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    I'm Jon. A crumpled, thirtysomething corporate shill from the south of the UK, in advanced stages of burnout and with a mortgage and three squawking she-babies to support.

    Sometimes I take pictures and hit guitars for fun. I can be found masquerading as Singularity Jones to do these things.
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    Ola...I'm Manny and I hail from the Gold Coast, Austraia. Laundry attendant by day, art monkey by night and occasionally manic dancer. I try to draw everyday but there's never enough time and I'm never fast enough. It's the only thing keeping me relatively sane most days.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    Hey, Si.

    I'm Alex, a struggling PhD student, Waterstones wageslave, writer, composer and musician. Live in London.

    My blog.

    My Twitter account.

    My musick.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    Hi Si!

    I'm Bram, or Texture, whichever you prefer. I'm a writer and emcee (I dislike the term rapper and MC stands for motorcycle club, so...).

    I started up the online fiction portal Weaponizer, and have had the good fortune to publish many fine stories and comics by Whitechapel's fine denizens, online and recently in print. I love music, and help run a free download netlabel called Black Lantern, also home to a few Whitechapelers!

    I do all the usual social networky stuff, but I love Tumblr the most. I make DJ mixes (lately witch house-y)

    What else... I love my cat. All cats really. I'm going back to University this year to study creative writing, and make mischief in Glasgow with Citrus Creed. I'm a teacher by trade.

    It is very cool to be reminded of what everyone does, have enjoyed this thread immensely already!
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    Hi Si,
    I'm Ash, I'm assistant manager in a book shop, and live in Cheshire (hoping to move to Yorkshire soon).
    I write mostly short horror stories under the name Neal Turner, which are usualy posted on the awesome Weaponizer (^See above ^).
    I also paint occasionaly and sometimes sculpt. I also love making music, although I havent done much of that for a while.
    I have a Twitter and a Tumblr, where I mostly post quick digital sketches.
    Intrested to see how this place develops after the change over.
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    Hullo! I'm a student living in London. Brain-dump regularly on the blog and the twitter. Mostly about comics, films and my course: the ponderously titled "History of Political Ideas and Intellectual History" *gulp in air* ... Not all that confident about where this knowledge / skill-set will lead. Hope figuring that out won't be too painful... we'll see.
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    Hey Si. I'm an ex-sub-editor from Nottingham. Got made redundant from newspapers in December and now I'm on the outside looking in, just waiting for them to implode completely so I can LAUGH HAHAHAHA. Hopefully the TV or radio outlets in the Midlands will be after a fine-ass motherfucker such as myself and I'll be on my feet again in the near future. I'm an avid musician, although I'm still trying (after a year) to kick my current band up the arse and get them to practice more regularly. We play mathy angular bluesy stuff.

    EDIT: sorry Si, I tried to make that vid a link instead of immediately available on the page but it wasn't having any of it. Link removed!
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    Hi Si, and welcome! I'm Oda Elisabeth. I'm a 23 year old Norwegian. I spend time studying some high school subjects I flunked. I also spend too much time drinking lovely beers with my awesome friends. I don't do any writing or comic books or take photographs or paint things or all the other stuff these lovely talented people spend their time with, however I do work as a light technician/rigger and sometimes as an artist host/band contact. Right now I'm really looking forward to learning to control moving heads with this fiery biscuit: an Avolites Pearl Expert with a touch wing, and it makes my day! Also looking forward to babysitting The Darkness and Immortal. :D

    My twitter: odaelisabeth

    Good morning :)
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    Good, folks, good. YES. Keep 'em coming -- you are Fine And Creative People, and I will spoon glory from your gestaltbrain as a chocolate-smeared idiotchild gloms froth from their middleclass babyccino.

    In Other News, I'm doing one of those wobbly-hand "Comme Ci, Comme Ça" things about the last two entries, with their sudden precedent of videos and photographs. "No artworks", I said, which - I know, I know - is sort of nebulous. No biggie, but it leads into a slightly wider issue (viz: How Much Of An Authoritarian Bastard I Aim To Eventually Be In These Parts), so I'm mentioning it here anyway.

    Dunno. I'm sick like a septuagenarian in a spindrier right now (there is SINUS-SPUNK, srsly, coming from my fucking TEARDUCTS), so my booger-insulated synapses lack the confidence to prosecute Wrongdoers. Also, I haven't mastered all the Dread Moderator Machinery yet. I'll let it pass. But let's avoid any more cluttering-up-the-thread from now on, okay? There'll be plenty, ohshityesyes, of opportunities for showcases and showing-off and ID photos and whatnot down the line. This here thread is for me - and all of us - to use as a reference.

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    Hi Si,

    Most of the time I'm a full time head librarian of two university level schools (Landscape, engineering and architecture). I live and work in Geneva (Swiss), but on my spare time I'm also a compulsive artist that has his hands in way too much things ... Drawings, photography, short movies (only starting,, which obliged me to also try some music), writing and comics.

    I've been published three times ... an illustrated book for children attending to the hospital (huge success, it has been reprinted two times) and two collectiv photography books.

    Maybe later this year I may start having my first exhibition, maybe even two. Nothing large scaled, it is more like a warm up.

    Currently, I'm working on a short book mixing photographies and writings (bilingual, it is written in French and in English). In a few weeks, I may be able to start publishing it on-line and there will be an on-line final edition also (I'm an editing junky too). It is about a revolution or an "end of times" story ... and it is mostly set in London ...

