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    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2011
    @ steve toase - I work over on seal sands and the various chemical works at night do look like that opening shot. By the way you forgot codheads who are hardcore monkeyhangers!
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2011
    Hiya Si,

    Flor here. Warren has occasionally accused me of being a dirty hippy, but I swear I typically shower once per day and keep up with the usual cleaning and avoidance of dirt common to any civilized person. So I guess if there are tidy hippies then I'm one such.

    I don't do much other than dream big. The entire time I've been on Whitechapel I've been unemployed and trying to fix that with varying levels of effort. Maybe there's a correlation...? Eh. currently taking steps to enter voice over and also studying Japanese. I have a tendency to get distracted by philosophical recursions and theatre. In short, I think too much.

    I live in Southern California, commuting in and around LA but with a permanent address in Anaheim. You will hear me bitch about this. I once lived in New York for a short amount of time and I miss it fecking hard.

    I read stuff like this and can't help but think of what the Warren Ellis of 1000 years from now will make of it.
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    I'm Joe. I live in Oxford. I own a skateboard with a Shakespeare quote on the grip tape. My favourite film I've seen this year was probably Drive Angry. My favourite book I've read was probably John Berger's G. When I'm not fruitlessly attempting to find gainful employment, I am listening to shitty little punk rock albums and then writing several thousand words about how these shitty little punk rock albums are in fact the most important thing in the world.

    Some Days You Get the Thunder, Some Days the Thunder Gets You

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    Hello Si(r)! I am David Lejeune. I test video games (though I got a promotion recently which makes it so I will tell other people to test video games instead of me). I have lived my entire life in Southern California, but am being forcibly removed to Phoenix Arizona in a month or so. It was that, or (in all likelihood) go back to the bottom rung of the video game testing. I also occasionally take pictures of things, and tweet about bullshit.
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    I am trini_naenae/Renee. I take photographs, and I used to draw things, but I've not been able to get back into that. Lately I've mostly been lurking. You can find me at twitter and tumblr. I make gourmet pizzas for a living and I am currently looking at waves with northeast winds on Lake Superior out of the living room bay window.
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    Evenin', Si.

    I'm Dave, usually daveSMASH. I maintain news feeds and write/create various things for Movement Magazine. I draw both poorly and infrequently and spend far too much time looking at other people's art than making my own. I have been in Montreal for the past month or so and am due back in Columbus, OH next month, but I am trying to find a way to not live anywhere after next March. Am hoping to become a gypsy of some sort. Or at least spend so much time on the road for the magazine that it feels like I don't have a home.

    tumblr. & twitter.
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    Most of my relevant who-i-am-and-where-i-am bits are contained within this here site here, but...

    I'm in Fort Wayne, IN.

    Measurements: fatC-fat-fat
    Turn-ons: Nerd talk, video games, metal/rock/horrible pop, redheads.
    Turn-offs: Eels in the arse. (It's mostly the wriggling.)

    I write a bit, I take some pictures, I play a some guitar, and I play more WoW than is probably healthy. I've been spending most of my time here lately in lurker mode, as I honestly don't have as much to contribute as I used to. (Also I'm tired of arguing. So very tired.) My wife and I bought a house and my first project was to fill as much wall space as I could with books. I've only gotten one room full, and I probably won't read half of them, but someone has to keep buying the fucking things.
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2011
    We met back in November, when Molly Crabapple whisked me away with her to London to work on the marvelous murals for The Box. We're Twitter friends, so you know bits of what I do, which for everyone else's sake is assisting Molly in getting things from the top shelf, secretly running Dr. Sketchy's worldwide, co-running an art collective out here in Brooklyn, silkscreening art and other materials for fun, profit and passion, plotting and scheming and doing way too much at any given time and occasionally making an inane tweet to let people know I'm alive and over-caffeinated.

    Someday I'll make it back to London for more pints.
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    I don't do anything creative. Can't draw, can't write, and I sing like an amputee (can't hold a note, can't carry a tune).

    I post stuff on aroundthenet sometimes and gawk at all the wonderful art the artists around here create.
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2011
    @Paul Sizer: You're Jane's husband? Say hi for me!

    I'm scs, which stands for Steven Charles Simmons. In my hobby life I'm often called 'Sgt. Steve', which has more to do with my sergeant-like demeanor than any actual military service.

