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    Hi Si, welcome to Whitechapel. My name is Neil Baker. I'm on here fairly constantly but I don't post too often other than starting the thread of comics coming out that week. I bold the ones that I figure people might want to pay attention to.
    In real life, I design kitchen, just bought an old house (by Canadian standards), and have a very loving wife. (Mostly because I tell her that she has to love me.)
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    hallo, si. i'm (mostly) a lurker, but i pretend to be social on my twitter. i draw this webcomic over yonder, and concoct schemes to further enable my and my husband's continued survival. these are chiefly low-rent and pitiable, and have seen us through some questionable situations, but for some reason he still loves me.
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    Hi Si,
    I'm Roo. I like to draw monsters, werewolves, and things with sharp teeth. I've got 2.5 cats, the.5 of a cat being an old tom named after Warren, and that cat doesn't take crap from anyone (Okay, so the girls don't either). I camp out in the Blogs section of whitechapel, where I ramble on about whatever randomness has caught my interest.

    I'm on twitter as Rootfireember, it's protected but I'll add you if it'll let me,as twitter's been a bit of a poop for me as of late ;( I'm also over at Bleeding Cool.

    I've been here a while (but it doesn't seem to me like I've lived on WC that long! Really. Only yesterday I was hiding in the blogs section and hoping Warren wouldn't decide to throw me out with the trash). Luckily, Warren took pity on me and hasn't decided to destroy me yet :) If you haven't been warned, Whitechapel isn't like the rest of the Internet. In a good way.

    You're welcome to join us in the chat room anytime you like, or to join us for skype night if you're ever up for sleepy half-incoherent ramblings, Gary Busey Terrors, and games of Madlibs.
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    Hello Si, I'm Alex a Brit wot's been living in Sapporo, Japan for four years now. Thus I use this place as one of those things to keep me in touch with the thinks back home, though I don't post much. And since this place is what it is, it has probably shaped my view of what's happening back in the West in a violently grotesque way.

    I mostly make music now, slowly and painstakingly, but I'm am getting somewhere. I have a blog, which is about Sapporo nowadays, but here it is anyway: kumaboshi and a tumblr, which is just a culture dump: The Suplex Index. Hello and all.
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2011
    Hello Si,

    I'm Lucia, living in Zurich and fighting hard to keep my sense of humor.
    I can't draw and only write useless thoughts. Oh, and I cannot curse. That's why I keep quiet mostly.
    I only registered this year but I don't feel new.
    Love comics and science-fiction, music and art, beer and wine.
    During the day I'm at home with my two boys, at night taking care of hilarious, raving-mad old people.
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    Hello, Mike Townsend, more or less at your service. I'm a screen/comics writer. While I've nothing produced/published, I got quarter finalist for three different scripts in various competitions so I've been officially judged almost good. Of course, based on most of the shit that Hollywood puts out, I could be crowned king if I were to find my way back to LA. The comics haven't been judged because I have an artist issue. Namely all my artist friends are deadbeats who promise and then never deliver. I may have gotten one of the sluggish bastards moving again, so this time 2022, I may have comics to self publish. What can I say, I'm an optimist.

    Otherwise, I hail from Boston, MA and I write/compose/abuse music in my "I have a full time job, a kid and take my writing seriously, so no... none" free time. I can be found around the web as sellmeyoursoul (i.e. on the twitter and the dot com).
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    Hello, Adam Hails here. I'm a printmaker that lives in southwest Missouri. I was in a marketing think tank for three years and now sell advertising and write (occasionally) for a locally focused startup magazine called TAG.

    I play guitar, draw, drink beer and am currently trying to teach myself watercolors.

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    Hey Si,

    Name's Derek. I'm embedded tick-like in snobby Northern California surrounded by vineyards & post-card worthy scenery. By day I'm a mild-mannered acupuncturist which should indicate to you my attitude toward human relations ("Shut up and don't move while I pin you to this chair with surgical stainless steel and make you FEEL BETTER!"); by night I'm a guitarist in various band(s) and projects. I tweet infrequently and generally enjoy saying stupid shit on the internet.
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2011
    Hey, Simon, my name's Felipe Sobreiro, Brazilian, artist/colorist/translator. I've been following Warren around his various forums since 2001. I've either drawn or colored comics for Heavy Metal, Popgun, BOOM! Studios, Zuda/DC Digital and currently I'm working on a miniseries for Image. Years ago I helped corrupt people's minds when I drew The New Adventures of Sigmund Freud. I love Whitechapel and I REALLY look forward the sadly-too-infrequent Remake/Remodel threads. My site's
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2011