    Also, I'm in the talk for a short photo/comics book ... story is in my head, but the project is turning into something quite multimedia oriented. I'll either mix photos and drawings or go straight to a book and a short movie. This is a corridor piece set in an post-apocalyptic underground future ... It is a kind of fast paced short Tarkovsky's "Stalker" story...

    And I'm supposed to soon start working on a first more ambitious comics work. Scenario is written, I just need to find a fey days in a row to give it a good start. Yes, it will also be published progressively on-line. It is about a dying hunter, a fucked up family and some ghosts ...

    All that is viewable (or going to) on my blog -> Les Fonds du Tiroir ...

    Almost forgot to tell, most of my work is in French...
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    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.

    I'm Gavin, a forty something disheveled excuse for a human being, currently residing in the north west of England. I've been lurking here since the doors opened, now having a go at <strong>taking part</strong>.

    I occasionally put stuff here: <a href=""></a>

    And I've been known to torture words here: <a href=""></a> (Which is an ongoing flash serial)

    I spout gibberish here: <a href="!/eldafto">!/eldafto</a>

    Glad you're along for the ride.
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    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    I'm Julian, 42 and I work as a programmer for a large NHS hospital in London. I've got 2 sons, 1 is 2 1/2 the other nearly 5 months old. I've just bought a house which hopefully we'll be moving into in the next couple of months before paying rent AND mortgage bankrupts me.
    I've been reading comics since the mid 80s, but dropped out a bit over the last 10 years. FreakAngels got me back into reading comics, but I've had to cut down again with the expense of having 2 kids.
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    Hey Si, I'm Maggie. I've been following you on twitter for a while, I'm @bliumchik, which is my username most places (I was feeling unusually grandiose when I first signed up to this one). I am also Lieutenant Colonel Oblivious around various blogging platforms, like tumblr and dreamwidth (although the latter has been in hibernation this semester. I should get it started again soon and update the profile :/) on account of how I rightfully called myself Captain Oblivious until I found out some guy with a higher hitcount was also using it, so I promoted myself out of spite.

    I am from Sydney, Australia, and I'm currently finishing off the obligatory arts degree while I try to kick my brain back into Writing Things gear. Got a poem coming out in the next Voiceworks so I guess that's a start. I also like to sing, wrangle theatre props and hit things with sticks. I was born in the good old USSR, but on the internet nobody knows you occasionally mispronounce things amusingly.
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    In case the user name wasn't a massive give away, I'm Will Couper. I'm a struggling writer.

    That's not all I am. It's most of what I am.

    I have a few pieces on Weaponizer, and I'm always jumping on opportunities that manage to buck me off.

    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    Sorry Si, I was overtired and very very happy over a fiiiine piece of machinery, and somehow managed to miss that part. :)
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    Hello Si!

    My name's Stephen, and I'm a playwright from Brooklyn, New York.

    Most of my stuff is starting to live here including information about my monthly residency, Dialogue with Three Chords, in a new theater space located in a bar in NYC. One-acts, music, and curated art events, all free or nearly free.

    The grand vision is for new playwrights to be able to try out their stuff in an environment that feels like an event: actors on their feet (scripts in hand), musicians playing before and after the performance, and plenty of booze and food.

    We'll see how it goes.

    For right now, the blog is a dumping ground for short plays and the occasional harsh Electro track I produce under the name Rhythm & Detonation.
    • CommentAuthorCrusherJoe
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    Hey Si,

    I'm Michael, 40, in North Carolina. The day job is inconsequential retail, but I'm an actor, doing stage and auditioning for film and tv that's shot locally. I just did The Santaland Diaries this past Christmas. I've also done some voice work for anime. In addition to liking the things that would bring one to Warren Ellis's website, I'm a big fan of old time radio.

    • CommentAuthorLA_Gomez
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011

    Los Angeles

    Lurking since 08
    • CommentAuthorDarkest
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    Hi Si, names Adam from Huntingdon, UK and have skipped the regular work part of my career to open a comics and games shop there.

    I'm mostly a glorified lurker.

    I really like Whitechapel because It's a great motivator when I run out of drive. Also the fact that it's an oasis in the internet wasteland that and the fact that I learn about stuff I wouldn't know otherwise.
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    Welcome to the Si-Snot hybrid, may he purify himself and wield the DoomHammer soon.

    I'm Luke, a laser-physicist turned freelance writer. There's a surprising amount of overlap: tons of research and brain-burning days of bashing recalcitrant things against together until they work, but when they do it is oh so gloriously bright and you can BURN anything out of your way. I write about comedy, drink, videogames, tech, science, and anything else anyone at all will pay me for. I'm channeling urges to shake people while yelling about how incredible modern tech is by writing a book about how incredible modern tech is. Narrative impulses are sublimated into short story competitions like Warhammer 40K's occasional open submissions.

    Irish in Toronto, I came to study the lasers but ended up studying a girl and that worked out much better. Married, two cats, and we're looking forward to finding out where her post-PhD genetics lab will be. (She's better at PhDing - pronounced "ff-ding" - than me, among many other things.)

    Where I Be Up To It? I'm a Cracked columnist and links to a lot of the other stuff can be found on my website. You should also buy TAPS magazine if you're the kind of person who likes "me" and "beer" (I'll accept one out of two.)