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    Greetings from San Francisco. On the slow boat to literary financial success, I've written screenplays and a few comics, and independently produced/published a couple of each. I also teach a course in writing for comics, wherein students learn general formatting, appreciation for what's come before, and that virtually every idea they come up with has been done before - and better.

    I maintain a virtual presence at my namesake, as well as via sporadic, hyper-caffeinated outbursts on Twitter.
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    Hello there,

    I'm Miss Fawndolyn Valentine, otherwise known as diello (lowercase D always, but I never mind the typo). I'm a student at a community college in Rochester NY USA Earth, studying "stuff" (but I've just changed my major to Fine Arts). I only like Starbucks for their Earl Grey (cream, no sugar). My boyfriend (affectionately called Boyfriend- we are not clever with our pet names) loves Starbucks and practically lives here, even though he only gets the regular Pike and drinks it while he cuts himself off from me and the world with headphones and his electronic music-making. I join him only if I need to work on computery stuff- I simply cannot work on such things at home. Computery things I work on are photo touchups and websites (I am currently re-designing comic creator Ross Campbell's website). When I do decide to work at home, it's either drawing or making jewelry, though I do sew a bit, too.

    I have a dark past. I was a teenage runaway. And now that I'm about to turn 30 (a week before Halloween), I am finally figuring out how to let go of my history, forgive, and maybe even forget, like my demented mother has forgotten the horrible things she put me through.

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    Howdy, new boss. I'm Nikka - artist, gamer, semi-lurker in Warren's forums since the WEF. Almost every wall in my house is covered in bookshelves. I'm currently developing a pain measurement scale based on fictional doctors, but can't figure out a doctor to fit between Watson* and House**.

    *can't be in the army, but can still chase criminals.
    **only soothed by drugs and strippers.
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    My name's Brandon. I write a medical horror comic called Witch Doctor that just came out on Kirkman's new Image imprint. I've been pimping it here since shortly before our first self-published issue came out in '08. This is me, looking very confused that I was mentioned by name in this year's Comic-Con Magazine.

    I'm based in Portland, Oregon, just like most of the American comics community. I'm much taller than people expect, especially if they've only seen me sitting down.

    I'm on Twitter.
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    Hex left me a copy of Witchdoctor the other day. Brilliantly written and drawn!
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    Thanks @Greasemonkey!
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    Late to the party - all the free booze is gone, the comic pages have stuck together and there's that deadly fag smell left on everything...

    *Breathes deeply* "Ahhhhhhh. Beautiful."

    So, I'm Ben - I make things, a lot of things but currently mainly film-opera for the Welsh National Opera and Modern Poetry in Translation.

    My last major project was 'Tea Revives The World' for Greenwich Dances festival wherein yes, I danced - I also wore a frilly shirt; I also used to be in a punk band, what can I say but I like eclecticism.

    My main focus is the writings.

    I drop in here now and then whenever I've a spare min or three and I keep my eyes on the news, films, nukes and remakes.

    Thanks for the welcome - welcome!
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    hi Si!

    been out for over a month & missed the changing of the guards.

    currently i reside in Montreal, Quebec, in an area where landlords get arrested for threatening tenants (like mine did last month at another tenant, 3 weeks after we moved in. ah joy.) i used to live in Toronto before moving to where i am now.

    i work as a freelance photographer/video technician, and helping maintain a Deaf media company based in toronto as their technical director. we became somewhat famous in the Deaf community worldwide when we did investigative reporting and daily posts about the reasons behind the cancellation of the Deaflympics last february in Slovakia, the country's major financial scandal. as a result, we're on way to south africa in a couple days as guests of the World Deaf Congress in Durban. 45 hours of travel. oy fuckin' vey.

    i have a fiancée who is an artist, LSQ/ASL interpreter, former social worker at a women's shelter, & now studying in Laval to be a museum technologist.will post her site once she sets one up with her paintings from the past 10 years.

    an'way, just wanted to introduce myself & pledge fealty to our new overlord.
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    I mostly lurk, since I expend most of my typing-on-forums energy on standup and music. I'm John Thelin (the + lin in Swedish = tea + flax in English), Swedish, 45.5 years of age (as of Saturday - I only ever celebrate half-birthdays), translator (subtitler more specifically) by trade, former standup comic, graphic designer, script writer, comic book editor, etc. Composer rather than actual musician (as I can't really play, but I do put together some pretty tricky music for my poor band members to master) with a barely started pulp sci fi/cold war spy thriller as my writing outlet.