    I'm Brittney, and I may have dropped to "lurker" status here recently.
    I'm not an artist, musician, writer, socialite, photographer, scientist or anything else cool like most of the folks here. I work in a supermarket bakery in Nashville, slicing bread and decorating cakes. I did go to school for music recording, and I would love love love to work in live music, but life hasn't quite gone that way. Best I've gotten so far is Merch Girl for my fella's electronic band, Allofher Twitch (I even hand-screen-printed shirts, designed by our own Andre Navarro).
    But, yeah, I don't show my face around here too often now, but I'm at most of the Skype Nights Rootfireember has mentioned. I am the Keeper of the Busey. And I guess that counts for something.
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    Erm, hello.

    My name is Robin LeBlanc and I'm a photographer living in Toronto, Canada. I usually post things here or on my site. I'm also on my way to being a professional beer drinker. But yeah, I've been doing photography for a little over a year now and it's looking like it may be The Thing I Want To Do, which is pretty nice.

    Um. What else? I love Star Trek, I cheer for the villains in movies and comics, I write press releases as a day job and I get tired a lot, which is usually remedied by mind-numbing over the counter meds and lots of coffee. That's...about it. I think.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2011
    *waves* Hello.

    I'm Ren, known in meatspace as Matt Marovich. Been around here pretty much since Warren put the word out over on LJ (so nice to see some old names cropping up in this thread).

    Professionally I work in HR for one of those megacorps that wants to take over everything in its field, but I'm not that much of a bastard, really, and for pleasure I write fiction, some of which has seen print by people who weren't being threatened at the time, spend time with my wife and son, see friends, watch movies, and argue. A lot.

    Although not with mods. That way lies the path of eeling and I'm very anti-eeling no matter what the internet videos say.
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    Steven French, philosopher
    I used to be here more often but lost my appetite
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2011
    Been here since early 2009.

    Used to work at Titan Comics as Editor on Best of Simpsons and Futurama. Now, alas, I am amidst the ranks of the feverish unemployed.

    I wrote a graphic novel that nearly got drawn HERE

    I keep a weekly blog/online presence HERE

    I'm about 51K into a novel and I Tweet a lot of nonsense. I also write reviews for The Erotic Review Magazine

    My name is Den Patrick and I live in London. The real London, not other one. Pffft.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2011
    I AM MISTER HEX! I AM IN SEARCH OF A YOUNG FEMALE OR PERHAPS A MALE, SMOKER, MUST LIKE CATS and hopefully, have some kind of means to get OFF this stinking fucking planet. And I'll take "money" or "drugs" as counting as a means of locomotion.

    If you're in Toronto, you may have met me. People here can vouch for me and my love for Jack Kirby. Which is what led me here, really. Because I'm dyslexic and got "Warren Ellis" confused with "Jack Kirby" and then, well, I woke up and found myself here.

    Please come to Toronto and then maybe I will show you MY BIKE (which is totally awesome and you can totally find out HOW AWESOME by just checkin' out "Mister Hex", you dig?*)

    *I'm totally not cool in real life. Well, a bit cool. Not really. You'll see. You ARE coming to Toronto, aren't you? If not, why not? WE WANT YOU TO COME UNTO US. Don't worry. It'll be FINE.
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    Hi. I'm the thing that you pray to in the dead of night., when you are cold and lost and alone, that entity that you conjure in your mind when things are at there bleakest. The embodiment of your soul's comfort that you grasp for in the unforgiving darkness of your soul's midnight. Blaspheme here and I'll have ya. Just sayin'. Also, I collect Harlan Ellison and Ray Bradbury and Iain Sinclair and Peter Ackroyd. And cool skulls. And I love beer. I'm actually easy to get along with. Sorry about the whole threat thing. Unless yer a dick. Then I'll have ya. And not in a pleasant way. Ya know. Like yer dick is not involved in the "having" you. Just ALL of you. But not in a proper "that was lovely, call me tomorrow" kinda way. The other kind. You know. The parts on the action movies, probably in the second act, when the hero gets trapped by the bad guys and they say rude things about the rude things they are gonna do to the hero's bits and pieces. Like that. Only I will. Or maybe not. I'm a mercurial object of worship. I'm thinking of making t-shirts like that. "I AM A MERCURIAL OBJECT OF WORSHIP". I'll break the servers for Threadless in under an hour. Unless yer a dick. That is, back to the subject, the whole "dick" status of a given individual. And only Wil Wheaton can determine that. So, ya see, it's out of my hands. There are parameters of dickness that are beyond my reconning. Only Wil Wheaton can judge. And he's not here. Also, I mean that part in the second act of the movies, but stuff doesn't stop the stuff. So, ya know, that bad stuff? It happens. To you. If you blaspheme. But it won't only if Wil Wheaton sez you're okay....

