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    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2011 edited
    Hello. I am DJ. I am a huge bastard. I do absolutely nothing but talk shit. Sometimes this translates into some sort of written format and then maybe everybody loves it. I am not sure why. I have an awful twitter that I am slowly starting to do something with over here. When I am not talking shit, I am procrastinating. Also, I bleed poison and have great plans to go down in history.
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    Hi there - I'm Brian, who wrote under the name Tom Reynolds about ambulance stuff. The TV show based on my books 'Sirens' shows tonight on Channel 4 in the UK, for which there has been a frankly ridiculous amount of pimping going on already. I gave up ambulance work and now I sit in a nice little room as a nurse practitioner while pretending to be a GP. I used to write Random acts of reality, now I occasionally write at On twitter I'm @reynolds.

    I mostly lurk here because I seldom have something interesting to say.
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    My name is Russ and I am a chef-turned-photographer-turning-back-into-chef for various reasons, most to do with the fact that while everyone I meet loves my photos, they seem incapable or unwilling to pay for them. Ah, well... Anway, I live in Kansas City, MO which is just a nice way of saying that I live at least six hours from a really large city but in something rather bigger than your average township. I enjoy long windy walks, sunsets and puppies. Okay, that bit was total shit. Actually, I enjoy eating, photographing burlesque shows and pin-up models (cause really, who doesn't?) and generally mucking about on the Internet. Links to my stuff can be found on my profile info. That's about it.
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    Hello Si. Welcome to the Captain's Chair.

    I'm Ian. Originally from Sydney, Australia, now living in Toronto with my Canadian wife. Spent some time on the WEF before Warren shut it down, been on Whitechapel since sometime in 2008. I've been a factory hand, pub cook and barman, paintmaker, karate instructor, bouncer, jackaroo, builder's labourer, cropduster ground crew and about fifty other things. I don't have a work permit for Canada yet, so I spend most of my time making furniture and art at home.

    Of my contributions to Whitechapel, I'm proudest of the Draw Each Other Thread which is currently in its third year and has seen many thousands of posts.

    I don't have a Twitter account, and I don't post my Facebook details in public, but I do throw the occasional debauch for Toronto Whitechapellers, so if you're in town . . . .
    • CommentAuthorstevemw
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2011
    welcome to the madness
    im a 40 yr old sci-fi comic geek in a house full of females been into comics since early 80's mainly x-men tho have broadened my tastes
    am normally found lurking on here to participate more on twitter @stevemw and facebook steve whitcher
    have followed his internet holyness for years and keep weird hours as a night worker
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    Hi Si,

    I'm Rob. Have a Lobster Random hardcover with your scrawl in around here somwheres.
    I'm a wannabe writer, in that I've yet to sell anything with my name on though some people have taken stuff for free. I'm hoping that will change with a novella I'm currently hawking which is about an evil unicorn, which was inspired by your column of how unicorns give birth. So if it sells, that's partly your fault.
    I'm starting to get into photography and post in the threads when I think I've done something interesting.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2011
    I'm Dan. I'm your general geek kind of guy. I've written a handful of books on building websites, been part of a few film crews and have a very bad (for my wallet) music habit. I've been lurking here more than not recently thanks to my daughter being born and deciding to be a house husband for a year or two. The rewards are great watching her grow up - she started walking two weeks ago - but noticeably non-profit so I edit and commission for a couple of magazine websites in what little spare time I have and am trying to sort out a few website things for my local comic store who are trying to go online this month.

    I may animate the murder of Peppa Pig at some point in the future, just to reclaim some sanity.

    I'm on Twitter, run a video tumblr and my blog is here.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2011
    Hi! I'm Neila!
    I was out of town a couple weeks ago, then got busy with work then my computer's powersupply crapped out so I kinda missed this thread. ono

    I lurk, then randomly try to be social and post, usually in the art sections of the forum.

    I'm a freelance artist, and professional comic flatter. I hope to one day advance to inking or coloring. In my spare time I work on my own comics. uh... Hmm...
    I've been on Whitechapel since 09, but it wasn't until recently that I worked up the nerve to start posting.

    I have an gallery on deviantART and a Twitter feed on the Twitter

    I'll just crawl back into my cave of a workspace now... >_>
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Hi Si,

    I'm currently a regular lurker, here on the forum and on the IRC where occasionally I spout random gibberish and cute things involving cats.

    Over the last year and half my life has been turned upside down by my offspring getting a late diagnosis of mild autism. Which was then followed by major chaos during his transition from Primary School to Secondary School. Things are getting better now in a six steps forward, three steps back way.

    As life returns to normality I hope to write a blog about the above. Also I'll be helping a couple of my friends who would like to be Burlesque artists with costumes, make up hair and props.

    I have a Tumblr and on Twitter I'm known as Bmewsed , you have to ask to follow me.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Finagle here. Former philosophy grad student converted into an IT monkey during the tech boom.

    I once started a thread that incited Mr. Ellis to threaten me with the demise of my choice. Having considered this to be the high point of the last few years, I mostly lurk now.
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    Multidisciplinary artist, father of three, 40 in December. Hoping before then to complete an album of gothic country/industrial folk/hillbilly breakbeat, an illustrated children's book, a solo exhibition, a deck of psychoanalytical/divinatory cards, a web application for the logistical support of creative praxis and the second of my three planned short silent sci-fi films.

    This is only half as impossible as it sounds. All projects are well under way and will almost certainly be finished in the next 12 months. 6 is pretty optimistic. It's been a good day though. Made a $3 filter set so I can film the sun directly with my home-made infra-red manual focus video camera. Also re-keyed the driver's door lock on my bus and had lunch with my Mum for her birthday.