    Work days I push bits through wires, everything from hard disks through network performance. Been doing that for about 35 years. I didn't write the book on computer systems management, but have edited and contributed to a number of them.

    The rest of the time I read, listen to music, write the occasional funny song, and use a rolled-up newspaper to keep furries in line.

    Two kids, one spouse, one granddaughter.
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    My name is James and I make letters. When not drawing letters I teach design at some Universities in town. I live in Manhattan and have twins on the way. I enjoy comics but don't read enough of them due to tight budgets and lack of space. And I'm excited to see that you've written a W40K novel because as much as I try to be a grownup I still long for the days when young friends threw dice around toy soldiers until dawn.
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2011
    I'm Chantel, and I mostly lurk since having a baby boy about 16 months ago. I work in the rotting corpse that is broadcast television out in Los Angeles. (Don't worry, it'll go zombie - it'll all be fine.) My job is more on the technical operations side of TV, not the fancy, creative side.

    I'm going through a self reinvention phase while learning to be a mom. Looking at the world and the future in vastly different ways now. Am wondering what sort of childhood my son will have if both my husband and I are afraid of both clowns and puppet shows.

    I come here for personal inspiration and camaraderie, and I always find it.
      CommentAuthorJon Wake
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2011
    Hey Si,

    I'm Jon, writing from out of Seattle, nerd epicenter. I write Virtuoso with Krista Brennan (who I don't see around here much anymore). I'm working on another big project with the folks at Lastwear, and am prepping for launch, career wise.
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    'allo, new Guv...

    I'm Cat Vincent. I mostly do Weird Shit.
    Been studying the occult and other spooky woo stuff since I was a kid. Through an odd set of coincidences (my favourite kind) I ended up as one of the magic folk Gaiman consulted with for deep background in the Sandman years. I've run my own pro combat-magic/exorcism/psychic protection consultancy, called Athanor Consulting. Now I mostly write and research weirdness. I'm at and appear occasionally at &

    Been here since the start. Known around here as 'that guy with two wives', but sadly this won't be the case much longer... but still with wife-the-artist, aka Kirsty Hall.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    Oy--sorry to hear that, Cat.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    I'm Christopher Ruz, Aussie industrial designer and author (mostly author). Busting my humps on four novels at once, but I'm hoping to start hitting up agents with two of those projects soon. I post sections of my fiction at, along with whatever design projects I'm wrangling at the time. Love transhumanism, cyberpunk, literary fantasy, all that jazz.
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    I am Purple Wyrm, a standard nerd from Western Australia with a number of loose wires in my head. I write a little and draw a little, but nothing fit to compare the many talented folk hereabouts. I am plagued by the tendency to launch new and glorious projects, then get bored with them before completion and move onto something more new and glorious (which is why the FreakWiki is frozen it it's current state*). I pay the bills by working as a web developer.

    My personal website (such as it is) is My personal blog (such as it is) is at and my Flickr stream (again such as it is) can be seen at

    (*I figure the impending end of the series will prompt me to get in and do some decent work on it)
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    Hi Si,
    I'm Seb Fowler and I'm bashing away at a masters of animation & interactive media, here in Melbourne. It's a hell of a lot of work and a hell of lot fun. Previously (and less enjoyably) I was working in various capacities on websites. I've done some overseas volunteering stints in Mongolia and Indonesia (a year each), and that's pretty much my deal. is where I occasionally blog, flickr is my artwork/sketch repository and I've been posting my animations on my vimeo. Oh, and the obligatory twitter.
    I've been here since the start, but I'm generally pretty quiet except for lobbing art around occasionally. You'll pick up the rest as we journey along.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    Hlo Si,

    I lurk and argue about science from time to time. I am a software developer for a Well Known Internet Company. My beard is sufficient.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    All hail the new overlord! May his coming and going not inspire a new plague of Thorned Arse Eels.

    Ok, that's said now. Anyways, hi there, Si. I'm Dmitri. I do weird illustration and prints, maskmaking, and a ton of other arty bits. On here, I tend to lurk a lot in Around the Net and the artistry threads, drooling over everyone else's great work- that or I'm busy bumping my own work over in my thread for it (What? I figure it's better that spamming my stuff through the general threads- gives folks an option to ignore it if need be.)

    Anyways, enough rambling. Other than here, I'm on a lot of other sites- just plug "Winneganfake" into any username search anywhere and you'll end up finding me. Unless you find that one weird serbian guy instead.