name is Jason Beamish, I write comic scripts, I cannot say comics alone because none of them have pictures, as of yet. That being said I have no need for a website to share, although you can find me at @jasonbeamish were you to be so inclined.

    Sadly, that is all.
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    3 Million Years - which is a 'sort of' Red Dwarf reference. Real name is Michael Nimmo and can be found over at Twitter as @michaelJNimmo My brother introduced me to Freakangels and I clicked on the Whitechapel thingy.
    I run which is my blog on mobile comics - one of the first as far as I know. Over the last year and a half have been gradually increasing hits. Which can be hard work after my Health & Safety Consultancy job!
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    I'm Infomancer, alias Jared, if you prefer.

    Member since: late 2008
    Location: Southern Indiana
    Occupation: Public Library

    Details: Unstoppable Bibliovore. Vigilante Librarian. Freelance Renegade Musicologist. Also an artist (pen and ink) and musician (guitar, bass, vocals), but neither of these traits are particularly public anymore. More of a bedroom Renaissance.
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    Yesterday, two years ago, I was in a waiting room announcing on here that my daughter was being born. While my post count is low, there's very little that I don't read on Whitechapel and it's my go-to whenever I get internet time.

    I'm a quiet ping.

    I work in Deaf Education for the time with an Associate and Bachelors in Communication. I have a project I'm working on this summer will get blips in the Art thread as I progress.

    The remake/remodel/conceptual threads are something I live to lurk and sometimes participate within. I don't have much of a web presence so I lack the twitter but I do have a tiny Facebook under
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Craig Oxbrow, occasionally published tabletop RPG writer and Edinburgh art gallery footsoldier with delusions of artistry to the extent of putting sketches up for Remake/Remodel threads.
    • CommentAuthorJim Massey
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Howdy, Si. I have written the comic MAINTENANCE and bits of STEPHEN COLBERT'S TEK JANSEN for Oni Press. I'm also a senior UX designer for Amazon in Seattle. And my wife and I regularly compete on the local and national level in the thrilling sport of dog agility with our seven beasts. And I spend time with the two girls we adopted two-and-a-half years ago. In my spare time, I...

    Hm. I swear there used to be some spare time laying around here...
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Whuhuurrgh? I usually do these late-night confessions to the Inner Circle of the Church of the SubGenius. (Not to be confused with the True Inner Circle of the Church of the SubGenius, or the True Hierarchs, the Shining Path of Least Resistance, or the Exploding St. Judas Ministry to the Lemurs. They don't listen either; one day they will learn. They will all learn.)

    I do games, or help people do games, and write about games. Sometimes, I think about other things than games, such as comics, but these are the quiet, desperate lonely hours of the night when I am too drunk to think coherently about games.

    I am the lurker in the wire, the babbler that stays under water long enough for everyone to forget it was ever there. I was here, being a nuisance, when there was nothing but the raw internet-stuff of emails and aberration. I keep coming back for the pretty pictures, even when the Zaibatsu feeds me grease and alcohol until I forget why I draw. I post pictures of what I fed to dependants and spawnlings, and seek approval. I say foolish things, and expect you to understand and ignore. I follow the steady trickle of the Good Stuff. Please don't stop.
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    Welcome Si!

    David Lee Ingersoll here. I'm an illustrator/cartoonist/designer/writer. I've been reading Warren's work since the 9th Art days and have lurked on various forums over the years. I've delurked a few times to contribute to various Remake/Remodel challenges.

    I did the Misspent Youths comic way back at the beginning of the nineties and haven't been as productive since. My most recent project was illustrating Steve Ahlquist's new Oz Squad novel.

    I've got a blog and my art is posted on various galleries around the net.
      CommentAuthorMild Maynyrd
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011 edited
    Hi Si!! My name is Sonny Wilkins or Dan Black or Mild Maynyrd or Slippery Bastard depending upon who you ask. When I'm not slaving away at those pyramids to the sky I'm... well I do a lot of things. I blog, like lots of folks in this lovely little community. The Sonny Wilkins Chronicle is fairly traditional, where I talk about things that interest me and whatnot. Then there's Dead Trumpets... a less frequently updated place where the post-death adventures of that character are chronicled (it's all very confusing). I'm just happy that I've taken the top Google search spots for "sonny wilkins" in front of some douche -- probably very, very well off -- real-estate agent from Florida with the same name. I also write fiction as Dan Black; it's sort-of sprinkled all over the Net. I've been trying to get back into writing after spending lots of time on the last album I put out. (Wow, that worked out nicely...) I'm also a musician. I play a variety of instruments and make Electronica/Hip-Hop stuff. I've got a Bandcamp, a Soundcloud, and a page at Texture/Bram Gieben's netlabel Black Lantern Music. And this is the Free Music Archive page for my newest LP, Dead Herring. I read comics, which is why I came here to begin with. I have met some of the most creative, inspiring, and fearless people here on White Chapel, and I'm proud to be a small part of it. I can be found regularly attending concerts here in the Twin Cities (Minnesota, USA)... I love love love our music scene here. I'm a dreamer. I'm open to anything. I've seen Death, firsthand, and I've stared into its glowing eyes.

    *EDIT: To add my Facebook.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Evening, boss!

    I'm Alan Tyson. I live in the D.C. metro area, though truth be told I left my soul somewhere on Interstate 80 (connecting New York and San Francisco) and I've never rightly gotten it back. I write things (novels, comics, tabletop games, songs when I'm feeling particularly drunk, poems when I'm ragingly, infuriatingly, no-Daddy-please-don't-hit-me-again-I-swear-I'll-wear-the-dress-this-time DRUNK), and I'm trying to bring my skills as an artist up to the point where I can draw my own stuff as well. Been here at Whitechapel since not quite the founding (I think I missed opening day by a month or so) and I love this place - not an internet session goes by where I don't have Whitechapel open in a tab. It's a good bunch we've got here.

    Here's my Facebook and Twitter (though in actually, that's really more the Twitter for my soon-to-be-live-no-really-I-promise-everything's-going-according-to-plan comic, Academy).
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011

    Stefan Jones here. My boring day job is Software QA.

    To keep sane and creative I do freelance writing. I'm eclectic; I've gotten reviews in WIRED and Whole Earth Magazine, articles in all sorts of game magazines. I wrote a lot of Role Playing Game material through the eighties, and then again in the last few years (like this science fiction thing, this fantasy thing, and this comic superhero thing).

    I like doing artsy-techie DIY stuff, which you can see on my Flickr site.
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    Hello New Boss.

    Name is Casey Moore and I live in New Orleans (the post grim meathook future city). I work in film and television production. Right now I am working on the TNT show Memphis Beat in the office (three more days of filming and then we start working on a tv movie). I really want to be on the other side actually creating content. So I write. And I plot. And I plan. And one day it will be like Shakespeare and the Godfather and I will rise and all this dying media will be mine to rule.

    Sometimes I take pictures with my phone.

    Anyway, come to NOLA for a visit. We will cook you something good and feed you well and then we shall go drinking.
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    Hey, Si!

    I'm James Cunningham, I'm in Portland Maine (it's nice here), and I answer phones and explain to people how much better equipment works when complex mechanical procedures such as "turning it on" are performed. I also do a little video game writing- reviews, previews, and such. It's a nice way to keep my gaming addiction from being totally anti-social, and as a bonus I can pretend going to E3 is work. :)

    I also read lots of comics, bike several miles daily, take the occasional photo, spend as much time as possible with the girlfriend, and enjoy being alive as often as possible. It's a system that works.