    Oh, and my girlfriend is heavy into HO scale trains, so if you can score a NIghtmare Before Christmas HO set, that'll put you in rights, I think....
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011
    Hi! I'm Toni, science-nerd, gluten-free home gourmet and amateur photographer (with occasional sales now and then, which is always exciting). My background's in behavioural and freshwater ecology, but right now I'm going though a big career change with the aim of winding up in environmental risk management. I'm currently living in Hobart, Tasmania, where cultural diversity and intellectual stimulation are thin on the ground but the cheese is excellent and the scenery stunning.

    Whitechapel helps to keep me sane through these dark days of winter.
    • CommentAuthorHenchbot
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011
    I'm Hench, I hail from the Great PACNW of the States, namely Seattle. I run my own business, I write and of course I drink. All here in Washington; I never leave this corner of the world anymore unless its North to Alaska. Its a good life I live....
    Been hanging out here for a few years but I'm low key right now......just watching. You've inherited one hell of a crew, damn fine folks here @ WC.......
    I really like Warren. You, I'm not so sure yet.
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011
    Tell you of me, eh?

    Well, young man, let me tell you of me. You know me. I have seen you before you were something, I saw you becoming. I saw you when you were slight and unready, before you came into your own and here you stand now, ready to assume the mantle of Warren Ellis. Here you are, a piece of a man, coming, becoming, assuming the mantle, this piece of a man, the mantle. The mantlepiece. I saw you. Doing that thing. That thing. Coming on Warren Ellis' mantlepiece.


    I'm Tim Twelves, long-term habitue of here, and numerous prior incarnations of Warren's forae. Also, you may remember me from such movies as Cap'n Ahab's Jizz-Splintered Timbers, comedy-action TV show Steelgirth & Dragontwat, and the 2000AD Wannabe ScriptDroid Yahoo Forums.

    I've had my eye on you, sonny. For a very long time.

    I'm currently living in San Francisco, drawing comics, making comics, living, breathing and ruining comics. Should you ever come to visit San Francisco, let me know and I will ruin you, also. I know the best people and their methods. I have a comic coming out very soon. On the mantlepiece. See.

    See what I did there?
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    Long Time Lurker here, if you have to go by names just call me "LT." I'm a Texan engineer by trade, lifelong comics fan. I think CROSSED is fabulous and I can't wait to see its online version bring new fans to it. If we seem enthusiastic about you, Mr. Si, it's because we already know who you are. Comics fans are like that; comics fans know EVERYTHING.

    I owe a debt to FREAKANGELS, which I've been reading since almost the beginning. I lost my job last year and spent a short time without employment. I just thought to myself, if Paul and the team can put out top-level work week after week for little-to-no immediate reward you can bust your ass too, and now I am again gainfully employed. I offer feedback as a way of showing appreciation, even though sometimes my analysis misses the mark. Kirk's my favorite.

    I'm into history and politics right now. I follow current events and try to "futurecast" how things are going to go. For example, we are currently in the third year of an economic depression that will continue for the rest of the decade. Media and art will continue to "flatten," meaning that the old gatekeepers who stood between the creator and the audience will fall away, and more and more ventures will go directly to the buyers to get their start-up funding.

    But I'm not always serious. I am going to see CARS 2 and ZOOKEEPER in the theater. That's right, I am not hip. PIXAR is the modern LOONEY TUNES, which I loved as a kid. Kevin James is Adam Sandler's heir and I still laugh at Sandler's first comedy album. So, yeah, not hip by Whitechapel standards.