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      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2011 edited
    this is me on a local (Toronto) web TV show talking about what I do ...
    [EDIT-FROM-THE-TREES: to remove embedded video. Not because you're a prick and I wish you dead - if Warren's taught me anything it's not to kneejerk into a position of loathing when its maggoty little cankerblossoms can be allowed to flourish, or fail, over time - but because I only just re-stated the whole "let's not clutter up this thread" thing a couple pages ago. Let's actually bother to read the thread we're adding-to, shall we? -S]

    just for the record I've only been addressed by Warren three times on Whitechapel, the first time he called me a prick and threatened to ban me, then he wished me dead and the last time he told me to "just shut up for Christ's sake". I'm sure we will get along at least as good as that, it's nice to meet you Mr. Spurrier.

    maggoty little cankerblossoms HAH I love it! sorry about the video, I didn't consider it an artwork or writing sample, actually it's just me talking about my life, but I get it and u now.
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    Behold! I am learning the ways of the Modbastard. My goblin-ego waxes monstrous.

    Also: nice to meet you too. All of you.

    This is great stuff, folks -- keep it coming.

    Note that the polite declarations of distrust, and the more cautious breed of welcomes, are as splendid to me as all the unreserved id-frottage. I entirely understand the hesitance, and don't begrudge it for a second.

    Let's just be fuckbuddies to start with, okay, and let the mutually-destructive venomlove evolve naturally.

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    Risto Paalanen here, you can call me Ripa if you're feeling all friendly-like, and of course I respond to taphead, too. Or HEY YOU WITH THE NOSE. My first reaction may well be to go into hiding, because I am small and pain hurts me.

    I do music. This is what I sound like if you let me on stage with a guitar and laptop and nothing planned. This is what I sound like with a bunch of cohorts and selection of mindcrushingly loud songs. This is what I sound like playing other peoples' musics. (I know, I know, but it's been a really long week, yeah? I'll get off my hiney and make more mixes.)

    Professionally I'm a translator. Very unexciting and after 15 years oh god will these patents never end.

    Oh yeah, Finland. You know, geography and all that. 36 years of age. Recently single. I love to cook.

    Am you bizarro mommy?

    ETA: Oh right, I also hang around at the IRC chatroom we've got set up. It's a nice place, for nice people.
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    Yay! I think you'll find that around here we are more likely to be screaming for MOAR MODBASTARDING. Because we are worth it.

    @Taphead, and lets not forget the burgeoning room - seeing as how you set it up and all (you did do that, didn't you?)
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    my name is joe. i dont post or read this board as much as i used to.

    i live with three furry little girls, one furry black guy and one wife (size small).

    our house is a den of comics, video games,punk records, books and cooking utensils.

    i used to party and get rowdy and jump off of things while screaming chaos-noise-happened around me. now i like to go to bed at a reasonable hour and cook a nice dinner. i am kind of ashamed, since i still feel like a crazy 15 year old, but my physical body is twice that age and i just dont feel like getting fireworks thrown at my head anymore. im more boring than i ever have been, but im at the happiest time of my life so the trade off is probably for the best.

    i ramble about punk records, good whiskey and grant morrison comics to people that have no interest in them. i deal with people with serious mental problems during the day, then smoke a lot of weed at night. then i ride the train and berate people, who seem to love it? when im nice, people are dicks. when im a dick, people want to be my best friend.

    its hot as fuck-all right now.

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    I'm Rachael Noel Fox, and I've been NYC based for the majority of the past 13 years. I used to haunt the old WEF in the aughts, and have ever since continued partaking in the social followings Mr. Ellis creates in his wake. A few years ago, Ellis rather encapsulated me once (via livejournal) with: "You're like an episode of HOUSE just waiting to happen", and he's been kind enough to showcase my work on his site from time to time. I take photographs, write, draw, paint, and preform, but all of this tends to be influenced by the perpetually unfortunate state of my health, heartbreak, and/or familial relations. Whitechapel has been really lovely to me, in providing a place for much needed social interaction and support when my illness and life situations left me pretty isolated, and even helping me out when times got rough.

    Good god, I sound like such a morose human! I swear, in person it's all "la la la la's" and talking about Doctor Who and Batman: The Animated Series, and looking for rainbows and fireflies.

