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    My name is Neil, been here a few years, at first was very quiet as it's an online forum was skeptical but have slowly figured out how it all works and have been more involved, i'm an animator/artist/designer/writer, working on a bunch of idea's, i suffer from too many idea's i want to explore and not enough time to do it all, on here i get involved in the art threads alot and the random around the net stuff. as well as studying art and animation i'm also qualified in business and a certified sailor.

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    You know, I'm frankly amazed at the amount of people on here we have named "Neil". I'm pretty sure that there's at least 10 of us, some of which post frequently (Neil Ford, Neil Ofsteel) and some that never do (Neil Gorman, Neilbe). And never mind that Neil's that don't have their real name in their screen name (Me, VandalHandle)...
    It just seems really odd to me because I've never seen it as a popular name.
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    @warped savant, we need to sort out a manifesto and launch a coup
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    Kneel before the Neils!
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    I'm sort-of, kind-of, maybe-of a creative person. I do horrible sketches of things in my head in a battered sketchbook, I plot out disastrously complicated ideas for scripts in a fried notebook, and I desperately want to put together a theatre group but am really scratching my head for starting points.

    I'm about to start my third year of a degree in Comp. Lit. I'm hoping I can get into Oxford to do a Masters in English.

    I keep a tumblr account at, but don't hold your breath - I've sworn not to use it again until I can put something creative onto it.

    I sent you a copy of a bit of my writing once, Si. You gave me some very good advice about it, but forget about whatever I sent you, it was rubbish.
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    I used to pop in here all the time then I stopped. Now I am curious as to why I did that, but not sure if I am going to make it a regular habit again.
    Most people that know the real me call me Curt, though sometimes you can tell at what point someone has met me by what nickname they call me. Now with fakesbooks and the likes people are calling me Curt again.
    Like Whitechapel, I hardly use any of the blogs and picture websites I've set up over the years so I won't bore anyone with them. If anyone wants to be obsessed with my obsurity just Google my handle, thekamisama, because with the exception of one Deviantart account someone has with the same name, I pretty much got this one on lockdown all over the place.
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    Hello Si, hello whitechapeliers.

    There are two of us here, on this side of the web.
    Stephers: "I am your 'filthy assistant'.
    I draw a lot of your ideas and I complain when you don't keep us motivated and shit."
    That's all she wants to say.
    Really though, she is a sweetheart and yes, she is obviously a shy/private person.

    My name is Dylan but I like it when people call me Dov.
    It feels natural. More so than my actual name.
    I'm a bit of a joker. I can't really say anything without making pun of something, somewhere.
    Also an artist and a gamer, even though I can't really afford either.
    I used to drink a shit-ton of booze and live life like I had no tomorrow,
    (which consisted mostly of stupid, spontaneous and self destructive choices followed by binge whining)
    but now I'm too busy writing and learning.
    A beer here and there is nice though.

    When I am excited or just plain happy, I talk too much and gloss over like a puppy.
    I appreciate narcissism in others, but It is mostly a joke when applied to myself.
    I am a handsome devil and sometimes I wear a blue dress.
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    Hey Si, why not tell us about yourself? Here in Alaska, I enjoy Whitechapel and Freakangels, but I'm unfamiliar with your work (though I look forward to finding out more)
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    I was once a fairly capable animator and art director for a computer gaming company (Interplay), before that company floundered around the turn of the century and found meself newly self-employed. Since then I spent a few years as a floundering graphic-novel illustrator, and now I'm a floundering web-cartoonist. You can see my illustration work at BigHeadPress.Com and my current web-comickery at QUANTUMVIBE.COM. Being a libertarian-anarchist-voluntaryist-whatchamacallit, I'm politically out-of-step with most people here but I like to drop in occasionally because there's more to life than politics, right? For example, whisky. Also, flounder.
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    Hello, I am a long time lurker on the forums. My name is Ellen, I am Swedish, living and working in Norway to get my share of the oil money while they last. :P I am an archaeologist and archaeological conservator, specialising in the conservation of metals. I spend my days in my own little lab at Vitenskapsmuseet in Trondheim scraping corrosion from old coins.

    I am an eager consumer of art in all its forms, preferably art with a bit of a morbid theme...( I do have a job that occasionally includes digging up dead people) I get my daily art fix from the excellent Wurzeltod blog and forums among other places, and it was there I found a link to warens blog where I found frekangels and whitechapel.

    My favourite pastime is to read comics in the bath tub, but bathtubs seems to be a rare thing in Norwegian houses :(

    I can't write properly in any language, but I sincerely do try.
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    Hi, I finally decided to add myself to the list.

    My name is Ben, I'm 27 and I live in one of the multiple cultural vacuums that are so prevalent in Lancashire (UK) with my missus and our three kids. I write, mainly for myself at the minute though I'm working on that, and I occasionally make music when I find the time/get up off my own arse. I'm currently awaiting an interview for an incredibly boring, but financially necessary, job with the DWP and am trying to conceal my own self-loathing for having to betray my punk-metal roots in order to do that which is in the best interest of those I love. You'd think the second half of that sentence would be my main focus, but I'm one proud/arrogant/foolish fool at times; my lady reminds me of this though, so I try to keep it in check and do the necessary thing.

    I appear sporadically and shout at things in between staring in awe at the various creations these wonderful people produce and share in this, our corner of the interwebs.

    Edited to add: The name is meant to be pronounced Venn-gla - long story regarding a girl I used to know a long time ago. No reference to that jack-off nazi doctor - I hate Nazi's with a fiery-wrath type anger, but the name occasionally confuses people, though not the type of people that tend to roam around these parts I might add - I use this name everywhere :-p
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    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2011
    @Ninewhilenine83 - if you want another 924 to cannibalise for spares, and can pick it up on a trailer from near Guildford, you can have my old one. I blew up the engine and have been meaning to fit a new one and do it up, but have to be realistic that I'm not going to get round to it this decade and I may as well buy something else instead for the money that's actually already running. Drop me a line on oddcases [at] gmail etc if that's useful.
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    HIIII I don't know why I haven't jumped in here earlier than the fact that I just don't like..talking about myself?
    Anywho, I'm a guy, I do guy stuff, like...okay, I don't do a lot of "guy" stuff. Born and mostly raised in/around Winchester, VA, Tree City USA! I pretend to do graphic [print] design and motion graphics and am learning visual effects and 3D animation my port and such is here. Been unemployed for over a year, everything sucks?
    I'm also attempting to start writing a sci-fi/occult web series that I hope to start producing in the next year. I started a gaming/nerd review site called The Critical Table that I'm trying to get going again.
    I love beer, whisk[e]y and good cigars. Father, husband, all that jazz.
    just about any social networking thing if you search RandomEntity it's a 99% chance it's me. AIM Screen name is cthulhuluvsme
    Welcome Si!
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    I've, been lurking for years but never signed up due to limited web access-i.e only when at work. I've always been a huge comic book fan, reading 2000ad since childhood and following Warren's work for years. Lurking around Whitechapel has to be one of my favorite pass times these days so i thought it only right to introduce myself.
    So, hi I'm Nel or Nelson or Nelly. I'm from the UK but have lived in Amsterdam for the past six years where I've been working in various parts of the local coffee shop industry. Today I'm covering for a friend in their high-end bong shop which provides me ample time to finally join the fun.