    Maybe I'll type more now that I'm out of the lurker closet. Only time will tell.
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    A chance to talk about me? Sure.

    I'm Miki.
    I'm a Jane of all Trades, master of some. I'm currently in a state of flux. I am trying to decide what I want to do with myself, since I'm capable of just about everything I try - I can't really pick one thing.
    Degrees in Molecular Biology, Chemistry and Nursing. Experience in entertainment, IT, web, management, business, etc, etc. blah blah blah.

    Woe is me. Wait, no, life is good.

    I need a think-tank job somewhere. That's the ticket.

    **waves** Hi.
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    Angela, here. I mostly lurk. You can find me at Curse & Quanta.

    I write, I take photographs of naked women, I run a small press (Hunt Press) and I'm a filmmaker. I don't sleep much. It's very nice to meet you.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
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    Hmm...I've been actively avoiding this one because I don't quite know what to say.

    Well, I'll get the easy stuff out of the way--my real first name is Jared, I'm 22 years-old, I live in Arizona. Besides someone else said, I'm kinda at the crossroads, which is probably where I should be at this age but it's making me antsy. I like to write, and I'm trying to write more. I want to draw, and I'm trying to get to the point where I'm at least sorta better than Liefeld. I like to act, but I haven't been able to do any of it since high school.

    I'm also getting more into web design and computer programming--but while I can enjoy it as a challenge, I only really got into it because it's something that taps into my creativity that I could potentially get more of a steady paycheck from.

    So, I guess you can say I'm a professional amateur trying to figure out where I'm going, what I'm best at, and how I'm going to get there, and how the fuck I'm going to afford it.

    So yeah, not really that interesting, but hey, I like to think I'm a pretty nice, chilled-back dude who's kinda clever and I can cook pretty good, so those are pluses, I feel.
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    Hi there. I'm Sam. I work in a comic store in Plymouth UK and have just released a musical comic with a built in sound module. I've been browsing these forums for a little while now, so thought it was high time to make my presence known
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    Hi Si

    I'm Rich Douek, a writer and graphic designer. I do both at my day job, in advertising... which is as bad an industry as everyone thinks it is. I'm also writing comics now, taking my first steps with Gutter Magic, a comic I'm writing and producing myself. It's been a lot of fun, and I hope to be branching out and doing more writing and pitching soon.
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    Hi! I'm a nobody, for the most part. I work, I eat, I ingest graphic goodness with startling regularity. Is Joseph King my real name? Some times, some times.

    I've lurked on these boards for, hell, almost a year at this point. I'm glad this thread was created, it gives me a great starting point.

    Looking forward to hanging out with you all. Just, y'know, be gentle with me. It's my first time.
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    Hello, I'm Joe. I'm a Brighton-based music writer (mainly for The Wire) and I also run a monthly audiovisual event called The Outer Church which occasionally requires me to adopt the mantle of DJ alongside live guests such as Demdike Stare, Pye Corner Audio, Old Apparatus, Raime and Moon Wiring Club. I've a long-term interest in the uncanny and irrational, one of my current obsessions being the terrifically eerie web series, Marble Hornets. I've been a lurker for some time now but I look forward to emerging from the shadows and speaking every now and then.
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    Let's just say that I am a middle-aged bi former punk who writes stories and draws pictures. A 3-page version of my bio (willfully upbeat in an effort to encourage queer kids from offing themselves prematurely) can be found here. JAQrabbit Tales, a bio-porno-graphic novel based on the same subject, containing quite a bit more sex scenes and embellishment, is my current Big Project. (Contact me if you're interested in getting underpaid to draw a short story or two that will probably involve some man-on-man action.) My existing work includes online one-shots Fetus Christ (Mary had an abortion) and Captain Miracle (God's superhero). I do this all to escape from a techie dayjob I despise. I am warden of the Baxter Street Home for Wayward Boys, a rental unit I share with my young apprentice Zlatan and his even younger boyfriend Tyler, who owns the household's only car.
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    Hey. I'm Yoav and haven't been hanging here as much as I used. I'm a filmmaker, animator, designer type often focusing on the fight against fascism. I'm an old friend of Texture and am doing the normal London thing, fighting the rat race and climbing that tall slippery ladder.