    I'm older than I look and younger than I feel.

    My tumblr is here: Skin Bone Hair Flesh

    My website is in dire needing of an overhaul, which is in process, so I won't link to it.
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    Let the record show there was another picture-nuke just there. No harm done. But bloody stop it, yes?
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2011
    let the mutually-destructive venomlove evolve naturally.

    This should be a shirt.
    • CommentAuthorValente
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    I am Spartacus
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    Hey Sir Spurrier, hey everyone, I'm Raymond - long time lurking & silent member of the Whitechapel community.

    Currently studying English W/ Media at University of Ulster (Coleraine), and now that it's Summer I'm not doing much more than reading, watching televison & films, shouting whilst playing video games, and making constant promises to sit down and get some Uni/personal work down.

    Since a Change of Management is underway, it looks like the perfect time for a takeover of Whitechapel getting back (or for the first time, even) into the community.

    Can't wait to get talking *crosses fingers*.
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    Oh. Wait. I thought that the "no artworks" was to keep from directly posting images here. Are links to places where we live and post what we make on the internet considered posting artwork?

    eerp. My bad.
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    he wasnt talking to you...there was another comment there that has since been taken down
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2011
    Hello, i am roadscum, other names for me can be found or made up with little effort should you choose to do so. I'd prefer you didn't.

    I am a silly old fool, generally harmless and prone to chewing on my own foot from time to time. I sometimes say things which make people feel a little nervous, sometimes one of those people is me. I quite like skips. I am generally harmless.
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    Hello there, Si. I've been a member of Whitechapel since December 2007, at the time a miserable eighteen-year-old Brazilian student. Now I'm twenty, working with webcomics and film, considerably less miserable (and significantly less stupid) but regrettably still Brazilian. This is my webcomic, PITCH BLACK, currently competing for attention with my work in film. Whitechapel has been and remains important to me beyond description. Glad to meet you.
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2011
    Hey there. I'm Dextra, though sometimes I put on a modified Batman mask and proclaim myself to be someone called the Goddamn Batbitch. Help is being sought. I've got a handful of people that think I do interesting things. Sometimes I draw, if I'm feeling really brave, I try music. I'm trying my hand at costuming. Usually I'm designing tattoo flash for people.

    At the moment I am hiding in my house/cave debating on whether I want to watch a movie or film myself singing like Eric Cartman. It wouldn't be the first time.
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    Ahoy, be warned there be strangeness about in these seas!

    I am Nathan, I graduated with a degree, I now regard as the girlfriend I haven't broken up with yet. I enjoy odd technology, British costume dramas, and running my own string of Victorian-era pickpocketing orphans.

    Without Whitechapel, I would hit myself in the face everyday until I saw the Heavenly Kingdom.
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2011
    Hello there New Overlord!

    I was a part of the Whitechapel a very long time ago under a different name (clytemnestras_wrath), but I still recognize some of the faces/names on here.

    Back then, I was a theatre/english student doing a great deal of gore makeup and a selling books and music in New York/Connecticut. I am now on my way to being a children's librarian in Chicago-land. I start school again in July.

    So, I come back to you the same Jennifer, but with new and improved accessories! One small black cat, One tall, red-bearded husband, and Larger crushing student loans!

    It's nice to be back.
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    I've been in lurker mode for many months. I live in Alaska, and do a weekly freeform radio show on the local community radio station, KEUL (unfortunately we don't stream). Tonight's show is actually my official 30th Radio Anniversary (not all of it in Alaska). And for about the same length of time, I've made experimental music and sound sculptures.

    Here's my music.
    And more information including radio playlists. But I often (less often recently) post playlists in whatever listening thread is alive.
      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
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    Hello Si!

    I'm an occasional poster mostly lurker since a while now,
    signed in here first in 2008 after a spell post Engine.

    I make comics and draw and stuff,
    and i try to promote comics consuming in my own northern lands.

    I've made this page on my site
    for those who may strangely wish to stalk me.
    All my various web comics
    and social networking nodes
    are listed there.

    May your reign be good and great.
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    Hi. I write things. I see punk shows. I'm currently in my post-Phonogram chrysalis. I don't know who or what I'll be in five years.

    I have no idea what I want except a roof over my head and inspiration.