    Oh, and I sketched out a design for a giant glowing aerial jellyfish made of used shopping bags. A good day, today.
    • CommentAuthorChris Noble
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2011 edited
    My name: Chris Noble
    My location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    My Age: Thirty-Nine, at least for the next few days. Thirteen, emotionally. I have no philosophy regarding acting one's age, as I am physically unable to do so, and philosophizing would feel like hollow rationalization. I'm not going to act my age. The sky is also blue.
    Random Particulars: Divorced. Three "children". No money. Low-level, permanent anxiety attack, a kind of emotional tinnitus. Bad at drinking; tend to avoid it, nowadays. Fat.
    Talents: Writing things. This is only provisionally a talent, as it remains untested. Will let you know.
    Board habits: Much lurking, punctuated by (very) occasional flurries of posting. This may or may not change. I let the adults in the room talk, mostly.
    Twitter: @chrnoble
    Google+ chrnoble at gmail dot com
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    I'm Caroline. I live in Brooklyn but was formerly of Philadelphia and before that from Boston. I'm a 23 year old with artistic leanings who has a terrible habit of procrastinating and wasting time and giving up. I have motivation issues.

    My hands often hurt, I wheeze when I run, and there are several foods I need to avoid lest I cause myself severe discomfort and irreparable damage.

    I miss oil paints.

    I do not have a twitter, much to the chagrin of a few friends. I do not have a website that functions. I have a Behance portfolio and a Flickr. At present I also have a stuffy nose.
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    I'm Bunny my normal state of being is grumpy complaining and that has arched up a notch due to being stuck walking with a cane, tho the cool points weigh the other side of the scale.

    I'm a Milliner and a Make-up artist both (Mah hats andMah make-ups, I do fetish photos for a good number of folks who request things on flickr Lots of me

    I have a really awesome Victorian house that will have several neeked women running around it in two weeks time being photographed. It helps curb those voyeuristic tendencies when it is right in front of you.

    I get board easily and like to try new and interesting things often, Life should have many things in it- many things that amuse me at all times.

    Also Sushi is my favorite food group.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2011

    Hey, fellow Linn County denizen! I used to live in Marion, went to school at Linn-Mar.
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    I'm Janos Honkonen, from the Commie Reindeerland of Finland, and heading over to my late thirties. Professionally, at the moment, I'm the publicist for Nazis from the Dark Side of the Moon, but earlier I've made my living doing all sorts of journalism from game reviews through science to adult entertainment, plus working as a TV producer, translator, IT-peon, hospital assistant and for a while sniffing acetone and grading the smell on a grade of 1-20. When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut, a pulp adventurer and/or a slime mold (so I could just ooze and digest).

    I write, both in Finnish and in English, I make noises with a theremin in Älymystö and now mostly defunct Radiokatve, I write interactive fiction (the first damn game better be out this summer or I'll commit seppuku with a spork) and I'm trying to find the courage to start drawing again.

    Outside of arty stuff I do urban exploration, scuba diving, geocaching, videogames, astronomy, biology etc. I need a support group of hobbyholics who slap each other into concentrating on one thing at a time.

    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2011
    i just realized people have been kindly mentioning me in the other introducing-type-thread, so i thought i would break out the pleasantries.
    my presence on WC is mostly to scour and regurgitate the Listening Threads, shamelessly drive traffic to my flickrs in the Photography Threads, and belittle people's opinions in the Book Club. it's been lovely.
    i have a website with nothing on it. i'd like to write book and music reviews regularly, again, soon, maybe. i'm attempting to live in Toronto.

    part of me looks like this:
    (although i'm not nearly so pasty right now, having just returned from my western pilgrimage of tree-planting and pilsner-consuming)
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2011
    Lurked since the days of the Engine, the grief of losing Mr Ellis/excitement of gaining Mr Spurrier has led to a loss of internet inhibition.

    I'm a wannabe David Attenborough/David Bowie/David Mazzucchelli, but not called David, but called Paddy. Getting somewhere with the Attenborough bit, been done studying some baboons in Nigeria for my Masters, now counting turtles in Saudi Arabia, at least for another month, when project completes. Unemployed and back in the UK after that, where I can get my guitar and pencil out to work on other wannabeeisms.

    Here's me getting my rave on at Glastonbury a week or so ago, feels like a year ago now back in Saudi where fun is hard to come by even if camels are not (hope imaging works).

    waitingforthepunch is a webcomic me and my excellent friend Finch make. Enjoy.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2011
    Hey Si,

    I'm Argos. I'm a 23 year old bio-female who just graduated from uni with a degree in ecology and am currently volunteering at an aquarium as a seahorse nanny. I say biofemale because I'm a tad queer, not in the glitter and sequins sense, but in the sometimes-i-feel-more-like-a-boy sense. I don't care what pronouns are used for me.

    In my spare time I like to crochet, dance with hula hoops (sometimes while they're on fire), prepare bentos for myself and my boyfriend, and go to Burning Man related camping events (as well as Burning Man itself).

    I really like cyberpunk, as people in the related tell me about others thread have mention. In reality I'm too nice to ever be running in the shadows with a laser pistol, though.

    I also sport a mohawk (sometimes with purple spirally dreads), which i think is actually the best hairstyle I've ever had.
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    Hello there. I'm new round here, although I've been a lurker for a good while now. I'm not sure if there's an introduction thread or suchlike, I'll no doubt find it as soon as I introduce myself here. Anyway... I'm Stu, I write for a hobby, and I have a new blog called NerdSpraff. Not much on it yet, but I suspect it'll mostly be about comics, to be honest.

    I'm 26, live in Scotland, I'm occasionally cheerful, and I apologise a lot.