    Sometimes it gets weary but I'm still 'a climbing. Gagging to get my teeth into a ma-hu-sive creative project that will distract me for a period of time from pondering on existence. You know. 6+ months of cold hard creative escape.

    Used to smoke. Hypno. Don't drive. Have girlfriend (lovely). Play saxophone. Mainly soul and funk. Likes to dance hard. Likes to drink hard (shambles and jager bombs). Never tried smack. Never going to. Into shit that wakes me from the stupper of my internet cycle (news, fb, freaks, awesomer, weird shit, science crap, bbc, mail, work (occasionally), nudge nudge and back to news). Should be writing. Should be writing. Should be writing.

    Past dark in places but mainly full of light.
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    Hello there and greetings from Finland!

    I'm Heli, and I've been lurking abouts for a couple of years now. I live in Turku in a box of an apartment with my two cats (future crazy cat lady!) and an occasional flatmate who confiscates my sofa for a couple of nights every week. It's a long story.

    I'm finishing my MA in English, focusing on semantics and critical discourse analysis with some detours into corpus analysis. RIght now, I work in an art museum as a team manager and museum attendant to cover the bills. I also freelance as a translator and occasionally moonlight (legitimately) as a bartender. Besides all that, I'm also somewhat politically active as well.

    I try to find time for writing, photographing and webdesign, but I fail at all of that spectacularly. Still, I try. I'm a huge history and politics geek (minors in Contemporary History and European Studies), a massive movie fan, trivia collector, music-lover, really an amateur gardener and generally on the path to become your classic humanist cat lady. Except I curse and smoke and drink. And I dislike most of humanity on the basis of being too damn stupid and irresponsible. And I really can't see me being nice to little children, chatting animatedly with my neighbours and cooing either at babies or handsome men or both. And I'm mostly gay... I think.

    There's been a lot of changes and stress in my life recently, but I've learned to handle all that, to an extent.
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    Gonna weigh in...

    I am Danny, I am a [BORING JOB OMITTED]. However, my passion is music. As a rule I'll analyse anything. I have a background in music academia and the plan is to eventually lecture in early 20th Century Avant Garde music...

    On the more personal and immediate level I do Witch Haus muzik of sorts as †??U????† (at which I am still a n00b, although I have recently been asked to play the only Witch House night in UK... which was a shock). I also co-run a netlabel that recently put out Whitechapel's own †3X†UR3 8-track Dark Electro album. The netlabel is an experiment in itself of sorts - we try to do everything by majority consensus and also try to do everything for free, or at minimal expense. This is time consuming, but worthwhile and we get quite a bit of support from our peers because WE HAZ VALYOOS. Said netlabel is named *ahem* AURAL SECTS. We're searchable on Facebook and operate mostly from there.

    I am currently one of our number who is attempting to make an open but committed relationship work (unfortunately it's my partner and not me who's the lucky one...) - luckily we've been together nigh on 10 years so it's not as much of a problem to me as it is to her newer partner. I'm young enough to be naive but old enough to recognise that I'm no longer young... (24).

    I don't really party (I've been to one club. Ever. And it was shit), I don't do drugs, I don't really drink (but when I do, I do it right), I own a Porsche 924 that is financially crippling me, I am a nerd supreme, in love with memetic theory, artistic influence, science of all kinds... But yeah mostly music.